Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 32



” are you thinking what I’m thinking ” Miss bull eye asked Goat as they stood behind the large tinted glass, watching P1 as he was training.

” he’s cute, I know too ” Goat replied humorously.

” fool, is that what I’m telling you” Miss bull eye retorted hitting Goat on his head.

” hahahahahah ” Goat cackled

” thought you were crushing on him ” Goat said playfully.

” looks like you need serious beating ” Miss bull eye said folding her hands into a fist.

” he’s gradually becoming Toy ” Goat said staring at the glass which barricaded from P1. They could see him from their side but he couldn’t see or hear them.

” yeah, he looks more like Toy ,I know that’s what you’re trying to say ” Goat said in a serious tone.

” do you think he’s gotten over her death ” Miss bull eye asked Goat who looked more engrossed in looking at P1 through the glass .

” he should have gotten over it, and today makes it a year that she died, but I don’t think he knows as he spend all his time inside there like he’s preparing for world war iv” Goat replied Miss bull eye still staring at the glass .

” the one cool and playful boy is now gone and I can see the making of a beast ” goat added with an angry tone.

” why are you suddenly getting angry ” Miss bull eye asked Goat ,surprised at his sudden change of emotion .

” it’s nothing ” Goat said as he head towards the door of the room where P1 was training in,opened the door and entered the room. Miss bull eye shook her head as she moved closer to the glass to watch Goat and P1.

P1 was sweating profusely as he practiced with the little sword which looked more of a knife than a sword in his hand. He was so much engrossed in his training that he failed to or pretend not to notice the present of Goat. He suddenly turned and flung the knife towards the direction Goat was coming from, if not for a swift swerve to the left, the knife would have been stuck into Goat stuck.

The knife made a bang sound as it embedded into the wooden door behind Goat.

” oops ” Goat gasped as he steadied himself. Not rendering an apology for what happened, P1 head to the rack where bows were hung, he picked one and picked four arrows from an arrow sheath that was beside the rack. Without much ado, he place the arrow on his left hand and set an arrow on it, with force, he launched it towards the dark glass which barricaded his view from the other side of the glass. With swiftness and agility, he placed another arrow on the bow and launched it towards the same direction as the first.

On the release of the second arrow, the first was just reaching the glass, banging it and cracked it a bit. As it was falling down, the second hit it at once, widening the crack, and before it also got down, the third hit the same spot as the ones he launched earlier, inflicting more crack on the glass. He didn’t release the forth one swiftly like he did to the three arrows . He took his time before he finally release it.

Goat had on a shock expression as the arrow made a hole in the glass, penetrating it to get to the other side. Miss bull eye swiftly caught the arrow before it goes deep into her shoulder.

Ben dropped the bow and nonchalantly passed beside Goat Who still looked shocked because of what he just witnessed and exit the room. P1 removed the knife stuck on the door

“Tell her I only wish to keep her alive ” he said to Goat before he exit the room. He stared at miss bull eye, whose shoulder was bleeding because of the arrow that just Pierce it for some seconds before he stumbled out of sight. Miss bull eye couldn’t do anything but stared at his behind.

” did you see that ” Goat asked miss bull eye as he came out of the room, not noticing the injury on her shoulder first. ” what ” he swiftly exclaimed as he moved closer to her when he noticed the bleeding and the arrow in miss bull eye hand. ” so that’s what he meant by what he said ” Goat said staring at Miss Bull eye. ” but how did he know exactly where you’re standing behind that glass, let get you treated first ” Goat said making attempt to hold miss bull eye but miss bull shrugged off his hand angrily and exit the place .

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I got many things to tell you but I didn’t know time was going to be a b—h, thought I was going to have all the time in the world to tell you but looks like the crossroad is near and tonight might be the last time I get to see you sleep peacefully, kiss you and sleep beside you, tho I’ve been doing it without your consent for many days ago, like I’m doing now again.

Got many things to write but the ink inside this pen isn’t going to be enough to do that, so I’ll pen the important messages I have for you before it runs out. I’m going to sacrifice myself for you, and in high hope, I wish you see this letter after it happens, not before it happens. I’m doing without any form of sadness in my heart ,because it’s the right thing to do. Not going to tell you the reason but be assured that it’s not in any form your fault. Sober up and stop acting like a woman or else my ghost is going to start haunting you. You must make sure you make me proud because my manure is watching you. I love you and know that you do too, so please help me fulfill my last wish ,which is for you to forget me ,but you can take your time in doing so but you must. Remember to always switch off the light before sleeping.

♡ I love you ♡

Ben read smiling even tho tears was already lurking behind his pupil. It’s always been so ever since he found the letter a year ago, after the death of Precious. Ever since he found the letter laying under his pillow when he was angrily throwing off things, a day never pass without him reading it and on the wall beside the door, a little below the switch, were many marks. A coded way of counting the days after he found the letter.

“Today makes it a year that you sacrifice yourself for me and I’m ready to fulfill your wish ” P1 said as he brought out a lighter which he snuffed out of Goat’s room. He ignited it, then placed on the edge of the letter. It caught fire and bit by bit, the fire started spreadin. With tears streaming down his face, he watched as the fire got to his right index and thumb finger which he used in holding the paper at another edge. He didn’t drop the paper till the last bit turned to ash in his hand.

” goodbye Precious ” he said as he released the last ashes that clustered to the two fingers he used in holding the paper. Just then his door flung open and Goat entered.

” are you smoking kiddo ” Goat asked as he saw the fumes in the atmosphere ,but P1 didn’t answer him as he kept staring at the floor ,at the ashes on the floor. ” do you still think of her ” Goat asked as he sat beside him but didn’t receive again. ” I won’t ask for you not to remember her, it’s not easy, I’ve been there before too but at the end of the day you still have to let go before it turns you into a monster like you’re turning to ” he said pausing for some seconds.

” what happened to you also happened to Toy, he’s the most cruelest agent this organization has produced, he also lost his roommate, a female which we all know he loved in a combat like the one that took P2 away, after that, the dead aura has been with him, no ounce of humanity left him, tho I always take the praise of producing such agent but I was never proud of it and in you, I can see an updated version of Toy because what you did today, using the bullet arrow skill to break a bullet proof glass with four shots was something no agent of this organization can do, even Toy, and you knowing where bull eye was standing without seeing her was also an impossible thing made possible by you. And I’m 100% sure you’re doing all this by channelling through the anger embedded in your heart, and if it continues like this, you’re going to lose your way.

Our missions here in Mask is always characterize by taking tears from the eye of another to put smile on another ,we don’t have choice but to do it but that doesn’t mean we have to lose all the humanity in us because we’re asked to do so. What I’m about to tell you is against the principle of the mask but I’m going to tell you anyway. You’re a good boy and I see a great future ahead of you, but clear your heart of all the anger in it, make a tiny light in your heart to lead your steps, so that even in your missions, you won’t go fully astray. I like you kiddo and I know you’re not a cold bloody killer, but a killer with a heart. Trust you to make the right choice ” Goat said rounding up his speech by massaging P1’s hair before he stood up heading to the door.

” thank you ” P1 said as Goat was about to open the door. Goat with a satisfied smile embedded on his face exited the room.

” she’s dead dad, she’s dead ” Gina cried as he talked to her dad on the phone.

” who’s dead ,doll ” Mr David asked with a confused tone.

” they killed her dad, she’s dead ” Gina said now weeping.

” doll, I’m in a meeting now, but I’m going to call Mr Wealth to attend you ” Mr David said trying to hang the call.

” dad, please you’ve to find and punish the killer, they murder her in cold blood ” she said weeping more.

To be continue