Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 31


” we’re doing this tonight, send my weapons in with the invisible drone and hacking the fifth floor door shouldn’t be a problem ” I told Snap on the phone ignoring the dream I had in the afternoon.

” are you sure the security won’t be able to discover the weapons ” he asked with a tone connoting worry.

” no need for you to worry about that, just make sure you send it in and do a splendid job in hacking me to the fifth floor, I’m going to take care of the rest ” I said to Snap in a bossy tone

” okay boss, what do you need again ” He asked me signalling it’s time to hang the call.

” the devil’s banter ” I said dropping the last bomb.

” what !” He exclaimed ” that’s dangerous and you know that ” he added with a concerned tone.

” yeah, but I get no option now, I’ve got to make use of it ” I said with my friendly tone this time.

” okay, but you got to be careful, I’m going to send it in ” he said with normal tone of concern for me.

” yeah, but remember, you’ve got to stay 50.4 meter proximity clear of the castle and remember to install SNEAKTRAP before you start anything, we can’t take any chances with their security ” I warned him remembering the dream I had.

” okay boss, see you at 8:30 ” he said before hanging the call. I sighed as I returned my phone back to cloning mode. I checked the time and saw that it’s some minutes past 6. I dialled Aminat’s digits and placed the phone on my ear.

” hello handsome ” She swiftly said as she picked the call.

” I’m fine, you? ” I replied her.

” I feel great, just getting home now, was about to call your number when I saw your call ” she said with a bright countenance.

” cool, hope you enjoyed the hangout .” I said laughing and she hissed.

” are you mocking me ” she asked hilariously. I was sure Gina bashed her plan heftily, I couldn’t help but smile as I got the recap of the event.


” babe ” Aminat said standing up to hug Gina but I couldn’t help but stared at the lady behind Gina, holding the champagne. I was very shock to see her because she’s very beautiful, more beautiful than Aminat and Ella , almost as beautiful as Gina . She wore a skimpy maid gown which made her looked hot. Her hair was braided and she had on a smile which looked like it hasn’t left her face ever since she has been given birth to.

Her dimples looked like mould hole which glued cutely to her cheek. And she looked younger, maybe the same age with Gina.

” you’re a bad friend, because your lecturer is here, you forgot me ” Gina said teasingly as she hugged Aminat.

” was going to visit you, but his floor was the first to meet before yours, so I decided to make the first stop before I make yours ” she replied defensively and they both smiled. Even tho the divan Aminat was sitting on is capable of containing twice of Gina with Aminat but Gina came to sit beside me. I could see that Aminat wasn’t cool with it but she feigned to be.

” sit down Tabitha ” Gina ordered the maid that followed her.

” Tabitha ” I murmured ” is she your friend you said you’re going to introduce me to ” I swiftly asked her as she shot me a surprised stare as I murmured her name.

” yeah, she’s my friend ,the next one I got after Ella and Aminat, but she always like to behave like my maid which she isn’t ” she said and Tabitha, who sat beside Aminat, but kept some distance from her, snort which made me smiled

There was two divans and two sole chairs inside the room ,but the two sole chairs weren’t close to the two divans which were opposite each other, with a fancy glass table wedging a boundary in between them.

” I told her to change that gown but she won’t listen ” she added staring at Tabitha.

” Benjamin Parker ” I said ,lifting myself a bit from the divan I sat on and stretched my hands towards Tabitha.

“I’m Tabitha ” she said timidly with a smile as she wrapped her hand around mine.

” nice name you got there ” I remarked flirtily

” thank you ” she said staring into my eye for the first but swiftly brought her face down timidly.

” how’ve you been holding up with the Spanish ” Aminat asked no one in particular but we all know the receiver of the question.

” you didn’t call me since all this days to ask ” Gina said rolling her eye in a funny manner.

” I’m sorry, been busy since the school was shut down ” Aminat said with a pleading tone.

” it’s okay, and sorry about Kingsley, he was a good guy ” Gina said with a sad tone.

” you kidding me right ” Aminat said suddenly raising her voice. ” he’s a great jerk, don’t even feel for his dead. ” Aminat said with a spiteful tone.

“I know he’s a jerk, just wanna show my last respect for the dead, but Aminat, I find his death kind of suspicious and I don’t think it’s natural as the autopsy claimed .” Gina said looking like a detective who’s stressed out due to a complicated case.

” what’s your hubby Tabitha ” I swiftly said facing Tabitha and they all stared at me with a surprised countenance. ” why do you all looked surprised, since the two of you wanted to make us feel invisible, then we’re going to make ourselves visible, Tabi love, what are your hubbies ” I said smiling tho my main objective was to murder their conversation.

” you’re funny ,it’s even kind of boring, let light up the mood ” Gina quickly intercepted before Tabitha could locate her tongue. Gina with her phone switched on the home theatre inside the sitting room and played songs from her phone which was conveyed out by the speakers of the home theatre.

I called Martha to bring cups. It was now a group conversation as Tabitha also joined in every topics created by Gina, Aminat, and we diluted the conversation with the champagne Gina brought. In no time, Gina became tipsy and started dancing. She was having on a pink bum shot and pink crop top. She was twerking beside me while Aminat and Tabitha were applauding her dancing skills while I tried not to watch her as I focused more on the champagne I was drinking.

Before she suddenly pulled me up to join her . I disagreed first but they all cheered me to. Actually, I’m a really good dancer, in fact, very good at it as we’re specially groomed for it and my flexibility enhanced it more. It was all fun till Aminat decided to join. And boom, they turned it into a dancing competition between the two of them.

They competed to be the one dancing with me and to show the level of their dancing skills. It got to a point where Aminat was twerking on my d**k, I saw how enraged Gina got seeing her. I didn’t know why she’s enraged, maybe effect of the alcohol. She danced close and loss balance ,she tried to support herself with Aminat but ended up pushing Aminat away in the process.

Aminat lost balance and fell down and sprained her ankle. And that’s the end of the fun. Tabitha took Gina back to her room while I act as a support for Aminat to her car. I offered to drive her home but she said she doesn’t want me rebelling against Mr David, so another guard drove her home.

” no I’m not, how is your leg. ” I asked as I tried to hold my laughter.

” it’s okay, the family doctor is on his way.” She replied me.

” good, wish it recovers before resumption .” I said with an empathetic tone.

” I hope so too ,I can’t”

” good evening Aminat ” I heard a masculine voice say from her side .

” talk to you later, the doctor is here ” she said not completing her previous statement and hung the call. I checked the time and it was 6:43 pm. I decided to go over my plan again to be sure what happened in my dream doesn’t occur again. I made sure I changed all my plans from the ones I used in my dream .

” shit “! I exclaimed as I quickly picked my phone.

” we’re starting now ” I swiftly said to Snap as he picked the call.

” because of the invisible drone, right ” he asked as if he was reading my mind.

” yeah ” I answered.

The invisible is a great technology that can be used to transport things without being seen, but its demerits is that it makes noise in the process, so for a mission to be successful with the invisible drone, Snap knows our normal routine of doing it and it mustn’t touch anything while in action or else it would be prone to exposure.

” I already thought about it and I’m already on the way, so chill, you’ll get the signal when I start ,and when the signal sound, I’m going to use a minute and 30 seconds for the transportation, so get ready. Hope you’ve the drone detector with you ” he asked after his long narration.

” no, but I’m good to go with my ear ” I answered him boastfully.

” okay, see you in the next ten minute ” he swiftly said.

” alright, make sure you keep yourself safe ” I wanted to tell him but he already hung up the call.

I sat down on my bed waiting for the right time. Exactly ten minute, all the car’s alarm system inside the David castle started sounding. It was producing a siren sound which filled the whole building even tho all the cars were parked in an underground parking lot . I know it was Snap handwork, he has hacked into all the car’s alarm system and activated it, but I have to be sure With my Bluetooth headset, I swiftly made a call to Snap.

” it’s on its way ” snap swiftly said as he picked the call.

” okay, pause the cctv inside the elevator and stay on with me” I ordered him.

” done ” he replied in ten seconds.

” good boy ” I said before hanging the call, I checked the timer on my wrist and saw that it was remaining 1 minute and ten seconds. I stood up from my bed and exit the bedroom. I made my way to the elevator and clicked on the call button. After few seconds, it dung and open, I met two securities inside the elevator.

” shit ” I muttered under my breath giving them a fake smile and they smiled back. The plan was going to go south with them inside the elevator and I don’t have any options of what to do. { 6,5,4,3 } as the elevator got to the 3rd floor, {

“stop the elevator ” I ordered Snap and the elevator suddenly stopped. The two securities shot me a surprise glare.

” what was that ” one of them asked me.

” I don’t know ” I said feigning ignorance.

” you said something and the elevator stopped ” the other guy retorted.

” well, seems like I’m now a magician ” I said as I attacked both of them at once. It only took me 10 seconds before they’re lying down on the elevator floor like logs of wood. I checked my wrist and it was remaining thirty seconds.

” Snap, check if there’s no one in the sitting room on the first floor” I ordered snap

” yeah, they’re all in the parking lot checking what’s wrong with the cars.

” okay, resume the elevator and pause the cctv in the sitting room.” I ordered him again.

” Roger that boss. ” he said as the elevator sprang into action again. The elevator dung and opened on the first floor with fifteen seconds to go.

” shit boss, someone is coming to the elevator ” Snap said alarming me.

” f–k ” I exclaimed. ” increase it speed ” I swiftly said to snap. .

” It will produce more noise and the person will know of it. ” he swiftly replied.

” do it ” I screamed lowly to him.

” okay ” he replied and I could hear the sound of the drone where I was . In no time, it got into the elevator and hit me so it can be visible. Everything I ordered were attached to it like a magnet. I quickly hit key seven but before the elevator’s door could close, Tabitha’s face and mine made pact and I was sure she saw the two half dead securities inside the elevator with me and my guns which were attached to the drone

” should I stop the elevator and kill her before she expose my secret ” I pondered within myself as the elevator door was about to close. I quickly place my hand out to stop the door from closing, and saw her looked me with a terror filled eye.

” boss, you’ve got to eliminate her ” Snap told me over the headset as if helping me to settle for an option which I couldn’t select yet.

” I’m sorry, I muttered as I got out of the elevator heading towards her.

To be continue…