Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 26


Gina’s p.o.v

I couldn’t explain how joyful I was when my dad called me to get to the study room. I’ve already seen Ben coming through the CCTV connected to my laptop, I don’t normally check the CCTV but I’ve been watching it since I’ve woken up that morning. My joy was half limit when I saw him on his bike hitting his bike’s horn , for the gate to be open for him.

He was thoroughly scanned before his bike was taken from him and rode in by one of the security to the visitor’s underground parking spot. Three securities took him in and I lost coverage when they got into the elevator. I couldn’t access the remaining floors except the first floor and the environment. Since then , my tension was at the brim, waiting for the call of my dad in order to hear the good news from him. Which I later got.

I know much about men because I was close with my dad and he always gist me about how guys think. And how they behave. I know they take girls for granted when they know she’s crushing on them and some even play hard to get especially handsome dudes. I’ve vowed to myself to keep my feelings to myself but suffer him for what he did to me on our first encounter. Giving him tough time was the masterpiece of my plan and I was getting successful with it.

I laughed as he exited the room as I brought out my phone to revised on what he’s thought me.


Ben’s p.o.v

I knew the mission was going to be a tough one but never thought I was going to get it tough from Gina. She’s a little witch procuring all the keys to the success of my mission and I’ve to make sure I get the keys from her. Already got some information about her from Aminat. Talking about Aminat, she was mad at me for accepting to tutor Gina because her dad was planning on hiring me for her. She told me she’s got another plan to get me to tutor her, tho she didn’t reveal the plan to me but I already know what it was. She’s already informed me that Gina ain’t the type of girl who get easily flabbergasted by anything or man.

” she’s got a stone heart which made everything look the same to her no matter how precious the thing is ,, and same applied to men ” Aminat had informed me even without asking her in one of our conversation. When I’m not in the study room tutoring Gina or with the president , drinking tea with him, I’m always on the phone with Aminat.

Always with a gist or recap of her childhood incident. I would have asked her not to call but she was a good cover for me to account for my time spent in the seventh floor , because I knew Wisdom or one of the securities was always listening to my conversations on my phone. He’s cloned it on our first encounter but I did nothing about it in order to appear less suspicious. And I only allow him to listen to what I wish him to listen to. Also got calls from Ella and Nina but not up to Aminat’s own.

” I think you should just resign or else she’s going to kill you with stress ” Aminat said to me on the phone after I’ve brief her of the first section tutor.

” you’re funny, I’m not resigning until I’m successful in teaching her the language ” I said to Aminat smiling.

” just pitying you ni oo, Gina is my friend and when her mind is set not to do something , you’ll be offering wasted effort to make her do it ” she said with a concern tone .

” thanks for your concern but I’m still going to offer the wasted effort first, then see if it’s going to yield wasted successful result ” I replied Aminat and she bursted into smile. I was only using my conversation with Aminat as an Alibi for myself, as I was sketching my plan with the Blueprint which the dead eye had successfully gotten for me.

There seemed to be some rooms in the castle which I can hide my ammunitions, as it’s been abandoned and unused , but getting my ammunitions in was a great deal depending on the security measures taken in the house.

Snap was still working on the invisible controller and hacking into all the CCTV inside the castle without being detected or setting off any alarm. I always wish to be on the safe side during my missions, that’s why I wanted to bring in my ammunitions, in case I need it in the future , because it’s not possible to be bringing it in and out of the castle.

I was planning on keeping the ammunitions in the sixth floor, because according to the blueprint, it got many secret room and easy to access than the remaining floors, and it got less security measures like the remaining floors.

” got an important call to take .” I said to Aminat as I hung her call.

” I’m ready for the next session ” Gina told me in a bossy tone as I picked her call. ” and no need coming down, it’s taking place in the studyroom in the seventh floor ” she added with the same tone and hung up the call before I could oppose it.

According to the rules, the only place the tutor is to take place is the study room in the first floor and now she’s going against it without her dad’s consent. I was kinda cool with it because I’ve already checked the study room in the seventh floor out and it doesn’t consist of any CCTV. I was sure the reason the president asked that the 1st floor study room should be used for the tutoring was because of close monitoring. I’ve started getting a vibe about my mission, I think the weak point of Mr David is Gina but I’m not sure yet and I was sure I’m going to locate the weak point before my three month lapse.

To be continued