Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 36



” I’ve found another toy gun” Snap said to me over the phone as I laid on my bed listening to music.

” where” I asked excitedly switching off the music I was listening to.

” in Kingsley house, the son of Mr Charles that died some days ago” I remembered him at once.

” I knew it, his death wasn’t of natural course, do you have any clue to how I can get him with the new found toy ” I asked Snap.

” yeah, coming over to your place now” he said hanging the call.


” I think he’s in this school or was in this school” Snap said to me after he satisfied himself with the chips and chicken he brought over when he was coming.

” why do you think so” I asked him.

” I hacked into the mask database for conversing of missions after I saw the toy gun, ? and his mission was to get close to Kingsley and further information will be passed to him, but I think he’s already around Kingsley before, because the mission didn’t entail many details like a fresh mission always do”

” maybe because he’s the best and doesn’t need to be lecture through a mission like they do to the rest of us” I said interrupting Snap.

” chill and listen ” he said in a command tone and I shot him a surprise glare but he didn’t seem to care about it. ” I went on a memory lane in the conversation database and I knew he’s been around him for long because his mission was to secure a job somewhere where he could easily monitor Kingsley and two other guys but I couldn’t get their names yet, so I think he’s working here as a staff and check this” he said handing me his phone. I checked what was on it and return it to him.

” I don’t think he’s working here, Mask is all about looks and intellect, and I don’t think anyone except me possess such in this school” I told him boastfully. ” and I know what he look like, so I’m sure he’s not here because I’ve seen the pictures of everyone working here” I added.

” you’re mistaken, looks can be deceiving, I’ve strong instinct that he’s working here” Snap said switching his notepad on. ” all you just have to grant me is five days and I’m sure we’ll be able to locate him this time since the last three years, this is the closest we’ve been towards gaining on him. ” he said swiftly clicking on the keyboard of his notepad.

” five days I give you, but we’re going to set boundaries for the five days” I said standing up from where I was seated.

” I know that the first is not to touch your clothes and don’t worry, my clothes are getting here soon” he said laughing. I only snort as I left him and went into my room to prepare for the next day lecture.

Sooner, even before evening, he’s already turned my always neat sitting room into a garbage for different types of gadgets. Only God knows how he brought all in because he didn’t leave after his entry into my room.

My TV has been turned into a CCTV monitoring center as he watched closely all activities occurring in the school by hacking into all the CCTV in the school and placing some of his in areas not covered by the school own. All my complaint for him to make the sitting room look like a normal human being own fell on deaf ear as he was really engrossed in catching Toy and I was also wishing he does so I can serve Toy a real warm cup of Tea, a good gift for Precious who’s in hade.

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” no I don’t have anything edible in my lodge” I said halting my movement.

” you don’t mean it, the staff lodge’s provision was supposed to be distributed yesterday nah, did this people forget to bring yours” she asked rhetorically in a frustrating tone.

” don’t know but I got none” I said smiling inwardly because I could remember vividly that I received the provision yesterday and even took it all inside myself because I couldn’t risk them finding out what Snap was doing.

” oops, I’m going to reprimand them later, lets go and get something to eat inside Mr Biggs” she said changing her direction from the staff lodge. I wanted to decline but I suddenly remembered that the person who should know about every staffs in the school is none other than Nina so I swiftly changed my mind and followed her.

I discovered that she wasn’t hungry after we’ve ordered what we want and started eating. She only ordered for vanilla flavour Ice cream and a sausage roll while I order for fried rice, chicken and a pet of coke . She almost didn’t touch it by the time I was through with my meal.

” did you enjoy the meal” she asked as I was cleaning my lip with the white serviette paper placed on my tray.

” it wasn’t bad” I replied her as I took a sip from the coke which was already in a cup. ” tho I think yours was bad” I added staring at her tray which contained what she ordered.

” you’re funny, suddenly lost my appetite” she retorted.

” sorry, might be the stress of your work” I said with a concerned tone.

” you’re right, have to account for the locomotion of all the documents from the vice chancellor office everyday” she replied feigning to look tired. ” maybe when I get married, I’m going to resign and work in a place where I can get more rest” she added smiling which I also join.

” it must have been real stressful, heard you even handle the data of all the staff working in the school with your crew” I swiftly chipped in to be sure if she’s really in charge of the files.

” you’re right, I always get my fingers cramped at every months end trying to make sure every workers get their fees, typing on computers these days ain’t easy” she said massaging her fingers like she just finished operating her computer.

” wow, that means you know every staff here” I said with a tone that depict I was kinda proud of her job.

” you can say that. ” she said smiling heartily

” cool, want to ask you a question” I said taking another sip from the cup containing my coke.

” you’re free to” she replied me.

” have you ever seen any of your staff with a pendant that has the structure of a snake having on a mask” I asked her staring into her eye.

” a snake wearing a mask ” she exclaimed as she tried to hold her laughter but failed. ” that sounds like something that can only be seen in a movie” she said laughing. ” wait, I think I have seen something like that” she abruptly stopped laughing as she had on a serious countenance.

” with who” I asked as I took another sip from the coke trying to sound less exited.

” it’s ” she couldn’t complete her sentence as her phone rang. ” sorry,a minute ” she pleaded as she took her phone and accept the call as she placed the phone on her ear.

” hello, hello” she repeated as she place the phone on her ear. ” what’s this” she asked as she disengage the phone from her ear and checked the screen.

” what” I asked her.

” this” she said as she turned the phone screen to me to see what it was displaying. A picture of a gun, more like a toy gun filled the screen of the phone.

” no” I screamed after few seconds of looking at it as I swiftly hit the phone from her hand, dragged her by her hand as I wanted to speed out of the restaurant with her not minding the fate of the remaining people there.

” what ” she exclaimed angrily as she pulled her hand from mine and wanted to go get the phone.

” don’t” I screamed as I swiftly flew over the table separating us but it was too late as she already picked the phone. I watched as it exploded in her hand and exploded her head, I swiftly wanted to make the run for it but the force from the explosion pushed me away with force that I hit my head hard on the pillar behind me and I passed out at once.

To be continued