Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 11


” Guten Morgen!, Wie geht’s “?

” hello, how are you “? I greeted them all in the lecture room in Dutch as I attained the podium. I was surprised to meet a full class , almost all the students were in the class, only five chairs were empty when I entered.

” Mir geht’s gut.”

” I’m fine ” Aminat replied me standing from where she was sitting. She smiled brightly as she answered.

” very good , what’s your name ” I asked her releasing my killer smile, one of my greatest weapon for getting ladies, especially in a mission and I noticed all the girls in the room staring at me with a smile embedded on their cheek. The classroom has only 6 guys on the day of my first teaching, but I only have three guys now, the guy who had tried to harass Ella and his friends weren’t inside the lecture room. The remaining students were all females tho I still had 3 empty chairs unclaimed by their owners apart from the three that belong to the jerks.

” I’m Aminat, Mubarak Aminat ” she replied me smiling.

” good of you ” I remarked. I saw Aminat exchanged a glance with Ella who only flipped her eye lash irritably as she focused on me

” like I promise you all, we’re going for dutch for the period of three months which already started yesterday ” I said pausing briefly to take notice of their reactions. I noticed most of the girls were not listening, all they did was stared at me as if they were trying to bore a hole on my face with their eye. I cleared my throat which was already melodious enough to drift them away from their wonderland which they seemed to be lost in.

” I think you all know the language, so I’ll be focusing more on their culture more than we’re going to be doing on the language, but I’m going to be covering for the two ” I added as I took the board marker,head to the board and scribbled some things on it.

” Mr park, can you please give me your number ” a lady walked up to me after the lecture and asked me. I was barely out of the lecture room and in the corridor of the block when she blocked me to ask me of my number.

” why do you need it “? I asked her politely

” I missed some of your teachings today , so I want your number so I can call you and go over it for me again, or should I come to the staff lodge ” she asked me brazenly. I smiled at her last sentence as I remembered Nina. I know Nina will go any length to avoid such statement in the future.

” hope you like it here ” she had asked me when she entered into my room as she helped herself to one of the lone chair in my room.

” yeah ” I replied her .

” good, do you work out ” she asked me smiling as her gaze fixed on my chest which shoot out like a flat breast because of so much work out.

” yeah ,I replied her, what will you like to drink ” I asked her as I feign not to see her staring at me .

” I would have like to ask for henessy but it ain’t among the list of things we put inside the staff’s fridge, so a fruit juice will do ” she said not feeling a bit timid, she spoke Like we’ve known ourselves for a long period of time. I got her a Chivita with a glass cup. She opened her bag ,brought out a packet of tablet, opened it silver foil,releasing two tablet from it and put it into the drink. She drank as she engaged me in all sorts of conversation, the position her father held among the police force, why she chose to work in Bamo university and all.

” it’s getting dark ” I told her when I got tired of her chit chat.

” are you trying to send me away ” Nina had protested as her speech was already sounding vague, effect of what she dropped inside the drink, “,is it because of your beauty that you’re playing hard to get,” she said standing up ,her movement unsteady as she joined me on the sofa inside the room, where I sat hearing her talk. ” are you sure you’re a human ” she asked staring directly at my eye with a smile that depict she’s high on whatever it was she put inside the drink.

Her head suddenly started moving to meet mine, I thought of shutting her off because it’s dangerous for me to have sex when I’m too much excited like I was then.

We’ve been through a mental training on how to control our d–k, my d–k’s final length is 11 inches, but I have the power to control it erection to any size of my choice but that’s practically impossible when I’m excited as I always reach my full length and looking at Nina, she’s too skinny to take it all in without getting bruised up.

But I knew she wasn’t going to give up till she accomplish her aims of visiting me so I lowered my head towards her as we started smooching. She closed her head tightly as we kissed. Her hand was playing on my bare chest as she kissed me.

After 15 minutes of intensed kissing, our lips parted as she gasped for breath with a fulfilling smile gracing her lips. She suddenly stood up as she undressed herself. She’s got a perfect shape and a fresh petite bbs, well trimmed puy with pinky lip. I smiled as I scanned her ,with a finger ,she pushed me to lay flat on the sofa as she took off my short. I heard her gasped, I knew it was the length of my dk that brought out the gasping.

She suddenly paused looking at it. I knew she was battling it out inwardly if she should continue with the foreplay or not. She suddenly lowered her hand and grabbed it, she wanted to run her hand through it but couldn’t because of the width, she invited her second hand to the task ,she worked her hands on it like she was handling a big pestle. When my d–k was finally at its last phase of erection, she lowered her head on it as she made attempt to get into her mouth. But she couldn’t put half of it into her mouth as it was already hitting the base of her throat.

She gagged roughly when she tried to it more than that. More saliva flow from her mouth wetting my crotch and when I couldn’t take it any longer, I made her sleep on the sofa widening her legs as I worked my tongue and teeth on her c——s. She moaned in ecstasy as I did wonders on her c——s. She held my head tightly to her p—y which smelled really nice as she wanted to feel me more in her.

After five minutes, she screamed using force to hold my head tightly to her c–t and jerked furiously as she o—-m. I avoid her liquid from getting into my mouth. When she was through with her first wave of o—-m, I rose my head to her bbs as I suck her already erected nipples, biting it lightly in the process.

I inserted my hand into her already wet p—y fingering it, it was kind of tight and I pitied her life at once. I was sucking and fingering her p—y at once, increasing the number of fingers till it got to three so I could prepare her c–t for what’s coming for it. Some minutes later, she orgasmed wildly.

I placed her in a doggy position as I placed my d–k on her p—y lip. It was more of a begging than moaning as she wept bitterly as she pleaded to me to stop but all her plea fell on deaf ear as I rammed her brutally from behind. She was only able to accommodate half of my length as I already felt my d–k hitting her womb.

” I promise not to come again, you’re tearing me up ,please just remove it for some seconds ” she had pleaded at a time with tears visible on her eye. She screamed from pain not ecstasy as I gave her a lesson she’s going to remember for the rest of her life. When I finally c-m and withdrew my d–k from her pu**y, I saw blood on it, not that of a virgin but from a tear.

She fell from the sofa to the marble floor covered with a Persian rug as she wept. She looked pitiable when she started dressing up but I felt no pity on her as I smiled inwardly. She left without a word, and her walking posture had changed drastically. I saw her on my way to lecture room that morning ,and her walking posture hasn’t return to normal yet as she widened her leg to walk like someone with deformity on her leg.

” Mr park ” the girl who asked of my number called my name to revive me back to the present day.

” oh,I’m sorry,got distracted a little but I’ll ask the administrator to send you a copy of today’s lecture ” I replied her politely and I saw she wasn’t pleased with my reply as she left without appreciating my kind gesture.

” thanks for yesterday ” a lady swiftly said smiling as the girl left me. I looked at the person and saw Ella.

” you’re welcome ” I replied her smiling in such a way that will gat you wondering if I was smiling or not.

” please I want to treat you to lunch or dinner just to appreciate you ” she swiftly said as if, if delayed for a second, the words will clung to her throat and refuse to come out.

” Ella ” Aminat suddenly called out heading towards us smiling. ” oh, Mr park, it’s really good seeing you here ” she said trying to sound as if it was a coincident meeting.

” yeah , do you two know yourselves ” I asked stupidly , it was already out before I detected the stupidity in the question.

” yeah, she’s my best friend ” Aminat swiftly replied and Ella left out a forced smiled leaving a crack on the lipstick on her mouth.

” okay, expect me by 6pm for the dinner ” I said as I made to leave.

” dinner “? Aminat asked as if it was the first time she was hearing someone say dinner.

” yeah , she invited me for dinner,hope to see you there “, I said to Aminat. I brought out my phone and asked Ella to bring hers too,she searched her bag frantically to get it. I asked her to switch her WiFi on.

” send the venue to me on whatsapp ” I said to Ella as her phone beeped and my phone number stored on her phone automatically. I left the two girls there as I head to the staff quarter. Smiling mischievously as my plan was going as laid down. I suddenly felt something hit my head with force and I passed away.

To be continue…