Diary Of A Broke Playboy Episode 43


My exams wasn’t going to stop me from partying away Willie’s 5 years at school celebration. First, it was my only brother’s birthday and second, I loved parties. Who knows, I may land myself a confirm chica at that one party. It was a lot of stress going from my house to my former lodge, as it is now, to convince Shape to allow James take her out on that given Sunday.

“Why should I let James take me out?” she had asked me, almost shooting me out of my chair with her eyes.
“Because you need it. See how you are losing weight because of Willie while Willie is adding flesh. You need to go out and flex and be happy,” I explained, searching for a better reason to make her stay out of that party.
“And you can’t take me out yourself?” she asked.
“Me? Noo. I have a condolence visit to attend with my father in the village that sunday,” I said, scratching my head. Fortunately for me, only Naza knows that I always scratch my head whenever I tell a very bloody lie.

“Let James do it baby, you will have fun,” I emphasized.
“Did he send you to come and tell me?” she asked. I shook my head. I hadn’t even told James about the plan. He was planning on how he was going to take over all the ladies at Willie’s party, now I am there, making an arrangement that will tie him up with Shape throughout that Sunday. Not that he won’t enjoy it though. Only a gay won’t love a hookup with a Shape like Shape. Even a gay will be thrilled a bit.

“I am not going anywhere abeg, If you or Willie won’t take me out, then forget it,” she declared and I fell back on my seat, eyeing her and extracting a smile on her pretty face with the looks in mine.
“Why are you even so bothered with having me hang out?” she asked and I pulled closer to her.
“Because I care about you sweetheart. I want when Willie comes back. I want him to see how happy you are and even how more beautiful you are and how more shapy you are. Then he won’t ever dump you again,” I sang out. She smiled and frowned again.
“Chinecherem shebi I told you to stop calling me shape?”
“Me? Stop calling you shape? The day I stop calling you that is the day I stop loving you. Do you want me to stop loving you?” I asked and she shook her head.

“So you see. Try and be happy, flex your life and you will see how that stupid Willie will come running back to you. Your curves are even more dangerous than a sharp bending corner even better than that Chinelo own,” I said and she went into a laughing fit. Now she was relaxed and I made my demands again.

“Please let someone take you out. I love you, Willie loves you and James loves you. Chinaza over loves you sef and we need you to be happy, very happy. Just let James flex you on Sunday,” I said, rubbing her laps and trying not to sleep with her at that point in time.
“No, you will take me,” she said
“Shebi I told you that I am going for burial on sunday?”
“No problem, you will take me out next 2 weeks Sunday,” she said and relaxed on the bed. “Willie’s graduation party is this Sunday by the way so I am busy as it is.”
I froze. That was the subject I had been trying so hard to erase off her mind. The exact reason I am trying to book her up with someone else to keep her busy. Now she just remembered. The more reason she will refuse to even go out on Sunday even if I wanted to take her out myself. Either ways, I was too tired to pursue it any further. I just sat back on my innoson rubber chair.

“That’s true,” I whistled, guaging up Shapes protruding chest.
“So you won’t go?” she asked me, snapping me out of my evil thoughts.
“Why not. I am going for sure. Who will now rock the party if I don’t go?”
She eyed me for some seconds and then I realized she may find out the real reason I wanted James to take her out but then, that was none of my business and I was guessing she wasn’t bright enough to figure that out.

“I thought you said you will be going for a condolence visit with your father?” she asked me.
“Not any more, the Person didn’t die again,” I said and started a whistle. She fell on the bed and started her boob shaking laughter. I just watched in amazement how a 19 year old girl like her could amass such massive juggs and they still stood firm and round.

I checked my wrist watch and the time was 4pm. I had to start going home before my father would ask me if we wrote our exams with candle. I stood up and shape followed suit. She was sexy enough but I was in a repentance mode. I have cautioned myself from banging girls anyhow. It wouldn’t kill me.
“See you soon,” I said, falling into her overly loaded hug. One that pinned me against her boobs and had me massaging her every tiny bit of her backside.
“So you and I will go to that party together,” she said and I nodded. I kissed her goodbye and ran out of the room for my house.


I spent the first 1 hour plus of the party inside the toilet, offloading the tons of alcohol in my system into the WC through my mouth. The party kicked off around 6pm in the evening but for us, the close associates of the celebrant. The party started the moment we got to Willie’s lodge. The booze was killing and for those that loved the herb, there was more than enough. Never knew Willie was a skunk. He was simply too clean to be suspected.

The room was like some party house in Jamaica. Every tiny hole was filled with smokes from the weed. I just sat on the bed, clutching my green bottle and getting high on the weed being smoked by others.

The God of signs and wonders had done it for us. Shape suddenly decided she wasn’t coming for the party, of her own accord and James was more than happy that my hook up attempt had failed. He was enjoying the weed with the rest of the guys and getting high and mighty. That was how I got drunk and landed myself in the hotel’s banquet hall’s toilet.

Back to the party. There was enough exposure of flesh and a whole lot of people present didn’t even know what the party was all about. They just came to have fun. As for Willie, I think he had smoked and drunk himself into a state where I was actually guessing he had forgotten that he was hosting the party with 5 other guys of his who were also graduating. James was busy, jumping from one behind to the other and trying to get every chic within his class for himself. Me, Chinecherem, I was just on the floor of the toilet, my face in the bowl of the WC, throwing the alcoholic content into the toilet.

It didn’t last tho. I had dragged myself off the floor and into the party hall. I didn’t want to miss the action. I staggered to and fro and soon found myself behind one incredible booty, clutching and twisting to my taste. The drinks, the weed and the girls were free.

The party was getting to its fun climax when Chinelo bumped in with another set of her cute friends and the word, Fun was redefined. The dj cranked it up higher and the hall throbbed. Chinelo secured her asset which was Willie and I searched around to see if I could find a Chinaza replica. I couldn’t but girls with good body like shape were around. I picked another green bottle to replenish the one I had lost and attached myself to a free girl. She wasn’t with any guy and was busy rocking another chic, a fellow girl. It pained me deep to my heart to watch a pretty, curvy thang like her wasting all those natural resources on a fellow girl that wouldn’t appreciate them more than I would.

I walked for her. Excuse me dance was trending all over the hall so I just said that and she obliged me. The she threw herself at me and we threw all cautions to the wind. The chica got real grind and she rocked the sweet bejesus out of me. I dropped my bottle to the floor, gently and held her tight with both hands. She was as soft as cotton and my bulge just scratched her meaty behind. She didn’t mind and instead came for my dick with her booty, twisting it with each twist of her waist. I wound my arms around her the closure became tighter. My body on hers and hers on mine.

She turned after some minutes of backing me and a change of rhythm. She faced me and our face came closer. I could smell the weed right of her breath. She was pretty, sexy and stoned. That was the baddest combination you can ever get in a girl. Only a rich or lucky guy can have that kind of girl for the night and I count myself as lucky. I wasn’t going to let that one off my grasp in a long while.

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Our face came together and without a hint, she plucked my lips right there on the dance floor. She tasted sweet so I encouraged the soft romance until she let go herself. She had started it so I wasn’t pissed that she ended it. She walked out of the floor to the nearby bar and reached for my bottle on the floor. I picked it off the ground and it was empty already. How manage, I didn’t know.
I walked after her and met her mixing her glass of Hennessy with a bit of codeine and wiping the sweat off her brow.

“What are you doing?” I asked as the proper novice that I was.
“Boiling water,” she said and drowned the glass in a gulp. I kept looking at her with my mouth ajar. She did another mixing and pushed the glass to me. I wanted to appear the correct bad guy so I did my own gulping, nearly coughing my eyes out from the acrid taste of the cognac in my throat. She let out a little smile out the corner of her mouth and turned to walk away.
“Where are you going?” I asked.
“The toilet,” she said and I nodded.
“Go, I will wait here,” I said and she kept standing where she was, looking at me in a way I couldn’t understand.
“What?” I asked after some seconds of staring match between us.
“I said am going to the toilet,” she said. I spread my hands.
“So what?”
“Come with me,” she said, giving me a look that hardened my dick at the prospect of what was lurking begin her mind. I jumped at her and she dragged me off to the ladies.

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