Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 38


In few seconds, I saw two big bull dogs racing towards me, I wasn’t in any bit scared of them. I wanted to shoot them but I remembered that I only have four bullets left in the gun and I don’t have the count of the remaining people inside the house. I suddenly remember the whistle that he gave me, it was in my hand. I said a short prayer inwardly with hope that the whistle is what I think it is.

As they were about to get to me, I blew the whistle but no sound came out of it. But I also detected that no sound was coming out of the dogs again. I looked down and saw them wagging their tails in front me.

” good boys” I said patting their heads as I made my way to the main building. The door suddenly open when I was about to get to it and I swiftly hid myself .

” what’s happening Abubakar” a man with a shotgun in his hand shouted not moving from the front door. ” General, Colonel” he called when he didn’t get a reply from Abubakar who I think I murder earlier. The two dogs ran to meet him wagging their tails. ” why were you barking like that earlier” he asked the dogs patting their heads like he was expecting them to answer him.

The dogs suddenly started barking again as they head to the building beside the gate. The man followed them as he cracked the gun, aiming it forward. I sneaked behind him on my toe tip.

” Abubakar” he called as he got closer to the building and seeing Abubakar’s legs outside while his body was inside the building. When he was about to get him, I was also closer to him, he suddenly turn with his gun aiming at me, but before he could shoot it, I disarmed him easily and use the base of the shotgun to hit him on his head with force and he fell down. The dogs wanted to charge at me and I swiftly blew the whistle again and they kept calm. Blood gush down from the man’s head as he looked helpless on the ground.

” Junior” he suddenly said with a bewildered tone when he saw my face but my hand was already on the trigger and bang goes the shot which lodge into his forehead. I proceeded to the main building with the gun in my hand. The door was already opened by the man. I locked it as I made entry into the house, welcomed by large living room. Three sofas formed a half circle and two lone chair were opposite it.

A 24 inches long TV clung unto the wall with a dead front. A bar was situated close to the dining room. On the wall were some pictures in frames, one, of the man I killed outside, a lady which I presume his wife and two kids. A boy which looked more like me when I was little and a girl. I saw another picture consisting of the girl and the boy which looked like me. After the two pictures, none consist of the boy that looked like me again. But I saw other pictures of the littlegirl who’s now grown up with another little girl,the man and the lady but they’re much older than they’re in the picture consisting the little boy that looked like me.

” who are you” a feminine voice asked me as I was staring at the pictures. I swiftly hide my gun as I turned around to look at her and it was the lady in the picture.

” Junior” she suddenly exclaimed in shock as she saw me. ” Junior” she screamed hugging me tightly. ” what, how, why” she couldn’t complete a question as she tried to ask many things at once. ” darling, darling” she screamed repeatedly not letting go of me as she still embrace me but no response came. ” how did you escape, what did they do to you” she asked finally disengaging the hug but held me by my shoulder as she stared into my eye delightfully.

” I’m sorry” I said freeing myself from her hold and she looked surprised. ” I’m not your son again and if your darling is a guy wearing a white tunic, I think you should save yourself the stress of calling him because he’s already dead” I said bringing out the gun.

” no, no, it can’t be true” she said wailing as she tried to move closer to me. I shoved her off and she fell down. I pointed the gun at her and I felt trickling of tears coming out of my eye.

” I’m sorry mom, but your son is over the edge now and gone” I said as I pull the trigger.

” please, my son, I don’t mind if you kill me, but spare your siblings sleeping upstairs, this I ask of you as a last wish” she pleaded pitifully on the ground.

” upstairs” I said as I shot her. I climbed the staircase that led to the upper floor, located the girls room and shot them in sleep. I scoured the house thoroughly to see if any soul was still alive but found none. I took the man’s shotgun and shot the two dogs. The shotgun produced a loud echoing bang sound, but I made sure I shot the two dogs before I swiftly exit the building. As if he was already expecting me, I met the masked guy outside on his bike waiting for me.

” are they all dead ” he asked me as soon as I was outside.

“Yeah” I answered him as I got on the bike and we sped out of sight. He took me back to the lawn I found myself earlier, he clicked on some buttons on a gadget in his hand and the ground, just a little bit above us splitted and the elevator I entered earlier appeared.

” good bye lad, hope to see you in future” the guy said as he motioned to me to get into the elevator which I did, and in a swirling motion, it buried automatically into the ground.

” knock knock” Goat said as he entered into my room. I was relaxing on my bed as my head whirled around the mission which I just completed. ” How are you kiddo” he asked as he sat beside me on the bed..

” I’m fine” I replied, he was kinda surprised at my answer but he tried to hid it.

” what happened during the mission” he asked feigning ignorance.

” you already know what happened” I replied him sternly.

” then you’re not supposed to be fine ” he retorted.

” why shouldn’t I be fine when I only murder two dogs” I said smiling.

” dogs” he asked with a surprise expression.

” do you think I’m dumb” I asked rhetorically ” I know those were all your people, I knew the gun was blank, I only played along in your game” I said laughing out loud.

” I knew it, you’re going to be an updated version of Toy” he said excitedly. ” you’re the only one to decipher it after Toy” he added with a tone that depicted he was proud of me. ” but make sure no one knows about this, no one, even bull eye” he warned me and I shook my head. ” that’s my boy, rest for the night, the contest is tomorrow” he said before he departed my room.

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From Narrator’s point of view

” what are you to him” doctor Ranking asked Aminat who ran to him as he exited the theatre room.

” his girlfriend” Aminat replied.

” I’m sorry Miss, but I can only disclose information about his condition to his family members” Dr Ranking said as he made an attempt to leave but Aminat swiftly block his path.

” see this” Aminat said showing an image on her phone to the doctor.

” that’s, that’s” Dr Ranking stuttered.

” yeah, the vice president and me taking a selfie and that’s because I’m his daughter” Aminat said with a grin

To be continued