Diary Of A Broke Playboy Episode 40


Being with Naza and loving her forever and for everything doesn’t stop me from catching feelings for another chic, a feeling most guys can relate to and which was evident in my affair with Chinemelum and Chidimma my faculty girl. Girls I could stay without fucking and still love. I think I know why I have been totally unable to get over Naza. She was the type of girl most guys like me could only admire from afar and wish we had the money to run after. I was only lucky because I started out early with her before the world around opened her eyes to the things she had. Why she is still stuck with me is what I don’t have the slightest idea of and it’s not like I don’t have the fear of losing her. The day she walks out of my life is the day I may decide to jump off our balcony but I don’t think she knows that. I prefer her frustrating me to her leaving me.

So I can’t actually deny that I am an asshole. A cute, proper asshole and dick head maybe, when it comes to love. In as much as all it takes is a big boob and proper booty for me to fall in love with any girl, it takes me absolutely nothing to fall out of love with the same girl, big booty and boob not withstanding. I have had so many cases of it and I am guessing Naza knows that. She even told me once.
“You eh, when you finish running after those assess and boobs, you will still crawl back to me.”

She was right cos I was already going to sleep with the thought of her and waking up with the thought of getting a new chic but in the end, I just go to bed with the thought of her. We were built like that. Just that you can never rid yourself of your DNA. Unfortunately, mine is engraved with running after any skirt wearing thing.

I had sent her back to school with a duffel bag of kisses and hugs. Her exams were starting and she was wants to be going from my house to her school for her exams. I totally rejected the idea. If My life is going to get ruined by girls, I believe that girl to be Naza. I wouldn’t like any other girl to do that when I have her. I don’t even think she would allow any other girl ruin it when she’s there. It’s her exclusive right.

“I have two exams on Monday and another three for the rest of the week. Neche they want to kill your baby here o,” she had said as we were talking on the phone on a Saturday night.
“Baby don’t let them succeed. Is there a way I could help you in reading your books?” I asked.
“No, don’t worry sugar, I can manage. Just try and read your own first.”
We laughed and said so many other sweet things to each other. I made her realize that if it wasn’t her, then I won’t marry. She loved the sound of it.
“So if a rich, cute guy with fluffy beards that doesn’t cheat comes to marry me, I should tell him that I am engaged to you already?” she asked.
“Yes of course. Why not?”
“And you are sure you won’t break my heart or leave me?”
“I thought you said that I have broken everything in your heart? That there’s nothing left to break?” I asked with a smile on my face.
“Be serious. Should I wait for you?” she asked.
“Yes baby. It’s you or nobody else.”
“No, I don’t believe you. I don’t trust you,” she said, killing the anxiety in her voice.
“What do I do to make you trust me?”
“Make a blood Covenant,” she said and my eyes widened.
“Baby I have aids,” I said and she laughed. Then mtn warned me. I fvcked the consequences and continued the call. It’s not every time that Naza is in a good mood on the phone. We talked on and on until what was left of my airtime finished, then the call ended abruptly without a goodbye.

Naza called back minutes later.
“Baby,” she said as I picked. I answered softly, more like a moan.
“Kiss us Goodnight,” she said. I can’t waste time with that. I blew her the longest kiss I had ever given anybody. She blew me back, twice. One from her and the other from the baby.
“Baby Goodnight and sweet dreams,” I said.
“You too. I love you,” she said and waited for her reply.
“I love you too.”
“And Neche, send me back this airtime I used to call you tomorrow,” she said and cut the phone. I smiled and then turned to shape on the bed.
“See, our love is still burning,” I said to her. She hissed and cuddled closer to me, baring her cleavage above the blankets. I eyed them, those balloons of hers that I have been salivating after all those while.

“How can only you carry all these things? Where did you get them from?” I asked, massaging her jugs. She giggled and bit her lips in a light moan. Then I went into her again, starting with my teeth on her tit.

Love bares the best in us and heartbreak, the beast in us. Chinelo had come back to claim what was hers, that is Willie. They shared same trait I and Naza shared and that was the inability to let each other go.

Well, William had always liked Chinelo above any other girl he had ever hooked up with. She was his very proper bad girl. She oozed of maximum sauce and Willie loved licking them off her. She had insisted and stubbornly too, on him cutting off everything he had with any other girl. I think Naza was tutoring her on being a very troublesome girlfriend. Willie had cut out his communication with Shape as soon as Chinelo came back for him. He just gave in to her demands flawlessly. I wouldn’t blame him, I can’t deny that I once had this crush on Nelo. She seemed to have this appeal that shape lacked and it was glaring to William.

Shape had visited him when she was done being frustrated with him not picking her calls. I somehow gave her the hint that it wasn’t the right time to visit Willie.
“What do you mean I can’t visit Willie baby at this point in time,” she asked, flexing muscles for a fight with me.

“I mean, for your own good and his own good. Just give it a bit of time before you go,” I advised. Shape kept looking at me like I was Willie that was dodging her calls. She went visiting shaa. She came back the same day unlike before. She had bumped in on Nelo at Willie’s place and as the story went, it wasn’t a funny something. “It wasn’t a funny something” was all the gist Willie could give me on the matter.

“Did they fight?” I kept asking and he kept saying no.
“Bro, it wasn’t a funny something. Leave it like that. Just be careful around Shape, she was so hurt that I think she may want to revenge it on you,” he had warned me. So that night when Shape came into my room on her night dress looking all sexy and fuckable, I knew she had come for revenge only that her pussy was the weapon she used on me and when she was done with me, I wished all revenges were like that.

My only problem was that she was involving my baby in the whole thing.
“Chinaza knew I loved Willie and she just pushed her sister on him,” she had cried, stamping her feet on the ground at the supposed betrayal, everything good in her jingling to the rhythm.

“That’s not true. Williams had always been with Nelo, it’s just that they separated for a while, Chinaza had nothing to do with it,” I preached.

“Then why did he come to me when he had her?” she asked, heaving her huge ton of bum up on my little fridge.

“Shape no, you can’t do that. You will break my fridge abeg,” I said. She eyed me.

“Chinecherem take your time o. Stop calling me Shape, maybe that’s why Willie thinks he can use me and dump me anyhow he likes,” she said. I only noticed that she called me by my full name. Whenever someone gets angry at me, it’s always Chinecherem and no more Eche or Neche.
“No, Willie did not use and dump you. He is only acting on external forces,” I explained, helping her down from my fridge by her waist.

“Which forces?” she asked.

“Just take it that he is hypnotized at the moment, he will come back to you when he comes back to his senses.”
“Hypnotized by who?”
“I don’t know. Just take it that Nelo hypnotized him. It will fade very soon and he will come back to you.”

Shape stared at me for long and I felt pity for her. If only Willie had told her that he just wanted a fling, it might have been more easier on her and she wouldn’t be sleeping with me to get back at Chinaza for allegedly snatching Willie from her and handing him over to her sister. That was shape’s thesis, heck, I don’t even know where she got that type of silly idea from. Maybe it never occurred to her that Willie was a worse playboy than I was. She was just busy getting her self played with that type of get back and she was being very wonderful at it. I am not wicked, it just that sometimes, life throws juicy lemons at you and then you make a lemonade and suck the hell out of it. Shape was one sweet, juicy lemon.

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The experience was good. She did things to me, things that I envied Willie for enjoying so long. She was good and more flexible than she looked. All that boobs on my chest and her meaty pussy was more than I could enjoy alone, we had to take it easy, one at a time.

“No wonder Naza doesn’t want to let you go,” she had told me as we lay panting on my bed.

“Why do you think?”I asked her.

“You have more muscles on your dick than on your hands,” she said and we laughed.
“Forget that, if Naza wanted a dick with more muscles on it than on Hulk Hogan’s hand, she would have gotten it. Our business is different. It’s love as in real pure love,” I sang with a stupid grin on my face.
“Why can’t Willie love me like that?” she asked and I hissed.

“I am Willie’s junior brother, not Willie. You are asking me questions that you are supposed to be asking Willie himself.”

“I think I understand. You, Willie, Chinaza and her sister are like family, I am the outsider. I am just your lodge mate and Chinaza is only hanging out with me because she wants me to look after you.”

My mouth was wide open as she read out the epistle. Shape was wounded internally and I don’t know how else to console again except the only way I knew.
“That’s not true. If you were an outsider, I won’t even let you touch my bed talk less of sleeping on it,” I said. I know, I sounded pathetic even to myself. She laughed hard and long. That was the first time after that disastrous visit to Willie. I was glad she laughed.

“You Chinecherem, you that can even sleep with a mad woman as long as she is beautiful and have big booty and breast,” shape said. I eyed her for a long time.

“Shape oya start going to your room,” I said. She laughed more.
“Don’t you want midnight sex?” she asked.

“I have hands.”
She looked at me, confused.

“Hands kwa,” she asked me.
“Yes hands.”

“For what?”
“Masturbation, go to your room abeg.”