Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 34


I heaved a sigh of relief as I switched off the devil banter and head to Martha’s room.

” f–k me ” I exclaimed as I met the door opened and Tabitha was missing outta the people inside the room. I hastily head to the sitting room but she wasn’t there . I checked the study room, my room and she wasn’t there.

” could she have escaped through the staircase ” I asked myself with a troubled heart thinking how my mission was going to fail if such happens. Recording a failed mission was a record I’ve been working hard in every of my mission not to have. I was swiftly heading to my room to get some important things I got in it and escape the castle when I suddenly heard some movement in the kitchen which was just a few meters from my room.

With a hopeful heart, I tiptoed, with my back on the wall ,I ambled down to the kitchen. I peeped through the little space made by the kitchen door as a result of not closing it well. I didn’t see anyone, but after trying a bit hard, I saw her hair, she was hiding behind a cabinet inside the kitchen.

” I mean no harm ” I said as I entered into the kitchen. She was shivering with a knife in her hand as she stood up slowly from where she hid herself. A knife was in her hand pointed at me, but she had the look like she didn’t know how and why she’s holding the knife. She looked terrified. I tried to move closer to her after saying some words to pacify and calm her down.

” don’t come closer ” she said weaving the knife around like a novice.

” I won’t harm you ” I said with a cool tone as I moved more closer to her. When I got closer to her, I quickly hit the knife away from her hand and hug her.

” please don’t kill me ” she said sobbing.

” trust me, that ain’t happen ” I said as I escorted her out of the kitchen. ” are they still alive ” she asked as we got to the sitting room.

” yes ” I replied her.

” are you planning on killing them ” she asked still shivering a bit as she sat down.

” nope, I’m going to wipe their memory and I think I’m going to need your help ” I told her procuring a shocked stare from her.

” me ” she exclaimed.

” yeah, I need some materials in order to be able to wipe their memories but I don’t think I can get hold of it without your help.

” the names ” she asked like someone who’s given up to fate. ”

I can’t disclose the materials so that you won’t use it negatively or accidentally shut someone’s memory with it *winks* } ”

” we have all that on this floor but are you also going to wipe mine too ” she asked with a sad countenance.

” I’m afraid yeah, I can’t take chances ” I replied her with a tone that conveyed that I’m not happy to do it .

” please don’t do it, as long as you promise me that Gina is not in any form of harm, I promise not to disclose your secret to anyone ” she pleaded to me like that aspect of her memory is important to her. ” and how do you know that I’m going to fulfill my promise and not harm her ” I asked her curiously.

” because I know deep down that you love her tho you’re trying to avoid it ” she said surprising me.

” me, that’s hilarious, I don’t love her ” I said with a ridiculous stare.

” you do ” she said smiling.

” no I don’t, I just like her ” I said surprising myself because I didn’t know where that came from.

” I know you do ” she said excitedly.

” I don’t but I won’t harm her, so please let get to work ” I said standing up.

” so that means you’re not going to wipe my memory ” she asked with an anxious tone.

” let go ” I said not answering her question.

” we’ve come to the end of today’s lecture, if you got any question, send it to my Gmail, I’m going to answer it for you there so as to save our time here ” I said rounding up my teaching.

” you’re always the best, lecturer Ben ” I heard behind me as I tried to exit the lecture room. I knew it was Aminat, I recognized her voice.

” and you’re also the best ” I said turning back.

” looks like you’re not going to the David castle today ” she asked as we ambled out of the lecture room.

” lecturer Ben ” a female called behind us. I turned to look back.

” good afternoon ” I greeted as I turned to look at her.

” yeah ” she replied glaring ridiculously at Aminat who also returned the glare at once.

” what can I do for you love ” I asked feigning not to notice what was transpiring between the two of them .

” I sent a message to your gmail but you didn’t reply it when you’re the one who asked us to send our questions to your Gmail and you promised to answer it all ” she said almost in a rude manner. ” i thinks I’m going to report you to the school authority and get you dismissed ” she swiftly added in a threatening tone.

” you can… ”

” it’s okay ” I swiftly said interrupting Aminat who was about to reply her. ” what’s your name ” I asked her with a cool tone.

” Chator Peace ” she replied in a sophisticated manner.

” and what was the question you asked me ” I asked her keeping on my gentleman suit.

” if you’ll love to hangout with me ” she replied me with a bossy tone.

” oops, I saw it but thought it was wrongly sent to my inbox because I remembered that I said ask questions which you don’t understand  on the day’s teaching but here’s my answer ” I said pausing for a bit and I saw the anxiety in Aminat’s eye instead of Peace own.

” Nope, I won’t love to hang out with you ” I replied her bluntly. Just then some girls passed beside us.

” Chai, Peace have finally disgrace her ancestors ”

” wetin eye no go see self for this school ”

” because she don see fine boy ,she wan use her papa mouth date him ”

” if na me this one happen to, I go do hunger strike for three weeks ” they conversed and laughed mockingly in English pidgin language as they passed by as if they’ve been listen to our conversation all along .

” I’m going to show you who I am, I’ll repay this insult to you soon ” Peace threatened angrily as she stormed out of sight.

” who’s she ” I asked Aminat as we continued with our journey.

” she’s the daughter of the ex president, Mr Chator, who’s now serving as the president for the forum for all the ex president in the world ” she replied.

” wow, that’s why she’s full of herself” I said laughing.

” that’s how she always behave, feeling she’s above everyone, when they’re just living history” Aminat said joining me in laughing.

” when is Ella going to come back” I asked Aminat as we got to her hostel.

” I think next week, she want to spend more time with her mom” she replied me staring at me suspiciously.

” I’m just asking about her nah” I said scoffing when I notice the stare.

” I didn’t say anything” she said smiling.

” but your silent said it all, see you later” I said as I halt my movement when we were closed to her door.

” am I not beautiful enough” she suddenly asked me staring into my eye as she also halt her movement.

” what do you mean” I asked feigning ignorance towards her words.

” you know exactly what I meant Ben” she said excluding the title that was suppose to come before my name and it sounded odd because that was the first time she forgot to add it. ” this is the third time you’re bailing out in front of this door like you entering for just a second is going to cause an everlasting harm to you and you’ve been refusing my request to come visit you in the staff quarter ” she added looking pitiable

” you want me to go inside with you right” I asked her pretending to be oblivious of what she meant.

” nope, I want you to allow me come inside your heart ” she said looking more pitiful while the blanket of silent covered the two of us as we both stared at ourselves.

” Ben” I suddenly heard someone called me from behind. I turned to look who it was and saw Nina, she looked like she ws going somewhere but stopped to get my attention.

” see you later ” I said, swiftly pecking her on her cheek before I left her to join Nina. ” how are you doing” I asked her as I joined her where she was standing.

” I’m fine, good afternoon ” she replied me.

” afternoon , where are you heading to” I asked her.

” to your place” she said as she started heading towards the direction of the staff lodge.

” to do what, ain’t you suppose to be behind your desk” I asked swiftly catching up with her.

” I’m hungry and I stay behind the desk when I got something to do ” she replied me but then, I was checking behind to see if Aminat has gone inside.

” are you dating her” she asked as I was tilting my head back to the front.

” dating who” I swiftly asked feigning to be surprised with her question.

” don’t give me that look, you know who I’m talking about” she retorted with a grin.

” oh, you meant Aminat, I don’t date my student ” I said with enthusiasm portraying in my voice.

” do you mean it ” she asked excitedly.

” yeah, wait” I exclaimed stopping. ” why are you following me to my lodge” I asked her remembering that Snap was inside, probably with all his tools hacking into the school database.

To be continued