Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 25



” morning, i heard you’ve a report concerning our young tutor here ” the president swiftly asked him as soon as he reciprocated his greeting.

” yes Sir, Mr Ben is gay ” he said with tone conveying hatred towards me, and the president and Mr Wealth both shot me a surprised stare.

” WTF ” I screamed lowly standing up.

” the nefarious act is recorded here ” Wisdom said handing an iPad in his hand to the president. The president after watching whatever it was that was played on the iPad , handed it to Mr Wealth.


Posmatran sam, zato se igrajte ”

” I’m been watch, so play along ” I said to Snap in Bosnian language as I open the door for him. I’ve seen all the CCTV that was placed inside my apartment, I pretended to drink as I surveyed everything out. He smiled as he pressed some keys on the wristwatch on his hand. He also brought out his phone to complete the hacking. He’s hacked into the CCTV by gaining entrance into it with the watch on his wrist, then concluded the task with his phone. He’s the first guy I’ve seen hack systems without the use of computer. He’s just too good.

As we entered the room, we started smooching at once , Snap was recording this on the CCTV, we took off our clothes in haste as we continued our foreplay on the divan. He placed our romance on repeat so that it will continue playing for whoever was watching the CCTV. He made the CCTV record us as we got into the bedroom, then switch off the light, Snap swiftly hacked into the CCTV lens and deactivated its light which was suppose to enable it to see in the dark.

We started moaning as soon as the light was off. Then he recorded us wearing our clothes looking satisfied. I saw him off to the door where he left in the CCTV.


I already knew what they were watching and played along with them.

” well, Wisdom, you know Mr Ben here isn’t from here and their constitution allow for this act ” the president said after some awkward minute of silence.

” but Sir, he’s now in our country and have to obey our constitution ” Wisdom reciprocated formally.

” what’s the meaning of this ” I said for the first time staring at all of them at the same time. ” you installed cameras into my room, there by invading my privacy ” I added in a disbelieving tone. ” and I’m bisexual and I’ve the freaking right to do whatever I want and have sex with anyone of my choice ” I said making an attempt to leave, but abruptly stopped when I was about to get to the door. ” expect a lawsuit from the international court soon and forget about the contract” I said turning back and exit the room.

” I did this without the knowledge of the president ” Wisdom said this calling after me before I could get to the elevator. ” thought I was doing my job but I was wrong to install the cameras in your room, and prying into your privacy ” he said to me in a tone which showed that he’s forced to say it. I didn’t reply him , just stood there watching him as we’re been watched by the rails of securities , standing at both side of the walkway.

“I’m not saying this because I’m scared of your lawsuit, but I want you to reconsider your decision concerning the tutoring, and I’m not telling you this because I want you to tutor her, in fact, I will be happy if you don’t, but the president seemed to like you and I’ve disappointed him before and wouldn’t want to disappoint him again ” he added with the same tone , he used earlier.

” do you know that I like you ” I said smiling and he gave me a weird look. ” not in that way , I only do pretty girls and guys ” I said still smiling and he scoffed . ” I know you followed order to put the cameras there but I like your courage. I’m going to fulfill your wish because you’re a friend. ” I said as I returned to the room, and surprisingly, I was scanned thoroughly again before I was allowed entrance.

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” it’s Quiero dar un paseo, not quiero dab hun pasoe ” I said frustratingly to Gina. I’ve been correcting her for like six times now and she seemed adamant to her mistake. It’s the third day since I’ve started tutoring her. I use a whole day to teach her alphabet in Spanish language. What I learnt for just thirty minute.

Then we’ve been going at the speed of snail in the tutor. I felt like she’s purposely doing it to punish me for a sin i didn’t know of or she just doesn’t want to learn the language. She’s totally not serious with it and always giving me stress. I was wrong about my first impression about her that she’s fallen for me because she already warned me not to try any funny thing with her on our first lesson. She warned me blatantly to only focus on doing what I was hired to or else she might sue me for assault, even if I stare too much at her.

I wasn’t frightened by all her threat because I was sure I was going to get her within a week, that’s highest I’ve used in capturing a girl’s heart. We’re using the study room in the first floor for the tutorial and the room was well laced with CCTV.

” quiero dab hun pasoe ” she replied making the same mistake again..

” let take a break ” I said frustratingly as I stood up.

The president had offered me to stay in the seventh floor for a week till the school open. I exited the study room and I was sure she’s laughing.

To be continue on Monday