Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 12



” why do you think we keep on wearing this mask when all of us here are the same ” I asked precious one night or day after the completion of one of our ferocious training. We know not if we’re in day or night, as we were barricaded from the outside world. I felt like we were inside a bunker buried underground, no glimpse of the sun nor the fresh air of the earth made it way inside. All we know was that we are been woken up, eat, take our bath, train like we’re preparing for world war iv, and some kid goes down randomly, but the killing of kids has been minimised since we’ve all been shed off of the memories we brought in.

” I don’t know, but I think it must be for a significant reason ” she said in a weak tone.

” what’s wrong with you today, you don’t sound like your normal self today ” I asked her showing concern.

” I’m just feeling weak, that’s all ” she answered in the same tone.

” you’re weak, wow, you’re weak ” I stressed the words mockingly and she shrugged it off not replying me. ” I think it’s a good sign , maybe we’re going to see the daylight soon ” I said but received no reply from her .

She was awkwardly silent. The room was dark as it’s become her daily routine of switching the light off after taking our meal , which always comes once in a day and after training. I’ve pleaded with her to keep it on but she didn’t yield, I’ve tried other means like proposing a bet on arm wrestle, but no matter the game I propose ,she always win, even when I proposed riddle which I was best at, she made me looked like a novice at it.

After many trials, I finally gave up in changing her mind and accepted my fate. Now, I’m cool with sleeping in the dark. I stood up and trace my way to the switch attached to the wall close to the door. Seeing in the dark was an attribute I learn from precious tho I wasn’t as perfect as she was in it. I call her but sometimes to tease her.

I clicked on the switch and the room got lit up. I saw her cuddled up on her bed, something was wrong, something was strange, this isn’t the real precious I know, real precious would have gotten up from the bed and smack me for switching the light on complaining that I just jinxed the sweet dream she was having. I swiftly moved closer to her and turned her to face me, I began to panic as I saw that she’s the one, but she doesn’t seem to be breathing again.

” help ” I screamed but got no response.

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I woke up with a blurry eye, my vision was kind of foggy, I shook my head to get to have a clear vision of where I was. The smell of cannabis inside their was very thick ,fumes rises from different angles

” I think say this one don wake up ” someone whose voice I couldn’t distinguish said as my vision was still blurry. I heard footsteps of some people walking close to where I was, I tried to move and that was when the reality dawn on me, I was tied to a chair, my arms wrapped around the arm of the chair to the back and my legs tied to the legs of the chair. My vision started getting clear as the footsteps drew nearer. I suddenly felt a stingy slap on my face and my vision became clearer at once. I raised my head up to look at the person who dare do what has sent many rotting underground and saw Kingsley with a lit hemp clamped between his two lips, looking down at me smiling with pride..

Another slap landed on my cheek and my view became more clearer than it was before. I could see everywhere clearly, the room was filled with almost 10 guys at the least, some had bottles of vodkas in their hands with marijuana or hemp stuck to their lips as they all stared at me. They all had knives or clubs in their hands. None had gun visible, maybe it was hidden ,I presumed.

” so you no even get anything and dare to challenge the lion in the jungle ” he said initiating a stream of laughter and his colleagues who were there with him dived into the stream with him.

” well ,meet your fellow idiots who dare step on the cobra’s tail too ” he said moving aside and I saw Aminat and Ella tied to two chairs respectively. They were still unconscious as they looked helpless on the chair. ” I told you the last time that you should get your death certificate ready ,you thought i was joking right ” he said laughing as he puffed out rings of smoke from his mouth “those fools over there with all the connections and powers their father posses knows better not to anger me because I’m a flowing river that can swallow them all at once ” he said boastfully as he walked over to Aminat, held her chin, puffed smoke on her face then suddenly bursted into laughter.

He snapped his fingers and one of the guy in the room left and came back with a bucket of water. Weak steam was erupting from the water, Kingsley collected it from him with a wide grin glaring at me. He suddenly lifted the water and poured it on Aminat who suddenly gasped as she opened her eye screaming.

” welcome back darling ” he said as he moved closer to Ella and did the same to her. She also screamed as she woke up. He emptied the remaining water inside the bucket on me and I discovered that it wasn’t as hot as I had presumed, but it was going to leave mark.

” this one na confirm guy, he no even scream ” Kinsley said when he finished emptying the bucket on me.

” Kingsley please, I’m in pain ” Aminat pleaded shedding tears.

” Kingsley please I’m in pain ” Kingsley said mimicking Aminat in a puppeteer tone.

” shut your f—–g mouth there ” he suddenly barked at Aminat moving closer to her. ” I was ready to change from my bad boy way because of you but what did you do” he asked increasing his voice with anger portraying in his tone.

” I’m sorry ” she pleaded weeping.

” it’s late, I’m now back to my bad behavior and you all are going to feel the wrath of my comeback first ” he said angrily rubbing his palm on Aminat’s cheek as she winced.

” but I got nothing to do with this ” Ella protested loudly to remind us that she was also present there. Kingsley suddenly started laughing wildly and his dogs who were his colleagues also started laughing.

” she committed a mortal sin with the help of that fool ” he said pointing at me ” a sin that deserve only death as its reward and you’re claiming to be a saint, you both are dying first ” he said with a dreadful tone.

I didn’t know if to be happy or sad for the decision I made earlier in the morning when I was going to the lecture room, I dropped my most beloved toy because I felt it wasn’t proper taking it with me to the lecture room. I only had my Karambits knife fixed into my trouser. I could still feel it inside my trouser which means they didn’t didn’t take notice of it. I started viewing the room we were in if I could get a clue about it. I was getting a vibe that we’re still in the school enclosed wall.

” but guys, I think it will be a waste if we just kill this girls like this, let have some fun with them ” Kingsley said and the guys in the room bursted into an uproar, hailing his name. He suddenly tore the cloth of Ella revealing the pink bra she had on smiling boastfully as he continued his deed. He inserted his hand into her bra and grabbed her boob.

” please, don’t do this to me ” Ella pleaded with tears on her face while Kingsley grinned wickedly.

” coward ” I suddenly said weakly.

” who just said that ” Kingsley asked looking surprised as he removed his hand from Ella’s bra which he was about to bring down

” stupid coward ” I said this time ,loudly.

” you must really wish to die ” he said as he moved closer to me, raising the base of his top up ,revealing a small pistol tucked into the band of his trouser. I spat on his face and started laughing wildly. He became angry as he brought out the gun and placed it on my head as he pulled the trigger.

To be continue…