Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 9



The sound of a blaring siren sound interrupted my lovely sleep. Then a bang on all doors with an order sent the real message they were trying to pass across.

” get your little as**s out now ” a deep voice said in a harsh tone as I started hearing the opening of doors. My room was still dark, courtesy Precious.

The door to our room suddenly flung opened, I thought we’re about to get spank for not quickly getting outside but it wasn’t anyone on mask, it was precious, she had locate her way out, I was able to see her with the aid of the light placed in the corridor, which crept in due to the opened door. I swiftly stood up from my bed, drew my mask down to cover my face before I chased after her.

” why didn’t you wait for me ” I asked gasping as I catch up with her.

” because you’re slow ” she said with a stern face as we all followed two men in our front as they led us to God knows where. We were led into a room filled with different gadget, but what caught my attention inside the room was some candles, lit on a table.

On the table were many compasses, some chains with small cross as it pendant. I noticed I wasn’t the only one who took notice of the odd objects on the table when someone suddenly clapped and all attention went off from the table to the person who clapped. It was the Lady who was wearing red earlier ,she’s changed her clothes and now she was wearing a black leggings, dark singlet with a tennis shoe. She stood beside a gadget containing some water.

” half congratulations to all of you because you’ve proved yourselves worthy of this movement by escaping the poison which took away the total of 19 lives from your midst, tho we’re only looking for 5 agents among you, so there’s no guarantee now on who’s remaining as the death toll is still on ” she said without showing any bit of remorse for filling our hearts with fear. ” But before the death toll continue, we’re going to inaugurate you all into THE MASK” She added as she glared at us like a lost soul. ” why did you think we’re bearing THE MASK ” she asked us all but surprisingly, she got her gaze fixed on me as she talked. I felt my leg shaking at once, she got a pistol in her hand and all I could phantom in my head is a bang sound and I’m out of the movement.

” it’s because we all are putting on mask ” a boy suddenly answered beside me and there goes the bang sound, but I wasn’t the one who lost out of the movement, it was the boy who answered the question beside me.

In a second he was down and all the kids including me began to scream as we all shifted away from the dead boy laying on the ground. Released of another three bangs into the air did the magic of making everywhere silent.

” we’re not rearing those with dull thinking faculty here , part of your mission here is the ability to think fast and in a positive manner ” she screamed with enthusiasm at us. ” you, answer my question ” she suddenly pointed at me and I felt my soul came out of my body and took to his heel at once , I felt my brain go numb, it was like a formatted memory card, empty like politician’s promise.

I felt my leg trembling and my under, wet. That’s the first time I was feeling that way when asked a question. I was the bright one who always find an explanation for every questions I’m asked ,even those I know nothing about. Heard from my mom that I’ve got a great IQ score which enable me to do this.. But here I am, been asked a simple question but couldn’t find a soothing answer to it. I suddenly saw her point the gun at me and I shut my eye at once as I felt my lips mumbling some words.

” it’s because we’re going to forsake our real self and hide under a mask of another personality to accomplish our missions ” I suddenly heard a female voice said and the bang sound not coming forth. I peeped through my left hand side eye and saw the gun not pointing at me again but to another person , I traced the direction and saw that it was been pointed to Precious, even with our mask on ,I could tell she’s the one and she was the one who answered the question in my stead.

” learn to follow orders, ain’t going to spare you next time ” the lady whose name we later came to know to be Miss Bull Eye said as she dropped her arm ” she got it right,here in THE MASK, you’re no one and that’s why you’re going to shed all the memories you brought in here with you, leaving only all the experience you’ve came in contact with here” she said staring at me but I composed myself and I was able to feign not been scared. actually, seeing the courage of Precious and how she almost lost her life because of my fear ushered a new beginning in my life. I promised myself right there to be the one protecting her and not the other way around.

” You first ” she said staring at me and I stepped forward not showing any sign of anxiety. I was made to sit down under a gadget which has a covering at the top with some water in it. It looked like Electric dryer used by hair stylist. A button was pressed and a transparent cover covered it trapping my head inside it.

The water started pouring into the part where my head was, it was filling it bit by bit and I felt like I was drowning, I closed my eye and was about struggling for my life when I suddenly heard a tap on the gadget and I opened my eye, I saw three people in front of me, they were having on white lab coat and their face covered with white mask which exposed their mouth.

” Focus ” I heard one of them said as another one placed a candle before me. ” focus on it ” one of them screamed as I tried to shut my eye and I obeyed. A compass was placed behind the lit candle and the person holding it started swaying it left and right. I focused on the two objects and it started duplicating itself in my eye and before I went into a subconscious state.

” who are you ” Miss bull eye asked me when I opened my eye.

” no one ” I replied and miss bull eye grinned mischievously.

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Gina’s p.o.v

” what’s this young man doing here ” I asked the securities as I alighted from my car and walked up to them. They all startling bowed their head as they saw me. ” what’s happening here “? I asked again.

” he claimed to be a staff here but he couldn’t provide his ID card to prove if he’s not lying ” a lady out of the four guards present there replied me.

” young man, what do you want ” I asked him facing him. I noticed he was in kind of pain as he wrinkled his face but tried to hide the pain behind a killer smile which was already setting my heart ablaze. It was love at first sight, something I haven’t experience before.

” I’m a staff, I forgot my ID card inside and I’m seriously sick now, I need to get my drug inside ” he said almost in a whisper to me as I stood there contemplating if I should believe him or not. He’s too young to be a staff in the school and he doesn’t look like a cleaner or labourer. The cloth he had on amounted to 80$, something a person with low income cant manage to purchase. I was wrong about the bike being cheap, it cost more than my range rover car.

” he doesn’t seem to be lying, so to confirm his story, one of you will follow us so as to confirm his story”. I said as I head back to my car. The lady hopped on the bike with him and I felt a bit of jealousy. He started the bike as he suddenly sped inside with the lady at his back, I swiftly ignited my car as I also gave them a chase. Thanks to my two years of hardcore learning of how to drive, I was able to keep him in view till he parked his bike in front of one of the staff’s building. With haste, he got off the bike ,sped to his door, opened it with a key then dashed inside.

Few minutes later ,he came outside with a white handkerchief in his hand which he was using to wipe his face. He handed an ID to the security which she scrutinized with great care, checking all the writings on it including the passport before she handed it back and apologized to him and left.

” thank you, I’m Benjamin Park ” he said as he moved closer to me as he stretch forth his hand for a handshake, smiling in the process I unwind my car’s window.

” Gina and you’re welcome ” I replied him ,accepting the handshake He left without saying another word. I was bewildered at his character, I thought he was trying to flirt with me when he told me his name and asked for a handshake but he crushed my hope or should I say my wish with his bemusing act. With a sad countenance accompanied with a wierd smile, I drove to the hostel of Aminat, my best friend.

I entered into her apartment and found her chatting with another of our friend, Ella. She was so shocked and happy to see me as she jumped on me.

” girls guess what ” I said after the normal complementary between us

” what’s that ” they both asked in unison.

” I’ve seen someone who finally made my heart fluctuate.

” woooow ” they both screamed.

” gist me , who’s this lucky guy to do what no man has been able to do ” Aminat asked me excitedly.


Ben’s p.o.v

“I think she’s falling for her death . you’re good, you’re good, boy, able to accomplish two mission in a day , very good of you ” I said to myself as I stood before the dressing mirror in my room smiling. ” now, the game is just starting “, I added as I dropped the white handkerchief in my hand.

To be continue…