Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 10


Narrator’s p.o.v.

” it’s a surprise , I’m not ready to tell you yet ” Gina said laughing at the displayed level of curiosity the girls showed.

” ugh, why nah, Gina, it’s not good ooo ” Ella said displaying her displeasure towards Gina’s act of putting them in the dark.

” I also have an interesting gist for you before but since you’re not telling us about the guy, I’m also withholding my gist, it’s an equal score like that ” Aminat said in a playful tone.

” ha, don’t do that nah, okay, I promise to tell you about the guy if you tell me your gist first ” Gina said in a babyish manner, more like a sardine fish’s bone was stuck in her throat.

” I don’t know if I should trust you ” Aminat shrugged as the words escaped her lips.

” I cross my heart ” Gina said crossing her hand on her chest and they all bursted into torrent of laughter.

” I also have a new crush and soon to be my boyfriend ” she said as her face suddenly turned red and she covered it with her two hands.

” hope you’re not blushing because of my boyfriend ” Ella swiftly protested.

” I’m not talking about your two rounds Khalid ” Aminat said as she removed her palm from her face which had already retained it original color.

” lecturer Ben is my new boyfriend and you know that” Ella shut angrily as she started fuming up.

” girls, what’s happening here ” Gina asked, confused at whatever it was ,that was transpiring between her two friends

” Ben is mine, he’s even showed to me that he loves me by standing for me” Ella replied raising her voice ,making some gestures with her hand in the process

” just because he saved you from Kingsley doesn’t actually means that he love you ” Aminat said almost raising her voice. The two looked like they’re going to pick a bone soon.

” babes, please chill and explain what’s happening here to me, lift the veil off my eye please ” Gina pleaded trying to help the girls adjudicate over the matter. Gina sat down like a judge on the single sofa in the room ,as the two girls sat on mobile cushions to explain their plight.

” I saw a guy today ” Ella started “,I told Aminat about him and my intentions about him, luckily for me, he’s a lecturer and I’m one of his students likewise Aminat, but she didn’t attend class today. I took Aminat to see him which resulted to this ” Ella narrated irritably.

” so you mean that the two of you are bickering over a lecturer, whew, you both disappointed me ” Gina said looking down as she looked like she was going to vomit anytime from then. ” an old nerd, you’re both fighting over, it’s really gross you know,pathetic, but when did you guys start tripping for the old guys ” Gina asked irritably and the two girls who looked like they’re going to land punch on themselves some seconds ago started laughing and they both clap their hands in a mocking manner. ” are you guys pranking me ” Gina asked looking confused

” babe ,you need to see this guy, he’s the hottest guy I’ve seen, more of a foreign look than Nigeria ” Aminat said as she sat beside Gina and placed her hand on her shoulder.

” he’s the most cutest guy I’ve ever found on this earth, more cuter on his bike which looked like it was specially made for him ” Ella added as she also sat beside Gina,also placing her hand in Gina’s shoulder.

The Two girls seemed to be lost in another world as they both complimented Ben’s look with the most sophisticated words they could think of.

” you mean he’s got a bike ” Gina asked surprised.

” yeah, and he’s also very young, i mean very young ” Aminat said displaying her thumb to show how small he is.

” wow ” Gina exclaimed trying to act normal. ” which course is he taking “? Gina asked trying to act like he care less about it.

” Foreign language, you should have been in his class, he’s very good, not like that dumb dead fool that was taking us before.” Ella replied Gina making sure to degrade the late teacher like they both got a score to settle.

” Aminat ” Ella suddenly called out.

” yes ” Aminat replied her rolling her eyeball in a weird manner.

” let’s make this interesting ” Ella said excitedly.

” how ” Aminat asked her

” by making it a challenge, getting his heart, let see who get it first ” Ella said smiling as she seemed to be pleased with her idea.

In term of beauty, the two girls possessed it to brim. Their beauty is incomparable as they both have the same shape, same height, same complexion, the only different was that Aminat got an oval face while Ella got a round one. But they were both extremely beautiful but there’s Gina, the goddess of beauty, sitting in their midst, their greatest secret opponent in the game as she wasn’t also going to let go of the first guy who made her heart fluctuate.

” yeah ,I love that, deal ” Aminat said smiling while Gina looked at the two of them with a sad expression.

THE QUEEN IS ALSO IN THE GAME. She thought to herself

” now, who’s the lucky guy ‘ Aminat asked Gina again after she’s over the excitement but Gina only shrugged it away complaining of being hungry. Aminat placed an order on the phone and they reminisced over past memories.


Ben’s P.o.v

I heard a subtle knock on my door which distracted me from my workout. I was doing one hand balancing press up, I was about to beat my highest score of 237 , was already on 225 with a bright hope of beating my former score as I felt fresh vigour gyrating in my body. I always get that kind of strength when I’m in good mood or when I have a thrilling experience in my mission. Like when I accomplished my first mission, a thrilling one to be exact.

It involved cutting through a Russian Mafia deal with a Nigerian wealthy and tush gangster. A deal which involved the exchanging of 30 kg of cocaine for $30 million which was neatly arranged in two briefcases, carried by the PA of the Russian Mafia. The deal was to be carried out in River state, beside Onne port. Rails of black cars lined from two directions each facing themselves, with guards standing next to each cars.

I hid behind a cargo with my binocular in my hand watching them. The deal was to be orchestrated by 12 noon on the dot. It was 11:54 am when I checked my watch. My bike was parked some meters away from me waiting for me to hop on it fast, shooting sporadically as I get the box containing the coke while another agent which I know nothing about was assigned to the mission of getting the cash.

When it was 12 noon on the dot, one of the car’s door each from the two directions opened as the targets got off the car. They had someone beside them holding briefcases. The later on his end had white guards while the Nigerian had mixed complexion guards. He ambled down to meet the Russian who stay fixed beside the nose of the car which took the lead in the arrangement. They both shook hands gently as they both exchange some words almost in a whisper.

In a jiffy I was on my bike, I had two guns with me, an ak47 with a withdrawal gun. Shooting sporadically when I got closer to them, they all quickly took cover behind their cars, I sighted the guy who had the box containing the coke trying to also make a go at a car, I swiftly shot him on his leg, he fell to the ground dropping the box. I clutched the handbrake tightly as the bike tyre scratched against the roughly tiled road making a screeching sound. Just as I was about to nosed up my bike to quickly grab the box, I saw loads of guns being aimed at me as bullets started propelling towards me out of it.

I quickly placed my left leg on the ground, bending the bike as my buttock hit the road slightly as I sped out of sight that way, I swiftly turned my bike when I was out of the danger zone as I rode back to the danger sight, they were ready to shoot at me again and I was sure of this, getting closer to them, I brought out a remote from my pocket and when I was cleared on its proximity, I hit the remote and two cars exploded distracting them as the survivors of the explosion ran to save their asses. I shot the case with my withdrawal gun as a long thin strong metallic rope came out of it and hit the box spilling some white powder out of it, I pulled the trigger of the gun to claim my bounty.

I rode the bike as the briefcase dangled on the ground following me as it hit the ground roughly. I made a black skeptically sketched C on the road as I swiftly turned my bike to escape. I grabbed the case from the ground and held it tightly with a hand as I picked at the clutch of the bike, impelling it as the bike roared louder like a hungry lion that just lost a game. I couldn’t see my front very well courtesy of the smoke which erupted from the explosion.

I switched the bike light on as I nosed it up the blurry road. I suddenly stopped following a warning from my instinct. I paused as I tried well in order for the foggy like smoke to calm a bit. I gasped when the smoke subsided a little. I saw a battalion in front of me. The road was blocked with their cars and they all stood in front of the cars with big guns in their hands. I wasn’t sure if they were seeing me but I could see them clearly. The only way out is through the road that they’ve blocked. The other way around lead to the big water.

I got off the bike and de-attached the skate fixed beside it rear tyre. I placed the bike on auto, unplug the fuel shock so that petrol in it could come down freely and left it to ride freely towards them. The sound of gunshot was soon heard and following sooth to my plan, the bike exploded. With speed I skated towards the direction the bike took when the sound of gunshot had subsided.

I detected two guys trying to check the bike and before they could decipher what was coming for them, two bullets was already lodged inside their skulls. The rest not knowing what happened and half blinded by the foggy like flame started shooting sporadically but I was already behind them skating my way to victory with the case held tightly in my hand. It was a mission I found the most thrilling , tho I’ve undertaken many exciting mission but I view that to be the best because I lacked experience then and was still able to accomplish the mission on a bright notion. I should be 16 then according to my calculation to decipher my real age.

I stopped the workout as I grabbed a small white towel to wipe the sweat which clustered on my face ,the white singlet I had on was already soiled due to the sweat, so I took it off leaving only the knee bound shot I had on. I placed the towel on my shoulder making it tip hanging down simultaneously on each side of my neck. A gasped was left out as I opened the door by Nina.

” is that eight parks ” she amused as her gaze was fixed on my stomach. ” oops, my apology ” she startling apologised when she got hold of herself. ” through with my work today, so I decide to stop by to say hi ” she said placidly in a friendly manner.

” thanks ” I said politely.

” can I come in ” she asked reasonably

” yeah, you’re free to ” I answered her shifting from the entrance of the door to grant her a passage in, chuckling lightly as I already knew of her mission, but should I give in to her since I’m in a good mood and I really need a puy to calm down the throbbing of my dk?

To be continue…