Diary Of A Broke Playboy Episode 28

So she has her head on my shoulder, her eyes shut as I was scribbling this down. The idea for a post decided to bump into my head at this point in time and I was thinking. What if someday, my babe wakes up and finds out that I am running an account here and she goes through my profile to see the stories I have written about her and goes on to find out that most of it were actually true. I doubt if Chinaza is capable of killing or poisoning me but I also know that she is capable of asking someone else to do it for her. Lol.
So we beat our father, like Chinaza just stopped on the way and redirected her bearing to my lodge, getting there before me sef. Nice thing that we were surrounded by students who aren’t better than any of us.
I got in and we hugged like we were just meeting again after 3 years. Shape came and dropped her sexy ass on me, I gave her the side hug, I was trying to pass the message to her that I was so fucking pissed at her.

“I missed you love,” she said, sounding all sweet. I replied her like I was diabetic, I didn’t need her sugar.

She nodded and tugged at my shirt while Naza took in my bags. I am unofficially married like this.
I watched shape for something, trying to figure out if I should prolong my anger or just let it fly. She had this body that will make you forget your sorrows talk less of anger. But denying me a very good pussy was a big crime to me, a felony maybe.

“Are you not happy to see me?” she asked.

“I am happy but I am angry with you and you know why.”

She frowned and looked at my face, clutching my hand in a romantic way.
“Boo what did I do?”

“Call him Chinecherem, that is his name. Only me can call him boo,” Chinaza shouted from inside and we laughed.

“Ok, Chinecherem, what did I do?” she asked again. Chinaza was already back with us, waiting for me to share her offense. She was giving me the inquisitive look already, very nosy of her.

“What did she do?” Chinaza asked. How could I tell her that shape’s offense was lying to me that she was a virgin. How is that my business?.

“It’s between us Naza,” I replied her.

“She is my friend and you are my something something. So am involved too.”
Chinaza will just wake up and start looking for trouble. Imagine.

“Don’t worry, it’s April fool, I am not angry at her,” I said and ran into my room.

“It’s April 19,” Chinaza called after me.

“April is April, whether April 1 or April 33,” I replied.

Chinaza managed to take her bath without inviting me in, it was even better rather than watch things that I can’t access, I rather not watch at all.

So me and shape was on my bed discussing her crime. She smiled after I told her it was all about the virginity.

“But I told you I got a boyfriend during the Xmas period,” she said.
“The one with Venza?” I asked and she nodded.

“So he VENZAD your pussy?” I asked and she hit me playfully.

“You are silly.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked.

“You didn’t ask naa or I should have used Microphone to announce that I am not a virgin anymore.”

“Well, you knew I was standing in line, waiting and you just stood me up.”

“Sorry boo, you didn’t ask again.”
“Must I ask before you give me what I want, eh shape?”

“Do you still want it?”

Imagine, she was asking me. I gave it a little thought tho. I remembered to my dismay that once Willie drops a grip on a hottie like shape, he hardly likes to let go and I can share my food, my clothes, my surname with Willie but definitely not a girl. After all, even among thieves, there is honor.
I shook my head and replied.

“No, you can’t be with Willie and be banging me at the same time.”

“I knew you are smart,” she said and rubbed my ear. I was going to rub her chest in return when Chinaza walked out of the bathroom, looking all wet and sexy. Chinaza being Chinaza, she chased us out of the room because she wanted to dress up. I wonder what she was hiding, is it the things that shape already has that she is hiding away from her or the ones I have already seen that she is hiding away from me.

We shaa walked outside and continued our chats in whispers.
“So when you see a girl, the first thing that comes into your mind is to fuvk her?”

Shape was asking me.
“No, the first thing that comes into my mind is that I like her, then I like her body, then I realize I want to fuck her. So you see, it’s the third thing that comes into my mind.”

I love my girls, you could discuss almost anything with them and they won’t start forming Holy. Shape burst out laughing. Just when she was about finishing her laughter, a car screeched to a stop at our gate. I took a peep and it my father’s car. I can’t remember if I actually urinated on my knicker or not because I can’t find the knicker right now. As I was trying to figure out how to hide Chinaza in my Ghana must go bag, Willie popped into our gate, smiling sheepishly.
Once there was this bad guy in my clique that year. He was bad, very bad but nobody knew. His badness was an internal type of badness. Outwardly, he was the type of guy that a mother would recommend to her daughter for friendship, seeing that he is harmless and may not even have a dick but inwardly, he was the type of guy that will impregnate their daughter while the bad playboy’s are still fondling with their bra straps.

He liked girls like mad but hardly walked up to one. I think it was his livers failing him but people just thought he didn’t like them and have already canonized him. I knew he loved girls.

I will tell you about this guy and how he landed a girl that his very bad friends could only dream of.

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Her name was Vivian and she was very sumptuous. She was the type that when she walked past, even the reverend Fathers would scream “What is this?”.

As usual, in an unsuspecting manner, our very calm friend was somehow managing to attract this particular out of the league girl’s attention to himself more than anyone else. Before anyone could say “Vivian is SEXY”, they were already exchanging love messages.
Apart from knowing that this niggar liked girls, I also knew he had never done anything out of the ordinary with any girl in a lonely room, to approximate it, he was a virgin. So it had me quite wondering what he was going to do with all that sauce in one girl. I mean, there were 800 guys in my school, waiting to devour that Italian cuisine of a girl like a hot lunch and she was falling over that guy whom everyone was doubting if he actually had a c0ck.

One thing to another and the devil had his way. They both found their way into the school toilet at the same time, with the same intention, behind bolted doors. He stared at the girl and she stared back with a naughty grin.
“Oh Jesus, look at that breast,” he thought in his naive mind. He loved girls but was just realizing that he also loved boobs. So he stared and she stared back, he started and she stared back, stared and stared back. The stares went back and forth, to and fro until he got tired of looking at those breasts. He moved closer with the same intention as hers. He wanted to touch it and she wanted it to be touched. He just didn’t know how to do it and she didn’t know how to ask.

He got closer and stretched out his hand. Somehow, involuntarily, his hands missed the inflated boobs hiding behind a school P.E wear and went to her neck rather. Well he decided to start with a kiss. They got into it and the tension went down a bit. He soon realized that he couldn’t kiss her without his hands searching for her infamous boobs. So he just licked the lips and squeezed the boobs he was so much hungry for at the same time.
“Gimme your tongue,” he whispered and she obliged. He pounced on it like a roll of kanda meat and licked it dry. She soon started moaning softly and searching for his zippers. He helped her push them down and his dick peeked out through his TOMMY HILFIGER boxers. She rubbed the head and holding it like a dog leash, brought him closer to her and her chest met his.
“Can I suck?” she asked amidst the kisses. He nodded and she went down immediately. She bit the tip and he jerked. He had never felt something like that before. Something that makes you want to cry but you end up liking it. She swirled her tongue at the opening of the dick and he winced. That girl was a good header. She moved her head back and forth and repeated it severally and when he felt like he was being electrocuted in a lovely way, she stopped.
He eyed her angrily as she stood up.
“Why did you stop?”
“Wait, come.”

She pulled him closer to the toilet seat and dropped her pant on the floor. She placed her left leg on the closed toilet seat and raised her skirt, revealing a not so attractive but very inviting tool to him. He moved closer, his dick in the air. He grabbed her waist and pushed his dick into the darkness beneath her spread legs. His tip hit some flesh and it sent some sensation down his spine.
“Is it in?” he asked and she shook her head.
“That was my laps,” she said and grabbed his dick. Navigating it like a compass into her waiting hole. They both moaned as their tools connected. He started thrusting slowing, holding her by her 2 ton of naked ass. He squeezed his face and her ass as he rammed her in their standing position.

One thing to another, they found their way to the floor. It made it more easier. His lips on her mouth, his hands on her boobs and his dick in her pussy, the sky was the limit. She spread her legs from 3:45 o’clock to 2:55. He placed his hands on the floor on which they lay and danced his c0ck into her hole.
And when he couldn’t take it anymore, he whimpered.
“I want to urinate.”
“What?” she asked, holding him by his school shirt.
“I said I want to urinate, it’s coming out,” he whimpered again.
“No, urinate in there,” she replied, still holding him by the shirt. Before he could protest, the supposed urine shot out and into her pussy. Littering the whole flesh. He felt weak and pulled out slowly, surprised that the urine was whitish and thick.

Vivian got pregnant few weeks after and had accused one guy in our area of being responsible for it. But each time I saw the baby boy, his nose and the way he ogled at girls makes me think he is mine. Lemme wait first, until that boy becomes a president or richest man in the world, that’s when I will tell that guy that I also fucked Vivian in our school toilet.

Oops, I forgot to mention it. That our friend was ME.

I am coming, Chinaza has woken up and I don’t want her to see this because I told her she was the one that broke my Virginity.