Diary Of A Broke Playboy Episode 38

I had to admit that I don’t feel much comfortable going home, not with the knowledge that there are now two fathers in the house, my father and I. And knowing my father for who he is, I had the feeling that he may wake up one day and decide to split the house allowance between me and him, not withstanding that Chinaza was still pregnant with the baby.
My mom and hunger eventually forced me home shaa. Remember Chinaza had cooked all my rice for that birthday so no food in the house.
“Nna m, this one that you refused to come home and see us, nawa o. This one is that you are at Unizik at our backyard here, I wonder what will happen if you eventually travel to Obodo oyinbo,” my mother said as we sat in the parlor watching film, my father was flipping through the pages of a sports newspaper. I smiled at my mother.
“Maybe he already has a family at his lodge,” my father chipped in and cleared his throat. My mother eyed him and said nothing.
“So they pay these footballers all this money in a week?” my father asked to know one in particular and no one answered him.

“If I had known I would have sent this baby bush abroad to play ball and get us some dollars instead of wasting money and sending him to the University only for him to come back with babies,” he murmured again to himself and the whole room cracked up with violent laughter.
“Daddy, forget that thing, I am graduating with a first class o,” Willie said and my mother said amen.

“I will sell this house and host a party for you with the money if that one happens,” my father said without even raising his face from the paper.
He was obviously joking, Willie graduate with a first class? For where? If that happens then there are also chances that Naza will agree to abort the baby, in fact, We are praying he doesn’t bag 3 extra years. My mother stood up and went upstairs.

“Ehe, when are you people closing for the semester?” my father asked us.
“Soon,” Willie replied.

“You people should do fast, your mother needs someone to help her with running of that her shop,” he said and we stared at each other, I and Willie.

“But what about Mercy, her sales girl,” Willie asked

“Oh, that one. I think she is fine with that her face like what I don’t know. The little waist that she has which was the only beautiful place in her body, she has lost that one too. I wonder who will marry her like that,” he said and turned to the next page of the newspaper. I stifled a laughter. Mercy wasn’t that bad, infact, I had often dreamt about having a go at her. That her ass my father was talking about was way out of this Africa. It can make a grown man cry.

“Dad I meant if she is no longer working there,” Willie said.
“Oh, she left already naa. I think she is now in school, why are you asking?”

“Nothing,” I and Willie said together. Making a conversation with my father atimes can burn more calories than banging a fat girl.

“Ehe you. I hope you are changing into a man now. Soon you will be a father, shebi you know?” my father asked, staring at me over the rim of his spectacle. I so much dreaded that topic.

“And you should start acting mature too, grow a beard and others,” Willie added. My father shot him a look.

“You with all that forest on your chin, I can’t see any atom of maturity in you,” he said at him.

“At least, I look mature,” Willie muttered.

“You look like a baby bush,” my father said as I drowned Willie with laughter.

Later in the evening, Amara came back and walked straight into my room. A friend of hers was tagging along but I was able to make out only her before she rushed me on the bed, yelling baby. She hugged me deeply and her boobs caressed my chest. She was looking all smart and sexy in her school uniform which she had converted the once bogus skirt to a tight mini, her hot laps dangling in my face. She sat on my laps and kissed me. I held her head and prolonged the kiss. Then my door squeaked and I saw Chidimma standing there. Yea Chidimma, the girl that I had a romp with at that primary school. She is the one. I froze and stared at her. Amara looked at my face and then at hers.

“Don’t worry, she is my friend,” she said and rubbed my chest.
“I know, she is my friend too,” I said and she giggled. Bad girls turn me on really. She was pretty in her low cut hair and neat school uniform. Her curves were obvious in it and I wished they would oblige me a 3some.

“Chidimma come inside naa,” I said, motioning her to sit down on the bed. She came and dropped her booty beside me. I wrapped my hand round her neck.

“How have you been?” I asked her and she nodded a fine thank you. She was a bit shy. I pulled her head up and proceeded to kiss her. We were at it for like 5 seconds before Amara tore us apart.
“It’s enough abeg,” she said and we laughed. My mother called Amara and she ran downstairs, leaving us behind.

“Are you going to school tomorrow?” I asked Chidimma.
“Yes,” she said and nodded.

“I want you to come and see me tomorrow.”
“I don’t think it’s possible, I will be going to school and we dismiss around 4:30 pm,” she said, leaning her head against me.
“And you can’t sneak out?” I asked.
“Unless that.”

“Yea, sneak out and come by 2pm. I need to see you properly.”
Our appointment was booked before Amara came to take her away. She didn’t want anybody spoiling our midnight fun.

She came the next day in her uniform, around 1pm. I was home alone and my condom was ready. We told no tales. We both knew what we wanted and we went straight for it. There was no one around and so we were in no hurry. We began with foreplay, kissing and rubbing every rubbable part of our bodies. She had this way of fumbling with my dick that nearly made me cum before time.

Before time, her uniform was on the ground already and her bra and pantie too. She was stark naked and I had only my boxers on. I laid her hard on the bed and started doing it just like I loved it. She closed her eyes as she felt the snake slither into her. She moaned softly and held my neck with both her hands. It was just missionary style all through until we came. We fell on the bed and I nearly fell asleep until I heard Chinaza’s voice calling me in dreamland. I opened my eyes and heard her footsteps climbing the stairs and the look on Chidimma’s face matched the furious pounding of my heart.

I hid her in the wardrobe and locked the door a few seconds before Naza walked into my room.
“I am just coming back from school,” she announced on entering my room.
“Why are you back?” I asked her.
“Nothing, don’t you know there is public holiday abi is that not why you are back too?” she asked.
“Yea, it’s true,” I said, scratching my head. Then both our eyes went to the article of clothing on the floor. The school uniform, panties and bra.
“Whose are they?” Chinaza asked, frowning.
“Erm, Amara’s. She wanted me to help her wash them as she won’t be coming home early,” I said and thought about naked Chidimma in the wardrobe.

“You now wash her undies too?” she asked me.
“Me kwa? Wash Amara’s undies when I am not mad. I won’t wash them, in fact, I’m not even sure I will wash the uniform. I’m tired,” I said, trying to sound as bold as I could.
“Noo, please help her wash them, you promised her baa?” Chinaza asked and I nodded. “you have to help her wash them.”
I nodded and assumed that was the end of it. She walked to the bathroom and took a peek inside. I thanked my God that I didn’t hide her in there. She then returned with a bucket of water and a satchet of detergent. Before I could understand what she was doing, the water was already foaming with the school uniform, pant, bra and everything inside it.

“Wash them fast and come down to the parlor to keep me company, I bought this film that I need to watch,” she said and walked out of the room. My Jaw dropped to the floor. How could one girl be so mischievous.


“Who is that fair guy?”
“I don’t know.”
“I wonder if he is going to kill the other fair guy.”
“I don’t know.”
“I wasn’t asking you.”
“Is like he will kill him o.”
“Maybe, I don’t know.”
She covers her eyes as sound of gunshots followed suit. The movie was American and everybody was fair. Everyone had a gun. Everyone was trying to kill everyone and Chidimma was still naked upstairs in my room.

“Has he killed him?”
“I don’t know, open your eyes and see.”
“Which one do you even know?”
“I know that you are frustrating me.”
“Spell frustration.”
“C – H – I – N – A – Z – A.”
She laughed and nudged me on the rib.
“You don’t even know how to spell my name.”
“Eh? What did I spell?”
“I don’t know but you misspelt it.”
“C. H. I. N. A. Z. A., was that not what I spelt?” I asked and she kept quiet. She had taken over the ignoring game that I had started. That was a win for her.

“Naza, why don’t we take your bags home so it will be easier for you when you eventually want to go,” I suggested.
“No, I don’t want to go home now. My mom will be looking at me somehow. In fact, I may even sleep here,” she said and gauged my expression. I resisted the urge to scream.
“Why is your face like that?” she asked and I looked at her.
“Like how?”
“Like I am about to catch you with another girl?”
“Hian, biko, I don’t know what you are talking about o. Is like they are going to shoot that fair guy again,” I switched the topic and turned to the TV.
“I thought you didn’t like the movie?”
“I didn’t say that abeg. Chinaza let’s watch film.”

We watched for a few minutes and then I excused myself and ran upstairs to my room. Chidimma was still in the wardrobe, but she had my knicker and my polo top on. We smiled at each other as I opened the wardrobe.
“You look sexy,” I said and she smiled a thank you. Indeed she looked sexy in that knicker. I would have left it for her if Naza hadn’t bought them for me.
“We are stuck here,” I said and scratched my head.
“Who is she?” she asked me.
“The girl.”
“My sister,” I said and she looked at me.
“Is that not Chinaza?” she asked.
“You know her and you are asking me.”
“What is she doing here?”
“She came to pick beans. Abeg lets find you a way out of here,” I said.
“Which way?”
“There is a back door at our dining room. You will follow it and get to the backyard but you will have to sneak out without making noise or she will catch you. Amara will get you your school uniform later.”
She nodded and walked out of the wardrobe.
“When will I see you again?” she asked and held me.
“Let’s get you out of this one first, then we will start talking about next time.”
“Should I come tomorrow?” she asked.
“No, if I want you to come, I will tell you.”
She hugged me and kissed me so deeply that I was forced to frisk her sexy body with my hands and almost took her to bed again.
“Come and be going,” I said and she nodded. Pecking me, she was feverish with emotions. I was feverish with fears of being caught by Naza.
“But first, I have to distract her before you sneak out.”

I went back to Naza and sat beside her.
“What were you doing upstairs?”
“I went to masturbate,” I answered casually. She laughed. I walked to the door and bolted it. The devil in Naza might just decide to take her outside when Chidimma might be sneaking out.

I sat on the chair and eyed Chinaza as she focused on the movie, hiding her face each time guns were raised.
“Why can’t you just buy a film you like?” I asked.
“Did I say I don’t like it?” she asked.
“Then why are you covering your face?”
“It’s just the shooting part that I don’t like. The Romance parts are ok and that’s why I bought it. Don’t you like it?”
“I do. The Romance parts especially,” I said sizing her up with my eyes and biting my lips.
“Shuku Shuku boy,” she said and smiled.
“Are you calling me a fvck-boy?” I said and drew her closer. She actually let me and I plucked her lips.
“I love you,” I murmured and kissed her in bits.
“Are you sure you are not up to something?” she asked amidst giggles and kisses.
“I’m up to love baby.”
We kissed and missed many scenes on the movie. I didn’t care, Chinaza had a succulent lips and I needed Chidimma out of that house. I slid my hands around her body and felt her breast. She undid her bra herself and let me rub the tip. She moaned and held the nape of my neck. I caressed the tip of her tits and my phone blared. We disengaged immediately and across the parlor, standing at the dinning was Chidimma, staring at us. My phone kept ringing.

“Hi,” she said and waved. My face turned red and Chinaza kept burning us with her eyes.
“How far?” I asked.
“I’m fine. Is Amarachi around?” she asked. Smart girl.
“No, she’s not yet back from school.”
“Sorry, who are you?” Chinaza intruded.
“Chidimma, Amara’s friend,” she answered diligently and respectfully. A thing I wasn’t expecting.
“Why did you have to come in through the back door?”
“The front door was locked,” she answered. I heaved a sigh. I was glad the girl could defend herself. Chinaza kept looking at me, unsure of what to make of it all.
“Come back later in the evening. She will be back by then,” I said. She nodded and ran out of the door.

“Are they not in the same school?” Chinaza asked after she was gone.
“I don’t know, you could have asked her.”
“Something is not right about her,” she said, giving me the impression that she was in deep thoughts.
“Let me lock the door before someone else walks in,” I said and rushed at the back door. I bolted it and came back to meet Chinaza giving me the deadliest looks I have ever seen.
“What?” I asked.
“Why is she wearing the kicker I bought for you?” she asked.