Diary Of A Broke Playboy Episode 42


“You have to change lodge then. You can’t be staying in a criminal infested area. How can someone come into another person’s room and pack everything like he is relocating?” my father asked. We kept quiet. I hated that idea of relocating, he might end up suggesting the school hostel for me, that was my fear.

“You going over to temp site, I heard rents are cheaper there too,” he finally said and I heaved a sigh.
“That would be next semester,”I said and he nodded.
“But I need to get back to school and I need to buy somethings like phone, mattress, pillows and I even need a laptop for my online reading,” I sang out as the smile disappeared from his face and broke out on Willie’s. The mattress theft was his idea. He was organizing a graduation party and he had blown the tuxedo money on booze and girls and had nothing for the party. We were in agreement to share the loot.

“You will take your mother’s phone and laptop, I don’t think she is using them,” he said and shifted further from her, avoiding an impending blow.

We came to a conclusion, he would provide the money for the items after he might have done a market survey for them. He thought I was a crook and might inflate the prices. I had no problem with that, let him bring the money first.

He came back the next day with a brand new laptop and an android phone, a very good phone I must confess. But then, Willie was moved to tears, not tears of joy, mind you. It was tears of pain, all his plans on doing an apriko on those items had been dashed against the wall and what was more, my father had already ordered for a new mattress to be delivered to the house the next day, he was going to drop me off at school with them.

Apparently, no money for Willie’s party and new tuxedo.


There are three tiers of Government, the executive, the legislative and the Judiciary. The three functions separately and as we know. The Legislative makes the law, the Executive enforces it and the Judiciary interprets it. I am not here to lecture you on Administrative Law, I am just trying to tell you that those powers are separated but in my house, it’s works like the trinity, Three persons in one God.

My father alone controls these three powers in our family. He makes the law, interprets it and enforces it all by himself and you can’t seek redress in a court, that’s because he will be the judge and will rule against you and enforce the judgement on you. That was it. All my mother does is to complain, successfully some times and unsuccessful most of the time with legal backing from us his children. All of a sudden, he decided I wasn’t going back to my lodge. I got a girl pregnant and got robbed and beaten to stupor there. The place was a bad omen according to him and the next bad news might be that I raped a girl.

“Are you sure he will be able to concentrate in this house?” my mother had asked and my father continued in his interpretation of his own law.
“All I am saying is, since he has no property at school now, he should write his exams from this house. After all when I was in the University, I didn’t live in a lodge.”
“That was because you lived in the school hostel,” my mom said.
“What’s the difference? Home and hostel?”
“There is a big difference, it’s you that will start disturbing him with watching of cars and other chores.”

Lovebirds, that’s how they show their own love, argue and argue. One can easily tell an argument that my father would win right before it has even started. I was going to write my exams from the house and next semester, I was moving into a new lodge, that was the verdict as passed by my father and soon to be enforced.

So I left for my room, Amara was waiting there for me already. She had received the news of my temporal homecoming with unrivaled joy. Her baby boy was going to spend some time with her. She was growing and glowing too. She would have been my proper side chic if she wasn’t a relation.

“Won’t you go to your room,” I asked without joy in my voice. I was a bit angry at my father’s decision. If for nothing, I was going to miss shape’s steady presence.
“Are you chasing me away,” she asked, standing up from the bed. I sized her up and decided to cheer up a bit. She was my only refuge in that trying time.
“No, come here,” I said and made her sit on my lap while I frisked her amazing body in her sleek black gown. Only the scent of her body will make a virgin guy cum.

“So you will start going to school from the house?” she asked me, I nodded and added
“For a short while shaa.”
“It doesn’t matter. At least you will be here for long.”
I nodded and focused on my karma sultra with her. My lips on her neck, up to her ear and finally her lips. She was all jittery and pulled her lips away to continue the gist.

“Do you know that Chidimma is pregnant?” she asked me.
“So what?” I asked and picked up her lips again. She pulled them away again and stared at me. Then I remembered Chidimma her friend. I stopped the romance.
“Pregnant?” I asked her. She nodded and my heart thumbed.
“Sit on the bed,” said to her and she obeyed. Just then, my door banged open and Willie bumped in.

“Amara go and wash plates, I want to have a senior men discussion,” he said to her, Amara frowned.
“There is no plate to wash. All of them have been washed.”
“Go down and see if someone is calling you,” he said and pulled her up, gently pushing her out. He turned to me on the bed.

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“I need help from you,” he said.
“I don’t have money,”I said with a frown. The gist Amara gave me was dealing with me internally.

“It’s not money,” he said and sat beside me.
“It’s shape.”
I turned to look at him, getting interested in what he was going to ask for all of a sudden.
“I need you to keep her busy next week Sunday.”
“Why?” I asked
“My party is on that day and I had invited her earlier on. Now This girl, Chinelo is around and I don’t need a version 2 of what happened at my lodge to happen in my party, its going to be a deadly party crasher, so I don’t need her to attend the party at all,” he explained and I nodded.
“That’s very easy, keeping her busy is easy, we are already relating on another level. So we will just spend the time together that day,” I said and he shot me a terrible look.
“What do you mean spend time together?” he asked.
“You know naa, how else can I keep her busy?” I asked.
“No, I need you at my party. You can’t stay with her, just figure out a way to do it. You can find a guy to take her out or lock her up in that your lodge,” he said and stood up with a stretch and a yawn.
“We will find a way,” I said and he nodded, then turned in a fast twist at me.

“I just heard what you said now,” he said. I stared at him all confused.
“What was that?” I asked.
“You said you are relating on another level?”
I nodded slowly.
“You are exploring her Savannah?” he asked me. No reaction from me. The look on his face made it impossible for me to react.
“Are you aware that shape has this problem with reasoning about things?” he asked me, pointing his hand to his head.
“Don’t you know that she is going to tell Chinaza?” he said and sat down on the bed again. “Listen, I didn’t say she may or might tell Chinaza, I said she will tell her about it. Abi you don’t know that she is accusing Naza of pushing Nelo back to me?”
“So?” I asked.
“She will tell her that she is fucking you just to get back at her and Naza will poison you, Shape and your baby in her womb. Shebi I told you to stop being an amateur.”

I looked up and down. I was getting rusty with this player thing. I think I just like sex a lot and not fine girls. I wasn’t much bothered with shape leaking our romantic secret to my bae at that point in time. All that stood before me was Chidimma being pregnant. I should stop touching all these amateur girls. Not that I was scared that the pregnancy will be mine, after all, I can’t be the only one fucking a girl like her. It just can’t be mine, someone cannot score an own goal twice, that would be madness and I am not mad, my sperm is not mad.

“So what will I do?” I asked him.
“Nothing. Just wait for the poison but before then, make sure you keep her busy on Sunday and attend my party. You need serious tutorial on dating more than two girls, I wonder what you think I meant when I said she was going to revenge it all on you.”

That was it, he stood up and left the room, pushing Amara back inside. She came and sat beside me.
“So as I was saying, you know Chidi that leaves down the road?” she asked.
“That toad head? The one his legs looks like plier?” I asked and she nodded with a laugh.
“Yes, what about him?” I asked.
“Chidimma is saying that he is responsible.”
I heaved a heavy sigh and my heart rate slacked by a 100 beats.
“But I am not sure she is right. I think the baby should be yours. I don’t want her to give your baby to someone else.”

I nearly flogged her out of my room.