Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 37



” you must not make any mistake in this mission and make sure you’re not distracted by anything, just complete your mission and get your ass out, your transport will be waiting for you outside, remember no mistake” Goat said to me as we both head to a room which I haven’t seen anyone enter ever since our debut into the underground building.

On entering the room, I saw an elevator inside it but it was kinda different from the normal elevator as it was made of metal and possesses a seat

” get inside and sit down” Goat motioned to me and I obeyed him. I sat on the seat inside the elevator, but instead of it to descend or ascend, it started swirling. It was slow at first but everything suddenly got heated up and it bacame fast. I found it hard to breath and dizziness descended upon me like a heavy blanket. When I couldn’t it hold it again, I shut my eye and everything suddenly felt normal.

I opened my eye and found myself on a green lawn, How I got there, I know not. I stood up to survey my surrounding but not a single soul was around, I could only hear the chirping of the cricket. I suddenly felt the nice and gentle breeze brush through my face for the first time in many years It was a sensational feeling as I shot my eye, then raised my hands up as I savoured the sweetness of the soothing breeze.

” are you coming or you want to fly” I heard a muffled voice said and I opened my eye to see who the spoiler was.

” whatever” I said in an indifferent manner as I viewed the creature with a mask on his face as he stood in front of me with his hand folded behind him.

” always with an angry issue, I’m your anchor in this semi mission you’re undertaking” he said as he walked magnificiently towards me.

” then let get it done” I said as I also locomoted to meet him.

” you’ve got anger issue, utilise it well because you’re gonna need it for your mission” he said trying to massage my hair but I shoved his hand off and he smiled mischievously. ” follow me” he ordered as he started heading to an unknown location.

Soon we started seeing buildings and a distant street laced with street lights could be seen from afar. I was really into the moment and will give anything to have an everlasting experience at it than been stucked in an underground bunker training some kids.

Goat had already inform me that the last contest to determine the field agents is taking place after the completion of this semi mission {as Goat called it}. I was sure the other trainee are also unto theirs like I’m doing now. And if they also possess the same determination I’m possessing, i.e to experience an eternal freedom than been locked up training some kids, then the contest was going to be a tough one. Because Goat already informed me that none of us has procure any injury, so it was going to be settle with a mass combat.

” here we are lad” the guy with the mask on his face said procuring my attention which was already lost in thought. A bike was in front of us and he hopped it.

” sit” he said when I didn’t make any motion to sit. I obeyed and soon, we’re already on the tiled road going at high altitude. He parked few meters to a beautiful house, barricade with fence which has electric barb wire at it top. The house was well lit with the big bulbs that was fixed at the top of the fence. I got down but he didn’t.

” do you see that house”? He asked pointing at the house I described earlier.

” I can see it” I replied.

” here” he said stretching a gun towards me and I collected it and a whistle ” there’s five bullets in it cartridge and you’re to kill every soul inside that building sparing none” he added leaving me dumbfounded.

” why will I kill them” I asked when I finally found my speech box.

” that’s your mission and you don’t question a mission but undertake it, meet me down there” he said,riding his bike away and parked it in a dark segment in the neighborhood, not giving me a chance to ask another questions that clustered to my throat. The questions “how the hell am I to get inside, what should I use the whistle for. “.

I crossed to the other side of the road where the house was situated. I took notice of my surrounding and the building to see if no one was around. I felt my heartbeat increased as I got closer to the building. Tho I’ve killed someone before but it was in self defense and I’ve shot gun many times but I was always aiming at mannequin not a human being. I tucked the gun into the band of my trouser .

I surveyed the house looking for a way to get in but none was around so I decided to do it in the gentleman manner. I walked to the gate, I was about to knock it when I noticed the door bell attached to the pillar used in holding the gate in place. I dab at it and after some seconds I heard the sound of a door being opened and the sound of footsteps grew closer. The see through part of the gate was opened.

” who be that” I heard a person asked in pidgin English with thick Hausa accent. I moved closer to the see through part so he can see me and with some of the tricks I’ve learnt, I made my face look pale.

” oga, me I never chop since morning and walahi, I need am por water well well” I also replied him in pidgin English with Hausa accent.

” you I look foor true true ,I give am por you water inside” he said as he shut the see through and opened the pedestrian segment of the gate. I ambled in like a weak child and seeing how I was walking, he helped me in.

” you wait make I give me water” he said as he wanted to enter the building that was beside the gate. As he wanted to enter, I removed my gun and with a bang he fell inside the building. There was a silencer attached to the gun so it didn’t made a loud sound. I suddenly heard the barking of dogs, yeah, it was not a single sound and their barking was ferocious as it swiftly got closer.

To be continued