Diary Of A Broke Playboy Episode 23


If you thought I was ever going to miss My baby’s birthday just because Cynthia dropped her bad ass in my room that fateful day, well, you would have thought right and if you thought I wasn’t going to miss Naza’s birthday for anything in the world, errrm, you should be right also.
Of the above two school of thoughts, the later was more applicable, I so much wanted to stay back and sample what Cynthia had brought for me, that was me, if it’s cute and shapy and wears a skirt, I’m in. But then, Shape wasn’t ready for that and besides, she had to protect the interest of her dearly beloved friend.

“Cynthia,” I had sang out the very moment she walked into my room, all thick with her endowments. She would have been very muscular if she was a man. She gave me that look that would knock any man out and make any flaccid dick do a dab.

As I sat there, the Cynthia I saw was far from the devil I had always tagged her to be, you couldn’t find any better definition for a perfect angel, only that she wasn’t fair or had wings.

“Baby,” she muttered, walking up to me on the bed and drawing me into her thick, sweet, seductive perfume. She sat besides me, her boobs all over me like the anointing was on the disciples on the day of Pentecost.

“You never told me your were coming.” I managed to say amidst the whole excitement.
“You would have told me not to come.” she replied, dropping her head on my shoulder.
“I missed you,” she whispered and dropped her hand on my bare laps, just below my boxers.
“You missed me abi you missed the banging.”
She laughed and withdrew her hand.
“I missed everything.” she replied. I turned to face her and God was I tempted. I imagined the about 30 minutes fun that would happen if I was to get down with this fine lady and compared it with the days of unlimited tongue lashing that would happen if I happened to miss Chinaza’s birthday. My mind told me it wasn’t worth it but the flesh was weak all through. My body was going to be disappointed in me if I missed this opportunity of sampling this girl again after a very long time.

“So what did you bring for me?”, I asked, trying to cover up all the dirty thoughts going on in my mind.
“See me here, am I not enough?” she asked, giving me a suggestive smile.
“You what? You want to come and forget something again abi?” I asked and she burst into laughter.
“How is your baby? Are you still together?” she asked maybe expecting a no. She was disappointed shaa but that didn’t stop her from stealing a kiss. A kiss I willingly allowed her to steal.

We adjusted ourselves on the bed for a little romance, as e dy hot. My lips found its way to hers and we kissed explosively, kissing each other out of breath, my hands were already on their ways to her zipper, yapping at her bra strap at the same time, the bra snapped first and the load of her massive jugs fell on her clothes. I moved my lips down to her nape and my left hand involuntarily found its way to her mass of fleshy breasts.

It had been a long time since I last got some action and my body reflected it so much. One thing to the other and we were both on the bed, a few inches to being fully unclad. My fingers were already penetrating her wet coochie while my fully erect peni were protesting to take their rightful place, she moaned softly to my touches and held my near exploding dick with her hands, trying to dislodge it. I tugged and pulled at her panties and she held my hands to my surprise. I gave her a look that portrayed all the vexation I was going to heap on her if she dared stopped what she had started. She merely smiled and nodded towards the door.
“Lock your door please,” she said and I jerked up from her, shooting my gaze towards the open door.
“Ok, the door,” I replied and got up from the bed, adjusting my boxers and heading towards the door, I waved the curtains aside and Shape was there, staring at my awkwardly elongated boxers.
“Shape!” I snapped, staring at her.
“Chinecherem!” she called back, her eyes still fixed on my erected dick.
“Must you come now?” I asked with frustration all over my voice, disregarding her attention towards the lower part of my body, after all she was a virgin, what does she know about it all.
“How do you mean?” she asked with a wicked grin on her face.
“I have a guest baby, could you wait a little while before coming back?” I pleaded.
“It depends,” she replied.
“On what?”
“Whether your visitor is male or female.”
“Male ko? Male and my something is rising like this, do I look “Gayish” to you?”
“So it’s a female then?” she asked trying not to break into a laughter.
“Yes naa, and I need to sort out something with her before everything goes cold.”
I was really trying hard not to yell.
“I’m not coming back anything, I am going in there with you now.”
“Shape please, you know we love each other.”
She nodded and smiled.
“That’s why I am trying to protect you dear.”
“Protect me? You are frustrating me joor.” I said getting really annoyed that I was losing my attention.
We dragged on, back and forth and in the end, shape found her way into my room, spoiling my fun. By the time we both got back in, Cynthia was already dressed and that added to all my anger.
” Oya go and bath dear, you don’t want to be late for Naza’s birthday, trust me,” she said with a tone of feminine domination. I eyed her and hissed.

Soon she was already conversing with Cynthia while I grudgingly made my way to the bathroom, I was visibly annoyed at everything, the shower, the water, the soap, the sponge, even my own dick was annoyed at me.
“Shape had it been you weren’t a virgin, I would have fucked the both of you right there.” I murmured angrily.
I soon finished and got out of the bathroom, Shape and Cynthia were busy with the TV and chatting away when I got out. I eyed her again and turned my face towards Cynthia.
“Cynthia, you can do anything with her,” I pointed at Shape and continued “but don’t be friends please.”
Shape laughed and Cynthia smiled.
“Why?” she asked
“Because it will be an infringement on some of my interests, just don’t be friends with her abeg.”
The two of then burst into laughter. It puzzled me how Cynthia wasn’t even angry at Shape for disrupting our little fun, well shaa, girls and their ways.
I managed to change, away from their prying eyes and trust me, it wasn’t easy at all. Shape never for once took her eyes off and Cynthia took occasional glances.

2pm and were already on our way out, I, Shape and Cynthia. We got to where we had to pick a bus, Cynthia bade us farewell and dropped a simmering hot hug on me, one that let my body x-ray hers. As she walked away from us, all protruding parts of her body shook and my dick nodded in unison.
“That was what you made me miss.” I said and pinched Shape at her back. She winced and slapped my arm off.
“Don’t worry, Chinaza will compensate you for that.”
“I’m always telling you, they are not the same.”
“Which is better, she or Naza?”
“Don’t ask me,” I replied.
She laughed and rubbed my hand in a way that I couldn’t help but smile.

You needed to see how Chinaza threw herself at me when we got to her lodge. If I hadn’t eaten, I would have landed on the ground. She was all over me, showing me off to her lodge mates in a way that got me wondering if she thought I was some celebrity.
The sweet aroma of fried rice ushered us into her room. Funny enough, that was my first time of ever visiting her. The room was up to her standard as a girl. The room was very feminine in a an appealing way and I loved it.
The pot of rice soon got down from the fire, we sang a happy birthday song, I presented my borrowed gifts which she loved so much and never hid that fact, she returned the favor with loads of kisses and sweet names calling. I flashed the “Borrowed Bottle of Red Wine” in her face and dropped it by the bed. Apparently she hated red wines and wasn’t going to drink it. I brought it for that purpose though, because I was going to return it to the owner, I don’t have 5k to lavish on colored alcoholic water when Heineken and Smirn Off is always available.
Well, the music came on and she twerked to her birthday, she had the floor alone for sometime before Shape joined her and then her other sexy lodge mates. She twerked on me and I praised God that I didn’t miss this birthday for anything.

Her happiness made me happy and the coming night looked so promising, if you know what I mean. The power of alcohol could never be over estimated, Not even the devil could keep me away from shape’s backside, I tapped all the blessings and kept it for myself alone. Her female lodge mates weren’t spared too, it was a rocking spree and I immersed myself fully in it.

The other guys couldn’t keep away from shape, I didn’t like it and wished I had brought James along, he would have handled shape and kept her away from those scavengers. We danced and danced, got more drunk and danced more. Had it been possible, I don’t who would have done it but I was sure one person between Chinaza and I, would have swallowed the other. Only then did I realize how much I had missed my baby. Maybe the booze in my system opened my eyes to that fact. She was so beautiful as she sweated from the rigorous twisting and shaking of her body and assets.
And when the time came, remember that borrowed bottle of wine? The one of “FIVE THOUSAND NAIRA”, the one I was planning to return? Yes, that particular one,

Chinaza “Popped” it!

I think it’s time someone told these girls that even though boys will always be boys, they will always have someone special. And if he tells you that you are the one, do not stress it, because even though he may be lying, it could also be the truth. What am I saying sef, I’m even confusing myself.

Yes, because we are very likely to sleep with everything on skirt as long as it’s not underaged (underage turns some people on tho), and it’s got a big backside (my favorite), it simply does not mean we are madly in love with them, we will always reserve that special part of us for our special one, it could be true that the special one is you, it could also be false.

And apart from the ass, we do appreciate a great face because when we are over the the table with our friends, sharing some alcohol, we can’t possibly tell her to stand up so we can introduce her and her ass to our friends, it’s the face that gets all the attention. So no need fussing all over the place because your boo is hitting on a girl with some ass when you have the better face.

That was how Chinaza was bringing the roof down on me because Cynthia forgot her g-string in my room, ehen? So what? It’s only at this moment that whenever I remember that almost forgotten saga, I go gaga.
Although I don’t tell it to her that I’m mad over it, hehehe, if it was you, will you tell?

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Now to the main thing..

Me and Chinaza decided we needed another little quarrel, don’t ask me why, I would have willingly told you if I remembered, it wasn’t about the wine she popped, it was actually over something insignificant, that wine wasn’t insignificant.

Meanwhile, our lodge borehole just went amok, it suddenly started running 24 hours a day, open or closed, the water just kept turning up like olamide’s turn up, our lodge almost experienced a mini flooding until unexpectedly, the water stopped. That was the beginning of water scarcity in our lodge.

We all sat at home, expecting the landlord to shake body, when the thing Clear us for eye was when we saw her daughter, Ngozi, a 16 year old unusually endowed girl, mind you, I’m not eyeing her, she is beautiful but I wasn’t eyeing her.
As I was saying, when we saw her pushing her brand new wheelbarrow to the public tap some distance away from our lodge, that was when it dawned on us that salvation was a little far away.

That morning, I was tired of wooing shape to get me a gallon of water each time, shape needed a new wooing for every favor you would like to ask her. I decided to follow her to the tap before preparing for school, I needed water for that purpose.

We walked abi dragged ourselves to the tap, shape caused heart attacks as she strode besides me, clad in her singlet that was lifting her boobs like a weightlifter, the boobs peeped over the top of the singlet in an enticing way. Her bumshots lapped to her laps and jingled each step she took.

Depending on how fast you walk, the journey from our lodge to the public tap takes around 3 minutes, well, me and shape, it took us 10 minutes. Trust me, you can’t be walking with Shape and like to walk fast, not when your left hand is clutching a gallon and your right hand clutching her booty. With her, you just can never get enough, if I can’t get down on that ass, I might as well rub off some blessings from it and she doesn’t mind.

Our entourage arrived at the pump and the queue there wasn’t just mad, it was raving. Shape took both our gallons and added it to the queue. I moved my self to a corner and made a sit out of piles of stone, just a little close to the lines of gallons. My phone was at home and there was nothing else I could do but sample the various types of assorted figures and shapes that came to fetch water.

I was doing just fine until one lady got closer to where I was, one fine plump lady with a booty that can back two 3 year old children effortlessly, that kind of booty that when you climb it, you will just hang on it and it wouldn’t bulge. She stole my attention from the rest, I even forgot about shape for a while where she was chatting away with some girls and drawing attention from the sex starved guys that littered the place.

The fair lady came closer to where I was and bent low, right in front of me to screw tight the cover of her gallon. She made it look like a tough job and spent a considerable amount of time on it, worst still, she faced me while she was at it and her robust boobs that had no iota of stretch mark dangled and smiled at me through the neck of her blouse.

My mischievous dick was already dangling along and I positioned and repositioned myself to avoid getting caught.

I must have been so engrossed in watching something that I can’t access that I didn’t notice when shaped came to where I sat and nearly shoved me off my make shift chair with her booty.

“Neche, I hope you know she is someone’s wife?” she whispered to me.
“Did I say I was looking at her?” I protested and she laughed.
“If you were not looking at her then how did you know who I was talking about?”
I swear shape is 30 percent beautiful and the other percent troublesome.
“I accept, I was looking, now can you let me look in peace after all you won’t allow me look at your own.”
She laughed and got up, shoved my head and went back to fetch our gallons, to my relief. But then, it was too late. The woman had already covered her gallon of water.

We fetched our gallons and I had to take the two of them, mine and hers, home. I was playing the superman while the only reward she gave me was chat away the remaining strength I had after carrying 2 jellycan’s of water.

I dragged my jellycan of water into my corridor and dropped it there, a very pleasant surprise awaited me as I bounced into my room.
Eva was there on my bed, relaxed like she was the one that paid that year’s rent for me and watching the T. V.

“Hey baby!” she screamed in a girly way when she saw me. She actually jumped on me from the bed. That girl is just too beautiful for my liking. As I held her up, packing up her ass with my arms and looking up at her face in the air, I just prayed shape wouldn’t intrude like she was notorious for.

I dropped her and the proper hugging commenced, that moment a nicki minaj replica would drop all her details on you and all your hormones would rush in affirmation that she was indeed hot. If only she knew what she did to me then.

“Neche did you forget me?” she asked.
“How can I? Is that one even possible?”
I was rubbing her body, trying to make my point clear, I don’t know if she was aware of what I missed about her, I just know that I needed that body very much, I could manage without the head. She seemed to have forgotten about the condition she gave me before we could sex up again, the condition that it would only happen if we started dating.

Locking my door was the first priority then I flipped my shirt to where I didn’t know. I kept her pant carefully by the side though. Then our foreplay began, she was always ahead of me in that aspect. Before I could drop properly on the bed, she was already on my dick, hounding on it. I pulled her up from there, I had better ideas.

I grabbed her lips with mine and licked it dry and then went for her rounded boobs, unpacking them from her bra and handling the nipples like they were some radio tuner. I massage the massive jugs and my dick went harder while she moaned and called my name in a way that turned me on the more.

My adventurous fingers found it’s way down to her belly button and screeched to a brake at her coochie. They slopped down and went into the hole like some snake, she jerked and pinned my hand against her clit. I made a few thrusts with my fingers and would have replaced them with my dick if my phone didn’t ring.

We both peeped at the screen of my phone, probably to find out the intruder that was trying to mess up this lovely moment. Chinaza’s picture came up on the caller screen. I had to pick because she could give you 20 missed calls and still continue.

“So this is how you are, eh Chinecherem?” she shouted on the phone.
“Chinaza how am I?”
“Just because of a little quarrel, you decide you won’t call me again abi?”
“Shebi you said I shouldn’t call your phone again?”
“You didn’t even ask if I was joking,” she replied and I smiled.
“So you are missing me?” I asked.
“No I’m not, I’m on my way to your lodge shaa, that’s why I called you, keep something for me.”

The phone went dead before my brain could process the information she just dropped. On her way to my lodge could be that she was at the gate or already at my door.
Dj Khalid’s [h2]ANOTHER ONE[/h2] kept ringing in my head. I was about to get caught again and I didn’t even enjoy anything.

Eva just stared at me, she probably heard the call. Her problem wasn’t that she was on her way over, her problem was that she just remembered the condition she gave me before we could have sex again and the fact that my girl just called in the middle of our fun wasn’t helping matters.

She left before Naza came tho. But then, why was it hard for her to believe that she could be the one I’m really into? Although it was a lie, but how would she know.

And oh, I just remembered, my quarrel with Naza was because she bluntly refused me a groupie with her friends on her birthday. I was drunk when I asked though.

But was that really insignificant?