Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 28


I sighed standing up after some minutes she left me. I suddenly found myself awkwardly smiling at myself as I sat on the chair I was sitting on , reminiscing on the conversation we just had. I met Martha on the way to my room, cleaning the tiled floor even tho it wasn’t dirty with a vacuum cleaner.

” get me chicken and chips” I ordered her before I made my way into my room. Aminat’s call signalled on my phone as soon as I was in my room. ” is this girl a monitoring spirit ” I asked myself rhetorically as I picked her call.

” do you have a bug on me ” I asked her jokingly as I picked the call.

” bug ?.” She asked confusedly.

” yeah, I mean a tracker , that tracks me everyday ” I explained to her.

” hahaha ” she laughed hysterically ” you’re funny, I only set my alarm to ping me in the next one hour after you dropped the call earlier ” she added still laughing

” cool, I was just through with her ” I said to her as I picked my little Bluetooth headset and paired it with my phone, because I know the conversation was going to take long, like it’s been since three days ago.

” hope she didn’t stress you ” she asked with a tone of concern.

” yeah ” I said laying on the king size bed inside the room, and yawned like a hungry cub. I was sleepy, didn’t sleep throughout the previous night as I was trying hard to crack my skull and get the perfect way to complete all my mission that needs to be completed during the period of my stay inside the castle.

Missions like setting a bug and a micro camera inside the president sitting room and bedroom. One of the key to getting my mission swiftly completed is by keeping a tab on the president and that can only be possible by gaining control on where he spend most of his time.

I knew the room might have installed in it, high alterant technical devices , in order to render impotent any form of tracking or listening devices placed inside it , but I’m working for a badarse organization with terrifying devices . I already got the micro bug and camera with me , found a way to snoop it in , but the real problem lies with installing it in a room which security can be compared to White House own.

” that’s a big yawn , you feeling sleepy ” Aminat asked me, thinks she heard me yawn.

” no, just feeling tired ” I replied her but my mouth betrayed me as it enveloped into a big basket letting out another mouthful yawn.

” maybe it’s hunger ” she said helping me formulate another excuse for the yawn.

” yeah, looks like I need to refill my belly soon ” I said trying to sound funny.

” I think you need to do it soon, depending on the way you were keened on tearing your mouth with the way you yawned ” she replied me and I smiled.

” feel like coming over there today, heard from my dad that the president ain’t coming home today, they’ve got an important meeting with all the influential members of their party and it is happening in Lagos ” she added

” really ” I asked trying to hide my delightfulness towards the news. I told her I have to go in other to olan for my first mission, no time to waste, so I called Snap.

” can you get me into the fifth floor tonight ” I asked Snap after successfully disconnecting the fool that was listening to my conversation.

” P1, you know it’s almost impossible, even if I successfully get you into the fifth floor, how are you going to get pass the securities you told me are always holding their stations there ” Snap replied me with a tone of concern.

” I understand your point Snap, but this is a long shot, the president isn’t around today, and I see it as a chance that’s not going to portray itself to me to install those stuffs in his room ” I said to him trying to get him to reason with me.

” yeah, but the risk is too much, but do you have a plan or you just want me to grant you access into the floor and you just fight your way into the room” he said and I tut loudly so he could hear it.

” you talk too much, here’s the plan, the David castle is getting its energy directly from the sun, the house got enough inverters that got immense energy in them used in powering the house, there’s four backup generator to supply the castle with power automatically in case something happens to the inverters and it takes the generators 120 seconds to power on.

All you have to do is override the inverters, it will shut off, I would have been in the elevator before you override it, then you control the elevator from outside and get me to the fifth floor, everywhere will be in utmost darkness, so I will be having my night blister on, within 30 seconds , you must open the door of the sitting room so that I can install the devices, I already got my positions locked for it.

Then I’m out and you’re going to open the bedroom in 20 seconds, because I don’t have positions to place the device in it yet. Gotta be through in 30 seconds, then the remaining seconds for my escape back to my flood and remember to deactivate all the CCTV inside the castle ” I took him through the details of the mission detailedly.

” you made it sounded so simple ” he said when I was finally through with my narration.

” yeah, it is if you eliminate your part perfectly and make sure you’re not beyond 50.54 meter to the perimeter of the gate, saw some guards surveying up to that area yesterday”

” this is not the time to care about me, you’re going into lion’s den, so care about yourself ” he said almost screaming at me. I knew he’s very concerned about my safety, he’s always been since we’ve been working together.

” do you remember the Black copper mission ” I asked him to pacify his heart. The black copper mission was more tedious than what I was about to get myself entangled in.

” yeah, how will I ever forget, when I almost lost my head and you, your life ” he replied me with a smile.

” but we did it, even when all odds were against us, and I was able to do it because you believed in me like I do in you, so just think this as a mini black copper mission and get your head straight. We’re doing this tonight by 10 pm on the dot, make no mistake and keep your headset fixed to your ear. ” I said to him in an ordering tone.

” yeah , roger that, and P1 , you’re the best agent out there, and I trust you’re getting this done without you getting a scratch. ” he said to motivate me.

” you’re funny, just make sure you converse with your wizard computer well, because they got us on this ” I said to him before dropping the call.