Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 29


Tension tried to set in the remaining time which I used to get myself ready for the mission but I waived it away as I prepared myself for the mission. Exactly 9pm, I called Martha, I asked her to get me a drink and a cup. When she brought it, I poured myself a cup and gulped it down at a go, I also poured her a cup and asked her to drink it, which she did after trying to reject the offer but I pestered her to do it. She couldn’t get to her room before she fell down. I had to carry her to my room.

In my finger nail was some sedative powder which I got some of it into the drink I gave her when I was pouring it.

Exactly by 9:55 pm, I was in all black, with a black mask on my face and my timer on my wrist and my black night blister glasses on my face.

” already in place ” Snap informed me by 9:58 , I was already in front of the elevator in my floor by then.

” roger that, start the countdown exactly 9:59 ” I ordered him as I clicked on the elevator button and it opened. I entered in to the elevator without clicking on the floor I was going. ” 60, 59, 58, 57, 56,… 20, 19, 18, 17, 16,… 5, 4, 3, 2, now ” Snap ordered and everywhere became dark. I heard the elevator door close, I listened attentively to know when it’s going to open.

It opened after three seconds and I found out that only few securities were left on the floor, half of the numbers that were suppose to be there. But they all had phones in their hands with it flashlight on. The two securities that were always stationed beside the elevator weren’t there.

There was little commotion inside the fifth floor by the securities , which I was sure was caused by the blackout and the absence of the president. This was in my favour as they failed to notice me.

” hibernate all the phones ” I whispered to Snap and boom, all the phones went off. And this caused much commotion. I swiftly located my way through the walkway, to the sitting room.

” push the door ” Snap told me and I did. The door opened and I smiled as I entered. I swiftly place the devices in the discreet places I’ve got locked in one of my invitation to the sitting room.

” done , now the bedroom ” I told Snap as I exited the sitting room.

” roger that, working on the bedroom door ” he told me as I heard some beeping sounds from his side. He used 18 seconds to open the bedroom door instead of the 20 seconds I stipulated for it. I swiftly located discreet positions to install the devices and when I was through I decided to exit the room but found out the door was locked.

” Snap, the door is locked ” I swiftly informed Snap.

” I don’t know what is happening but I suddenly lost control of it, hang in there a second .” he said to me with a shaky voice.

” be fast, we are losing time ” I said to him in a whisper.

” your hands where I can see them , move and get shot ” I heard someone scream at Snap on the headset fixed on my ear.

” What’s happening Snap ” I asked him trying not to believe what I heard.

” We’re f—-d ” I heard Snap said before I heard a screeching sound depicting that I’ve lost connection with him. I checked the timer on my wrist and found out that it was remaining only two seconds.

” shit ” I exclaimed as everywhere got lit as the backup generator came on and an alarm tone blasted the building. I quickly survey the room to see if there’s somewhere to hide but there was none. I heard beeping and robotic tone outside depicting that someone was opening the door. And I could tell that there were many guards with guns in their hands with the person that was opening the door.

” told you I was going to get you ” the person said to me as soon as the door was opened with many guns pointing at me. ” now take off your mask ” the person order pulling the trigger of the pistol in his hand.


” why did you do it, why ” I screamed at her as she stood in front of me staring at me with a countenance that depicted that she’s proud of what she did.

” because I love you ” she replied with an angelic voice. She’s putting on white gown, with red roses embroidered on it. She’s very beautiful and looked lovely.

” no, you don’t love me, if you do, you wouldn’t have caused me so much pain, how do you expect me to move on without being able to see your beautiful face for the rest of my life, howwww ” I screamed as tingling of tears started climbing down from my eye

” you’re going to pass it , time is going to heal you ” she said as she moved closer to me and used her palm to wipe the tears on my face.

” no, all I ever wanted is you, I’m now an empty vessel without you, I can’t let go of you, grant me permission to stay here with you for the rest of my life and I will ask for nothing more ” I said as more tears trooped down my face.

” no, you’ve to go back, you’ve got a bright future and a tender heart, a lovable one, unlike mine. Sacrificing myself for you is a choice I’m going to select millions of time because I love you and I hate what I’m growing into. The only heart I got left is the one you’re existing in, after that, death had snatched the rest. And I can feel myself losing every ounce of humanity inside me everyday.

I’m going to be a blood sucking agent but you, you’re good, so please be strong for me and forget me, attain and pass my level, you’re going to be the best if you wish to and work towards it. I love you ” she said and suddenly hit me on my chest before I could utter any word. I opened my eye coughing vigorously, but all I could see was a blurry background. I laid motionlessly on whatever it is I was laying on. I couldn’t remember anything and I felt blank. After some minute, I could get clear view of the place I was in, it was a room and I was laying on a bed. I stood up from the bed and felt like a toddler without any memory.

To be continue…