Diary Of A Broke Playboy Episode 39


It was so hard convincing Naza that the knicker Chidimma wore wasn’t the one she bought for me and worse still that the one she gave me was back at school and so I can’t bring it out as proof. Shaa she believed me not because she wanted to believe me but because my explanations were interrupting her movie. Amara iced the cake when she came home and asked if I helped her wash those uniforms, Chidimma had obviously tipped her off. Chinaza had no choice than to believe me.

Well the missed call was from my baby bear, Chinecherem. I called her back later in the night, after Naza was gone. I lashed her for almost ruining my day. She informed me that she was at my school.

“Which my school? Do I own a school?” I asked, totally confused.
“Baby, I’m at Unizik. I came to see you,” she said and giggled.
“Hian, so where are you now that I am not around?” I asked assuming she was kidding.
“At a friend’s house, will you come and see me?” she asked.
“Wait, who did you tell your people that you came to see?”
“Chinaza naa, are you coming?”
I evaluated my pocket and found out it could accommodate one more reckless spending, if only my mother would pay for the transportation. So we fixed a date for the next day. It was a Sunday and flexing was allowed and Chinecherem was just the perfect girl.

“Mummy see, I need to pick that thing up urgently and I don’t think daddy will agree to give me transport money for me to go and come back,” I explained to my mother after service the next day.
“And it’s me that will give you my car to go and come back naa?”
“Mummy naa, shebi I will be coming back today,” I said with a frown.
“What happened to the other small car?” she asked.
“Mum which car, the beetle?” I asked and she nodded. That was the old modeled beetle, the one we call ike mbe. Nobody has moved that car for close to 2 years since I used it for learning how to drive.
“Ah ah, mummy. That car? Road safety will just tow me and the car away if they jam me.”
“You and your brother just want to finish that car for me. Today it’s Willie, tomorrow it’s you,” she complained.
“Mummy this is my first time of touching that car, Willie has been the only one enjoying it naa.”
“Okay, I will give you money for transport,” she offered.
“No, I need car.”
“Must it be car? I thought you said the reason you needed the car was because your father will not give you money for transport?” she asked.
“No, I just remembered the bag I am picking up. I can’t carry it.”

I won the argument. She let me have the car and I hugged her. I imagined myself speeding off all by myself with Chinecherem beside me, romancing my hands. Heck, I might even have a go at her in the car.

“Ermm, mummy money for fuel,” I said slowly.
“Oya Chinecherem get out of here!” she chased me up. “Bia nwuru ara, come and suck breast naa!”
I laughed my way out of her presence. I knew her tank was never empty expect Willie had tampered with it but he was back at school. I just needed small money just in case. She later rogered me shaa without my asking for it. My mom was made like that.

Chinecherem was busy hotline blinging me while I was gearing up for that day’s affair. I answered her once and ignored the rest. She said she was already waiting for me at one popular junction like that, so her incessant calls were understandable even though she can be a pest when she wants to. I got set by 1pm and after much prayers from my mum that I don’t crash the car and myself and that daughters of Jezebel may not see me. I drove off by 1:30 pm, looking all nice and smart.

So driving through the streets and busy road of Awka wasn’t that easy for me. I had become a little rusty. One was that I could count the number of times I had been in mom’s car as the driver and the other was because that was about a year ago. So I was busy behind the wheels either getting cussed by my fellow drivers or I was cussing them. A lot of cussing did happen.

Sighting Chinecherem wasn’t so hard. She was waiting at Unizik junction, opposite Crunches eatery. She was her usual curvy self and looking like one slay queen. A denim trouser torn on the knee, just fitting perfectly to her a little bowed leg and revealing her camel too in an appetizing way. Then her denim jacket, covering her white singlet with her cleavage grabbing some fresh air from the top. A sunshade and her shining weave was just on fleek. She was very beautiful and I was glad I didn’t miss.

I pulled up beside her, almost knocking her into the gutter. I bet she was about to cuss the daylight out of me before my window went down and I stripped her naked with my eyes, covered by Willie’s Versace sunshade. She smiled and became her jittery self.
“Baby,” she squealed and came for my door. She kissed me through the open window. Her lipsticks were gone in that instant but she still looked good without them.

“How are you?” I bassed out at her. That was my big boy tone. She nodded a fine thank you and ran to the other side of the car. She got in and I made a turn for the eatery. We needed to start somewhere.

I made our orders over the counter. I didn’t let her breathe a word there cos if she did, she would just order the whole place and I don’t think I have any reasonable explanation to give my mom for abandoning her car at an eatery because I couldn’t fix the bills of a daughter of Jezebel.

We took our fried rice and chicken to the table. I had a one chivita on the saucer too. We sat down and faced each other.
“Try not to finish that food before me, I am not buying another one, ” I warned her. She giggled. My phone beeped. I checked and it was a whatsapp message from Naza.

“Baby, what is your mother doing at Crunches?” she asked. My countenance changed. It’s either my mom was at Crunches too and Chinaza passing by saw her or the both of them were there at Crunches. Either way, I was fvcked.

“How did you know,” I typed with the speed of light. She gave a space of 35 seconds before she replied.
“Her car is parked here.”
“And what are you doing here?” I asked.
“I am here with Chinaza,” she replied and then started typing immediately. I waited and her second message came in.
“What do you mean here? Chinecherem are you at Crunches?” she asked. I turned to Chinecherem and asked.
“Did you know that Naza and Shape were here?”. She nodded.
“I came here with Shape and Naza joined us.” she said and drank her cup of the juice, stuffing her mouth with a sizable size of the chicken. My palms itched from wanting to give her a resounding slap. Baby bear or not, that girl needed a good ass whooping and I mean the type you do with a leather belt and not the dick.
“And you didn’t tell me?” I asked.
“I wanted to be with you first before that your girl will snatch you away,” she replied casually. My phone beeped again.

“Chinecherem answer me now or I will find you myself.”
That was Naza’s message.

“You are silly, where are they?” I asked her without the tiniest bit of smile on my face. She pointed behind me and I turned. Chinaza had her red face on her phone while shape winked at me. She obviously knew I was there, a thing Chinaza was much oblivious of.

“I stood up and Chinecherem ran beside me being her restless self. We walked up to them and just before Chinaza raised her head, Shape yelled.

I smiled and she winked at me. She got me covered and here I was thinking she didn’t love me. I bent low and pecked Naza.
“What is this? What are you doing here?” she asked, shooting looks between I and Neche.
“Wanted to Suprise you, shape invited me on whatsapp,” I said and Shape nodded. Chinaza gave me a doubting look.
“You don’t believe me?” I asked.
“Yes, you are lying. Shape’s whatsapp expired yesterday,” she said, crossing her hands over her chest.
“She Used Neche’s phone,” I said.
“Well, I don’t trust you but I trust her,” she said and pulled me down for a second peck. More seats and I sat down.
“Slay queen or not, I am not wasting those foods,” Chinecherem said and ran back to our former table. I watched her upturn my plate into hers and grabbed the juice and headed for our new table. None of those things did she share with me.

Shape took charge of the orders, ordering fresh sets of food and juice. Even Chinecherem received a new plate. I had to protest.
“Is Willie here?” I asked and they shook their head.
“Did you guys come with any other guy?” I asked and heads shook again.
“Why do you ask?” Shape asked me.
“Who will pay for all these ones you are ordering or are they free?” I asked.
“Did you come with a cooler of food?” Naza asked me, I shook my head.
“Then what are we going to eat if we don’t order or did you come for sight seeing?” She asked me. I heaved a sigh and relaxed to my fate. Thank God mom gave me that extra money.

I stood up from the table and started to walk away.
“Where to?” Naza asked.
“I want to buy beer, I need a bit of alcohol in my system.”
“I will walk with you,” she said and stood up. I sized her up and she was dazzling in her huge red gown. She looked just lovely so I let her follow me.

We walked to the car first and I emptied my mom’s pigeon hole of all the money there. Then hand in hand we walked to the counter.
“Give me Heineken,” I started to say and Chinaza interrupted me.
“Give him malt,” she said. I gave her the opolo eye.
“For what kwanu?” I asked. She rubbed my back romantically and pecked me.
“If you get drunk now, who will drive us home?” she asked. I accepted the malt grudgingly and we walked back to our table to meet a packet of juice sitting beside each plate. Four packets of juice in total. I don’t know between Shape and Chinecherem who made the order but whoever it was, I am going to find out and she will pay either today, tomorrow or in the future.

“So as I was saying, the two of us was high like the high priestess and Neche was looking all sexy…” I smiled within me but I had a heavy frown on my face.
“He even wanted to take me to bed with my clothes on.”
“Hahahaha, for real?” Shape asked, poking her head forward from the back seat. I made eye contact with Chinecherem through the rear view mirror and she smiled. I shook my head.
“I am telling you,” Naza said.
“Naza stop naa,” I pleaded.
“Please face the road,” she said and continued.
“So I wouldn’t want him to tear my beautiful clothes so I decided to pull them off. I opened the wardrobe and just then I saw something on the floor.”
She stopped and waited for everyone to appreciate the climax. I was almost crying.
“What did you see?” Shape and Chinecherem asked in unison.
“I saw this very black extra large g-string. As in, the pant would go around your waist two times Chinaza,” Naza said and the two girls broke off into a huge skyscraper laughter.

“That’s not true. Shape is a bit heavier and thicker than Cynthia jare,” I protested. Naza turned to me with a frown. She wanted to tell dirty tales, I was becoming interested in it.
“Her name is Cynthia?” shape asked. I nodded.
“The girl that came on Naza’s birthday,” I said and bit my lips, appreciating the horror on Naza’s face.
“She came again?” she asked and I nodded slowly.
“What for?”
“She came to take her pant,” I replied nonchalantly.
“I thought you said,” she started and stopped with a broad smile and then faced her backseat audience again. “Did you know that Neche even said that the pant belonged to James?”. Another streak of laughter. I couldn’t help it. I smiled too, on imagining James on a pair of g-strings.

“So how is she?” Chinaza asked, facing me.
“How is who?”
“The g-string girl.”
“Her name is Cynthia and she is fine. Shebi you invited her for that party,” I said.
“She came?”
“No, her ghost came. Abeg change topic,” I said.
“How is my baby?” Shape asked.
“Which one?” I asked.
“Williams baby naa, do I have any other babe?”
“He is fine.”
“Its been long I last saw him, I am really missing him,” she murmured.
“Shebi he was around on Monday for my birthday. E never even reach one week sef and you don dy miss am,” I said.
“Ehe, one week is long enough for me to miss him. Abeg face your wife o.”

I laughed and turned to Naza. I needed to taunt her a bit more.
“Naza how is that Range Rover guy?” I asked and that was how I bought market on my head.
“He is okay, he even called me today sef,” she said.
“What for?” I asked.
“He wanted to meet me, maybe take me out but I don’t want him to see me like this,” she said rubbing her belly. “I want to look sexy enough when I meet him.”
I swallowed hard and increased my foothold on the gas a little.
“Is it that cute one, the one showed me long ago?” Shape asked excitedly. Naza nodded. I kept quiet, exchanging glances with Chinecherem.
“When is he coming, I can’t wait to meet him again. As in, the guy is so cute and with his fluffy beard and deep voice and everything,” Shape gushed. I coughed and rubbed the tiny hair sprawling out of my chin. I nearly wanted to cry. Those girls had deadly blows.

“When I deliver my baby boy, we may meet up again,” Naza said and I interrupted.
“Baby girl,” I said.
“Whatever but I heard he has bought the latest Range Rover. Is it 2014 model. Shebi that is the latest?” she asked. Nobody replied.
“Neche I am asking you, shey the latest model is 2014?”
“I don’t know, why don’t you ask him,” I answered without even looking at her.
“Well, I will call him and ask him this night,” she said.
“Oh my God. That his voice must be so sexy at night,” Shape said. I got so jealous and fed up that I had to scream.

“Girls I am driving!!”
They kept mute for a while. They looked shocked.
“So?” Naza asked after a while.
“You are distracting me.”
She peeked into my face.
“Are you jealous?” she asked and I shot a look at her and then faced the road again.
“Why would I be? If I get to his age and I don’t have a beard and a Range, that’s when you will start asking me that stupid question.”
I was vexed and it was in my voice.
“Is like he is angry,” shape whispered to Chinaza like I couldn’t hear them.
“No, I think he is jealous,” Chinaza replied like I wasn’t there.
“Baby are you jealous? You know I was joking abi?” she asked, caressing the little hair on my chin. From the rear view mirror, I could see Chinecherem trying to stifle a laughter. Shape couldn’t help it. I felt the urge to let out a smile but I withheld it. I was damn angry and maybe jealous.

I pulled into Ifite and drove through the potholes which left everyone in the car dancing. I wasn’t good enough at avoiding them. I parked by our lodge gate and Shape got down with Chinecherem. Shape and Neche came to my side, my glass went down.
“Boo, take it easy on her o. You know she has a bad mouth and was only joking,” she said and pecked me. I let out a weak smile. She walked over to Naza and Neche came to bid her own goodbye. She rubbed my hand and smiled. I smiled back but that didn’t mean I will be coming out to see her again in my life.

“You won’t beg me to take it easy on him?” Naza said to shape. She was laughing away. “I will kill him o!”
They laughed it away. They bade us good night as we drove off. We weren’t talking to each other.

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A little distance out, I saw the silhouette of Cynthia as she stood by a gutter, getting toasted by one fresh guy like that. I stopped and honked at her. I bet she jumped above three feet when she saw me behind the wheels. I was just feeling myself anyhow. She came at my window and stopped short at kissing me when she saw Naza. We talked for long and she invited me to her birthday party loading the following week. I left her there, feeling good as I have equalized with Chinaza to an extent. I had done a little bit of dirty talking with Cynthia and even pecked her as I drove off.

I stopped before their gate around 8 pm.
“Are you coming tomorrow?” I ask her. She got down from the car without a word and banged my door shut. Good for her I thought. Imagine her taunting me with talks of a guy better than me wanting to hook her up the second time after ruining my supposed date with that silly Chinecherem. Which girl does that?

I sneaked into the house and everywhere was quiet. That was surprising. My father should have been on the TV. I called Amara and she came running down at me, all prepped for a fully equipped hug. I let her have it and she caressed me with every detail of her body. She was endowed like I would always say.

“Where are they?” I asked, biting her lips.
“They traveled to the village just this evening. They said someone died and that your food is in the kitchen, they will be sleeping over. ”
I thanked her and walked up to my room, crashing on my bed with everything still on. I managed to pull off and pulled the sheets over my semi nude body. I closed my eyes and smiled. The coast was quite clear and tomorrow I am going to invite Chidimma over for another round of Fuckery. That was my plan until the lights went on. I thought if Amara was expecting to get laid this night, she’s in for a long thing. I was going to tell her that until I opened my eyes and saw Naza standing by my switch on her very sexy nightie. I swallowed hard.

“Shift,” she said and lay on the bed beside me. I obliged without a word. So with my face up and my hands supporting my head, I stared at the ceiling. I knew there was no sleep for me that night. I hated sleeping with the lights on and Chinaza liked it on while she slept, except we were going to fuck, only then would she agree to killing the lights but just how do you fuck a pregnant woman in the darkness.
She slept with her face to the other side of the wall while I stared at the ceiling, not wanting to complain. Approximately one hour later, she turned and placed her head on my chest and hugged me closer. I kissed her forehead and shut my eyes. My baby is going to have the best parents ever, I swear down!!!