Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 27


I hit the small alarm in my room which was there to call for the attention of the maid assigned to me in the seventh floor, tho I rejected when I was offered, but they made it seemed like I don’t have a choice.

” you called me Sir ” Martha said coming inside.

” yeah , brew two cups of coffee and take it into the study room ” I ordered her and she exit my room.

” young Miss is waiting for you inside the study room ” Martha informed me some minute later after she’s gone to prepare the cofee.

” okay, hope you’ve gotten the cofee there ” I asked her smiling.

” yes Sir ” she replied.

” okay, thank you , you can go ” I told her and she exit my room. I was changing my cloth when Aminat’s call displayed on my handset. I connected my small Bluetooth headset device to it and put into my ear.

” Wad up love , you through with your call. ” she asked me at once as I picked the call.

” yeah, but got to go again, Gina is already waiting for me in the study room ” I said to her as I was buttoning my shirt.

“Oops, thought you’re to take her in the next hour ” she asked me with a sad tone.

” yeah , but she’s Gina and very weird ” I said to her and she bursted into laughter.

” you’re right, wish you luck , you need it ” she said humorously and I smirked .

” bye now , ready to go ” I said to her and was about to hung the call .

” wait ” she swiftly scream subtly. ” I’ve got something to tell you after you’re through with this session ” she said hanging the call without allowing me a chance to talk. I smiled as I removed the Bluetooth headset from my ear and picked my phone and exited the room to meet my sweet witch.

Gina smiled mysteriously at me as I opened the study room door and entered. she’s sitted on a small chair with a small desk in front of her. she got her phone in her hand , pressing it but stopped operating it when I entered with a mysterious smile embedded on her cheek.

” you kept me waiting ” she said to me as I got closer to her . I swiftly scanned the room to get the location of the coffee I asked Martha to brew . I saw it on a vacant shelf few meters away from where Gina was sitted.

” I’m sorry ” I said to her as I swiftly made my way to the shelf to get the tray containing two saucers and two mugs on each saucers with a cover , covering it.

” did you make this for me ” she asked me looking a bit impressed as I drop the tray on the small desk in front of her.

” yeah, I made it for us ” I said , got a chair nearby and sat in front of her. ” I want this session tutorial to be different from the ones we’ve been having since the last three days ” I said disseminating the mugs and saucers from the tray, and dropped the tray on the neatly and beautifully tiled floor. ” here ” i said placing hers closer to her.

She gave me a ridiculous stare before she took it, place it closer to her nose to savor the aroma of the cofee, shutting her eye as she did this, then with a bright mood, opened it and took a sip from the cofee.

” it’s good ” she said to me smiling. Truth be told, I heard from Aminat that Gina’s best beverage is coffee as she derive some sort of pleasure from it.

” I’m Ben Parker by the way ” I said to her stretching my hand to her for a shake after appreciating her complementary.

” are you performing a drama here ” she asked laughing. ” what’s with the introduction ” she asked still laughing.

” the one I had with you here in the last three days, was a formal one , and I remembered I couldn’t complete the friendship one that was supposed to happened the day you saved my ass in the school because of something, so I think I should introduce myself as a friend to you now since your dad ain’t watching ” I said stretching my hand closer to her and she laughed as she sophisticatedly wrapped her right hand round it.

” I’m Gina, the crazy and stubborn girl who’s been giving you hard time since three days ago because of what you did then after I save your ass ” she said shaking my hand slightly vigorous.

” you’re really weird, so you’ve been giving me hard time knowingly ?.” I asked rhetorically but she answered.

” yeah and because I don’t wish to go to Spain, and that must be a secret between us” she said to me smiling.

” our secret ” i said making a zipping motion on my lip.

” Quiero dar un paseo” she said getting the words right with the correct intonation.

” you’re really something else ” I said smiling as I took another sip from the coffee.

” you’re not the first to say that ” she replied also smiling. ” are we not going to study ” she asked me after we’ve talked more than half hour.

” no tutoring for this session, I’m going to know more about my friend ” I said to her confidently.

” cool, and I must accolade you, you’re really cool like this as a friend than you’re, as a teacher ” she said and I bursted into laughter. ” I’m bringing my best friend next time ” she said arousing my interest.

” best friend ” I asked her with a tone connoting surprise.

” yeah, I’ve got a best friend , Tabitha, she’s my maid but she’s fun to hangout with ” I’m going to pester my dad to allow us use this study room for the tutoring instead of the first floor” she said also taking a sip from the coffee

” don’t think he’s going to accept because he stated it blatantly in the rules that, only the first floor is to be used ” I told her discouraging not to even try it.

” looks like you don’t know David Gina ” she said it like she’s describing someone else.

” oops, looks like the time is over for this session ” I gasped checking the time on my wrist. In the rules, each day tutor was divided into three session, one hour for each, making it the total of three hours per day. We can exhume more than that if we wish but that’s the stipulated time. And ever since we’ve started the tutor, we’ve never use a full hour of each sessions as she’s always frustrating me with her leniency towards what I was teaching her.

” really ” she asked surprised.

” yeah ” I replied her.

” time tends to use rocket whenever you’re having fun ” she said with a dissatisfying tone.

” looks like the coffee is already frigid , hopes to have another one with you soon but not today, see you in the next session ” she said getting up from the small chair she was sitted on, and bluntly disappointing me. I thought she’s not going to leave and pester for more of the conversation we’re having. If she’d done this , then it means I’ve crossed the first hurdle of my mission.

To be continued