Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 30


Two doors were inside the room, one was painted black and the other, red. I decided to open the red to see where it led to when the black one suddenly flung open. A man in mask entered with a laser in his hand.

” good that you’ve woken up ” he said as he moved closer to me.

” who are you ” I asked him and he seemed to be shocked by my question.

” what’s wrong with you P1 ” he asked me placing his hand beside my neck, maybe to check my temperature.

” p1 ” I muttered as I felt like it was something important to me. ” no, no , no ” I screamed lowly as I fell back to the bed I rose from. ” please tell me she’s not dead ” I asked goat amidst tears as he dropped the laser in his hand and tried to console me.

” she’s dead kiddo but you have to man up , and become what she sacrifice her life for you for ” he said as he wiped the tears on my face but more kept coming down. I could see that he’s also sad but hid it.

The door suddenly flung opened startling me . I saw Miss Bull eye coming towards me and Goat as if on cue, stood up from my side and Miss Bull eye sat down beside me. She looked like she just completed mourning a dead lover. Her eye weren’t bright like it used to be, sadness overshadowed it and darkness lounge behind it. Her pupils were dark and her hair looked unkempt.

She stared directly into my eye with the dark eye and I suddenly felt guilty of a crime I didn’t know anything of. A slap suddenly swept through my face and I felt a bud of blood gathered inside my mouth.

” you’re here weeping when the greatest agent this organization would have produced is busy rotting into manure just for you ” she screamed at me with the same zeal she always use to talk in the challenge room. I suddenly discovered that I missed that tone.

” I’m sorry ” I whimpered as I felt like I’ve wronged the earth, and all the remaining planets.

” you’re sorry ” she asked glaring at me. ” if you’re sorry, your ass wouldn’t be glued on this bed weeping like a coward , but training hard to honour her death by becoming the greatest agent she’s meant to be ” she added with a blood thirst eye. I kept mute staring at her with a terror filled eye.

Another slap clung unto my cheek and surprisingly I couldn’t felt any pain, but tears was pouring down from my eye. I saw Goat looking at me helplessly but he was sure not good with what Miss bull eye was doing but it looked like he gat no choice but to watch.

” if only she had listened to me and cleared her heart of all the feelings she got for you, but that fools never listen but decide to hide the feelings by spending most of her time with me training thinking she could hide herself from it” Miss bull eye said with a cool tone which I never knew she had. I couldn’t believe what I did some minutes ago , I was sure Goat was also surprised. Miss bull eye was about to slap me again as I kept mute , watching her with a sorry eye, but I held her hand midway, then growled at her like an angry wolf before I dropped her hand.

” I didn’t ask for her death and I was already ready to sacrifice my life for her before she did what she did, so please don’t make me feel more guilty towards her death ” I said calming down.

” agent spike and I are going to be in charge of your training now, so go get yourself ready ” she added before she exit the room and Goat also did, leaving me to think about Precious for the last time.

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The knock on my door woke me up,

” yes ” I said making an attempt to stand up from my bed.

” young Miss is here ” Martha informed me as she opened the door.

” okay, tell her I will be with her in a jiffy ” I said to Martha and she exit my room.

” sleeping beauty ” I suddenly heard a voice said so in my ear. I was first startled before I remembered that I still had the small Bluetooth headset in my ear and I was conversing with Aminat before I slept off.

” wtf, don’t tell me you didn’t hang up the call when I mistakenly slept off ” I said with a flabbergasted tone when the thought came to my mind.

” I’m going to tell you that I didn’t hang up ” she said laughing.

” why ” I asked stupidly.

” I wanted to but you’re too cute when  you sleep to let me do so. ” she replied still laughing.

” you’re funny ” I retorted with a smile.

” how did you know I was cute in sleep when you ain’t seeing me ” I asked still smiling.

” I don’t need to see you, the sound you made in your sleep was enough, but did you had a bad dream ” she suddenly asked reminding me of the terrible afternoon{mare} I just had.

” no , why did you ask ” I asked her as I started dressing up for my third session with Gina.

” because at some points before you woke up now, your breathing got rigid and you were sounding uncomfortable ” she elucidated depicting she really stalked me to the brim during my sleep.

” it’s nothing, got to go now, Gina is ready for the third session, talk to you later ” I swiftly said as I made an attempt to quickly hung the call.

” I’m coming down there ” she said before I could hung the call so I eliminated the idea of hanging the call.

” coming ” I asked with a shock expression.

” I’m coming to hangout with you, remembered I told you that Mr David and my dad ain’t coming home tonight, i so wanna spend some time with you in the David Villa since you said you are not allowed to go out , so quickly teach Gina , so that you won’t keep me waiting because I’m already on my way there ” she replied me and swiftly hung the call before I could say anything.

I smiled as I made my way into the bathroom , rinsed my face and came out to apply cream on it. I already wore a blue round neck top when I Was still on the phone with Aminat, so I only exit my room and head to the study room. She’s sitted at the same spot she sat in the second session.

” como estas ” { how are you doing } I asked as I got closer to her

” Estoy bien y tu ” { I am fine and you } She replied me as I sat on the chair I sat on earlier.

” Igual que aquí ” { same here } I replied her .

” I don’t know that one oo ” she said smiling.

” you’re trying, it means ” same here ” } I replied her smiling.

” thanks ” she said , operating her iPad which also serves as her notepad.

” why did you become a teacher ” she asked me dropping her phone.

” we’re studying now, we’re doing that later ” I said to her and she grinned , which forced me to ask the question ” why you grinning ”

” because you’re funny ” she said which made me snort. ” we learn when I want to learn and we converse when I want us to, so don’t let us turn this one hour into a frustrating one ” she added in a bossy tone. A tone I despise so much but I surprisingly felt cool with it.

” okay ma’am, after you ” I said humorously.

” what’s with the ma’am, and do you know that you’re kind of odd ” she asked giving me an odd look.

” you’re the first to say that, why do you think so ” I asked her .

” I did a little research about you and I think I know a little about you ” she said pausing for a bit ” your dad, Jerome Parker is one of the richest man in Canada and , after checking his net worth, he’s got many cash than my dad could even think of acquiring, but here you are, his only son working as a lecturer here in Nigeria even after getting an offer to be retain in Havard , and here I’m giving you an order and you seem to be cool with it. Is it that there’s another story behind Benjamin Parker or you’re just very humble ” she asked me staring directly into my eye. I knew she’s very serious with her question and I’ve to be technical in answering her.

” you’re wise , I give you that ” I said smiling at her. ” but I’ve got a good Nigerian mom who will never rest with her calls and video calls, just to give me three hours of moral talk everyday and I like it, so you can say I’m humble and don’t want to be the type to flaunt my dad’s wealth in people’s face ” I added staring at her too. She seemed to be lost in staring at me to hear what I was saying. I cleared my throat to get her attention

” cool ” she startling replied me.
” how do you see Nigeria, is it fair compare to Canada ” she asked trying to change the topic, I knew she’s embarrassed because I caught her staring at me.

” it’s okay, I love the culture, oh, that reminds me, as from tomorrow, we’ll be using a session to learn about the Spanish culture ” I swiftly chipped it in.

” please let ignore anything related to Spain or study for today ” she said almost pleading to me.

” okay, promise not to, now tell me about you ” I said collecting the iPad in her hand. ” no study ” I said waving the pad before dropping it on the desk creating boundary between us.

Like she said earlier, time really fly when you’re having fun. We talked, laughed, mingled like we’ve known ourselves for a long time and before we’re oblivious of the time, two hours had strolled by. Martha brought us back to life when she came to inform me of Aminat’s presence.

” I’m sorry sir , but a lady is waiting for you in the sitting room ” she had informed me and I could see the shock on Gina’s face.

” lady ” she had asked surprisingly.

” yes ma’am, your friend, the Vice president daughter but she’s asking of Mr Parker ” Martha had answered before exiting the study room.

” oops, two hours is gone already ” I said checking the time.

” why’s Aminat here to see you ” she asked not commenting on my discovery about the time.

” I’m her lecturer nah and she’s a good friend of mine, so I don’t see anything wrong in my Friend visiting me ” I replied her .

” are you dating her ” she asked with a stern face.

” that’s a secret ” I replied her smiling as I exit the study room to meet Aminat in the sitting room.

” so you were serious about coming ” I said to get her attention as she seemed to be focus on the series she’s watching on the TV .

” before nko, you just kept me waiting for almost one and half hours ” she said as she saw me.

” I’m sorry but you should have sent for me since ” I said to her as I help my self to the divan opposite the one she’s sitting on

” didn’t want to disturb your session with Gina ”

” and you don’t want her to know that you’re here ” I said interrupting her.

” geez ” she exclaimed giggling. ” sad to admit but yeah, I’m a bad friend right ” she asked feigning a sad countenance.

” dunno buh she already know you’re here ” I told her and she gasped.

” how, that’s why I’ve kept cool waiting for you since ” she said with a surprised expression

” my maid came to inform me while the session was on ”

” geez, but I told her not to worry, now she’s ruined everything totally ” she said with a worried countenance.

” don’t stress yourself over that, what will you take ” I asked her but she looked worried and I don’t really know why

” I’m okay for now, but ” she couldn’t finish her statement when Gina entered with a lady behind her holding a bottle Champagne.

” surprise ” she said to get our attention as she entered.

” babe ” Aminat said standing up to hug Gina but I couldn’t help but stared at the lady behind Gina, holding the champagne. I was very shock to see her because she’s…

To be continue….