Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 42



The setting looks like an office, desk and chairs occupied by a guy and a lady was visible inside the office.

” it’s going to cost you” a young man who sat on a chair, with a big desk sitting comfortably in his front, said to Aminat who sat opposite to the man on one of the two chairs at the other end of the chair.

” name your price, I’m going to pay it” Aminat said boastfully.

” okay, forty five million naira should be able to execute the job perfectly” the young guy said smiling mischievously.

” wow, I’m going to pay Forty” Aminat replied sternly.

” forty two” the guy retorted.

” forty” Aminat shot back.

” okay, deal” the guy said after feigning to be thinking about it for some time.

” I want the job carried out soon” Aminat said with an ordering tone.

” no worries about that, when my phone beep of alert, then it’s done” he replied enthusiastically.

” I’m going to wire the money into your account tomorrow morning” Aminat said confidently.

” and he should be at your doorstep tomorrow evening” the guy also replied confidently.

” good, I want a perfect job, it should be untraceable and he should be treated carefully, no injury should be inflict on him, he must be handled carefully” Aminat said in a tone that depicted that she really care for the person she’s talking about.

” no qualm, no one is going to notice he’s missing and not even a bruise will appear on his body since he’s unconscious and won’t be able to struggle with us, but are we bringing him here or you’ve gotten your desired location with you” the guy asked Aminat after setting her heart at peace over what she requested for.

“I’ve got a place but I’m going to text it to you tomorrow, give me your account numbers, so I can wire the money into them. ” Aminat said standing up.

” check your phone” the guy said also standing up.

” wow” Aminat exclaimed after checking her phone. ” but I don’t remember giving you my number” Aminat said awed by whatever it was she saw on her phone.

” hacking got no need for asking, send the money into the six accounts” the guy said smiling.

” alright, see you tomorrow” Aminat said as she took her leave.

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Snap dash inside and in few seconds, he was out with a small black box in his hand. He connected it to his laptop then swiftly hit some keys, he connected a cable from the TV he was using to watch the happenings inside the hospital to the small black box which was already connected to the laptop. A countdown appeared on the TV at once and counting from 10, it got to 0.

” hope this works” Snap said excitedly as the TV screen suddenly went off. Then came back on after some seconds. ” let get to work” snap said as he started hitting the laptop’s keyboard in fast motion.

After some minutes of hitting the keyboard,, some images started conjuring on the TV screen. Then with final hit on enter key. The TV started displaying all the lapse footage from the CCTV. The ones that was deliberately cleared of paused from the CCTV.

” don’t think this is Toy , his hacker would have squelched the lapses from the junk memory” he said as he started fiddling with the laptop’s mouse. He was playing the footage with 2.5 fastness. He swiftly stop the fastness when he saw three doctors, one with a wheelchair in his hand. But a fixed stare at them will uncover they’re just impersonating the role of a doctor, especially with the boots they’re wearing and the white mask that clung tightly on their face.

They entered into Ben’s ward and after some seconds, Ben was wheeled out of the ward. It was like someone was communicating with them as they’re always swift to escape doctors coming towards them. After few dogde and move actions, they’re out of the hospital.

I was losing grip on them as they’re already on their way out of the hospital compound which only have few CCTV. I saw two nurses taking selfie near the main entrance of the hospital, so I swiftly hacked into their phone to get the footage of the car. But it was short lived as the car was out of range from the camera.

I tried to hack into the car’s blackbox but it got none. Luckily for me, with the girl’s phone camera, I saw another car coming out, I swiftly hack into it blackbox and luckily for me, it was following the abductors car. I was monitoring the abductors car movement with the car’s blackbox. Unfortunately, when the car got to Wuse road, the route bisected into two, one leading to Adetokunbo road and the other to parkway.

The abductors car followed the Parkway route while my monitoring spirit followed the Adetokunbo route. Luck was on my side as I saw a car coming from the Adetokunbo road through my monitoring car , following the route of Parkway. I swiftly leap into his own car and the monitoring continue.

By jumping, switching hacking blackbox of about nine cars, I was able to trace the abductors car to Abubakar crescent, near a cathedral there. With some of the cars parked there, I monitored the house where Ben was wheeled in. As they’re about to enter the building, I saw one of the abductors brought out his phone, dialed a number and placed it on his ear. I swiftly checked the time he called and saw that it was 9:46 PM.

I hacked into the reception satellite in the area, then link all the calls from that vicinity to 9:46 PM. Total of seven calls were made but only one was made with a clone cell. I smiled as I set to work at once and in two minutes I was able to extract the conversation made and it goes thus.

” we’ve successfully got him out of the hospital, where and when should we bring him to you” the caller said to the receiver.

” good” the receiver said happily. ” bring him to Maitama , along Babangida way, there’s a big building there. Call me when you get to the entrance of the building but make sure you get there before 10 in the morning ” the receiver added before hanging the call.

I swiftly checked who the receiver was . I heaved a sigh of relief discovering it was Aminat, the vice president daughter. ” but why will she abduct him” I asked myself as I swiftly checked the location of place where he asked Ben to be brought. ” she’s taking him out of the country” I said not knowing what to do again.

The big building where she asked him to be brought harbours the vice president jet and it’s been scheduled to leave the garage to London by 10:30. I checked the time and it was already 10:06. Remaining only tweny four minutes for the departure. The Mask has asked for him not to be taken out of the country through his mission momma, if he’s taken out of the country against the mask order, he will be eliminated alongside with Aminat who initiated it not minding if it was with his consent or not because he’s already breached the mask rule by pursuing a mission of his when he’s already been assigned a mission . And if he stays, he’s at the mercy of Toy who might come for his life.

I was on the wall and wasn’t sure of the right place to jump. Should I call Gina and inform her of Ben’s location or allow Aminat to take him out of the country.

To be continue