Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 35



” I’m so proud of you kiddo, never knew you could complete the mission, take this” Goat said to me handing me a key which was attached to a key holder which looked like a small handset. Then he walked me outside of the hotel he was lodge in. He was asked to be my compass in the mission I just concluded, the mission was said to be more complicated for me and Snap to solve it by ourselves, so I my mentor was sent to me to help because we can’t be assisted by another agent. So as not to know ourselves like it has been from our training days.

” this baby is the best thing you’ve ever come across” goat said unveiling a double engine Jincheng power bike.

” you’re funny, I’ve come across bikes that are more dope than this” I said with a disappointment filled tone.

” wait for it” he said as he moved closer to the bike. He collected the key from me and click on some keys on the keyholder looking phone. The bike started by itself and started cycling us, he press another key on it and the bike’s tyre was covered by metal, another keys, and some tiny objects with sharp edge fell down beside the rear tyre.

” still gat more features in it, looks like you’ve seen bikes better than this” he said teasingly as the bike parked by itself.

” wow” I exclaimed ” thanks Goat” I added smiling.

” Goat?” goat exclaimed.

”opps* I covered  my mouth “yeah, it means greatest of all time, you’re the greatest mentor and trainer of all time” I said with a grin embedded on my cheek.

” no need for you to say it, I know myself that I’m a goat” goat said boastfully and I bursted into laughter.

” you truly are” I said laughing more. ” let take this baby on a date” I said hopping on the bike.

” wait kiddo” Goat said stopping me from going on my date.

” what’s it now ” I asked with a frustrated tone.

” I want to assign you a mission, but you can just view the mission as a way of stopping what happened to you ” he said gaining more of my attention.

” what’s the mission ” I asked staring into his eye .

” I want you to kill Toy” he said it loud and clear but I felt my ear was playing prank on me.

” kill who ” I asked lowly.

” Toy” he repeated.

” how and why should I kill him ” I asked getting down from the bike.

” Toy has the seal of Othranto ” he replied like I was suppose to magically know what the seal of Othranto means.

” what’s the seal of Othranto ” I asked him when it seems he wasn’t ready to tell me till I ask.

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” the one with the seal of Othranto decide the last five challenge pairing and this occur by killing the carrier of it. After Toy lost his lover then, when he was out on the field , he searched for Drago who I told him about , the carrier of the seal then and he was also my best friend , he murdered him to be the carrier of the seal and since then, he’s been the one pairing the last five challenge and in a way to see he isn’t the only one to suffer the same fate, he always watched the footage of all the training, the trainee has gone through to deduce those who’s fallen in love with themselves, thereby pairing them together ” he said pausing for a bit while I could already feel my blood boiling inside my vein.

” you losing P2 wasn’t the first and won’t be the last until he’s stopped and if anyone is capable of stopping, it’s none other than you. He’s turned to a rabid dog that must be eliminated ” he added finally.

“” I know you won’t be telling me this without doing your own assignment first, so how am I going to locate and recognize him ” I asked as anger flood my vein and the memories of Precious death revisited me.

” Toy was fond of drawing toy gun on the wall when we brought him into the mask, it became part of him which he couldn’t reject as he grew up, on the completion of any challenge and taking his usual first position, he always draw the toy gun on the spot he completed the mission, he was always fast with the sketch that we didn’t took notice of it but after he became my student, I got to know this and warned him to deviate from it because the mask never leave a clue behind in a mission, but he’s gone beyond getting out of it.

On the field, whenever his mission involves murder, he always sketch a micro gun on the spot he kill his target except when it involves the use of Sniper, this I’ve found and told you, now do your own assignment and make me and P2 proud like today. See you later in future ” he said swiftly placing a paper in my hand  and left me before I could ask another question. I looked at the paper and saw the sketch of a young cute guy but my hatred for him made me see a monster who I was soon going to eliminate.

To be continued