Diary Of A Broke Playboy Episode 22

Stupid little things can go a long way in influencing a big part of our lives. So me and Chinaza decided we needed minor break. Funny thing was this was coming not up to a month after I had pledged to love her until Christ’s second coming. The cause of the break up was something as insignificant as I love you. I don’t usually like chatting with her on whatsapp because we always end up fighting, so whatever we want to say to each other, we do it over phone calls and that’s it.

On a day like this, i decided to compliment a picture she uploaded on her whatsapp profile where she wore a cloth that brought out that perfect shape in her, her ass protruding and boobs standing like Kilimanjaro. I must confess she looked awesome in it, all thanks to her beauty and curves plus camera360 and picsart. So i chatted her up. We talked, i asked her if I could hold her waist, she sent a smiley and said its mine. Well we got kinky, everything we usually did in my room, on my bed, we did it there on whatsapp, we didn’t exchange pics shaa, i don’t like the idea of seeing things that i can’t actually access.

Well our chat was wonderful for a very long time, i was just conscious of the point where we get to argue but it didn’t come, surprisingly, the chat was about to end on a good note. We both got tired and decided to go to bed, we both said Goodnights and just then, it came.

“I love you baby” i said abi texted

“love you too” she replied

“Put ‘I’ there ” i said
” How?” she asked

“Say i love you too and not love you too”
“Hian, biko take it like that”

“No, you gats to put it for me to know it came from your heart, that love you too isn’t romantic enough”
“neche if you can’t take that one, leave it”.

For no reason, i was getting angry at this little drama, she too wasn’t helping matters. Naza was bad mouthed and also bad fingered. Well we argued and i insisted on the ‘I’ before love you and she too stuck to her high horse. In the end, i told her that if she didn’t comply with my demands then the relationship will have to be in traffic jam for the time being. Well Naza being who she was, she just said ok.

Our chat ended and our affair too. I wanted to teach her a lesson, i wanted her to miss me, maybe then she will come to harken to all my demands. Well shaa, it turned out that i was the one being taught the lesson, i don’t know if she missed me or not but i know i so much wanted her to come and say sorry so we can continue but then, naza decided to teach me lessons.

Early the next day, i switched on my data and ran straight to her whatsapp contact, found her online, a look at her profile again made me want to end the quarrel but i wasn’t prepared for the heaps of laughter she would drop on me. Hmmm, pride was just about to destroy my relationship.

I was really moody for days, yes, our beef lasted for days. And in my mind, i was considering that some one must have made naza realize how beautiful she was for her to be doing shakara for me like that. She obviously didn’t tell shape about it and i also didn’t want to tell her. Well shaa, i can’t come and die over Chinaza when i have Eva and others to think about.

Crazy Eva, she came back to school three good weeks after resumption. We shaa, i missed her and she missed me too. She told me for the first time in her life, she had made a new year resolution. She was going to upgrade from being my bang mate to my girlfriend, now that was funny but the other funniest part was that she had declared no sex for us until she had accomplished her aim. Now that was some sick Shit. So who do i run to?

Shape is a virgin, Cynthia is the devil’s personal assistant, Jennifer was, well anyway, i wont even let her number step foot in my contact talk more of she herself into my room. So this was my case.

“i thought you loved blowjobs” i asked Eva the day she came to my room.

“Your sperm is not sweet, i don’t love blowjobs, i just love you and the blowjob was a package that came along with it” she said as she did her best not to get entangled with me, she was practically brushing my hands off. Hmmmm, Evangeline was brushing my hands off and i thought this year was going to be an interesting one.

Now see, Eva was a beautiful girl, undoubtedly, the type that you would like to introduce to every one you know but then again, i already have everything i want in her in Chinaza, though she could be more hardcore but then, you can never manage the two of them at a time, you will just wake up one day and die away. I thought we were both content with our affair of fuckery until she told me about her new year resolution. The offer was more than tempting but then, the Apple Eve ate was also tempting.

We spent that day dragging on and on, i gave her a thousand reasons why our present arrangement was the best and she gave me a million reasons why we shouldn’t be fuvking when we are not dating. Shaa shaa, she went home and the only thing she gave me was a hug that lasted only 5 seconds. Immediately she left, an idea struck me, i picked my whatsapp and updated my profile picture with a very sexy, Seductive picture of Eva, i was hoping she would see it and At least let me have a little poke, even if she doesn’t let me cum inside her, at least, i can manage. 3 minutes after I uploaded the picture, my whatsapp notification binged, i checked and got a real shocker, a positive shocker.

“I love you too”. That was the message and it was from Chinaza. Hehehe, chinaza have finally mellowed.
“Hmmm, for real?” i sent to her.
“Yes, i’m sorry” she texted.

“Ok, thank God you finally get small sense” i said and added a smiling emoticon

“Thank you, can you now remove that picture before i get annoyed”.
I should have known. Lolol.
“You are plus one today, that’s a plus to your your age, a plus to your wisdom, to your intelligence, to your brilliance, to your sexiness, to your hips, ass and boobs and a plus to everything good and sexy in your life, may your birthday bring great Joy that will surprise even you into your life. My star, my moon, my baby mama, my headache and my soft mattress, happy birthday”

There is only one person in this world that i can send this type of message to. You are free to guess.

I made sure I woke her up with it, i wanted mine to be the first message she will receive on her birthday otherwise it may mean a one month long fight between us.

Her reply came in few seconds after I sent the message. She called shaa, apparently my text had woken her up. The sleep was still all over her voice but she was excited.
“Baby, I love you so so much much sugar, muaah!!” that was a kiss
“Haa, easy o before you give me diabetes, happy birthday sweetheart”
“Thanks baby, I love you”.
“I know, so who’s taking you out?”
“Are you not coming? ”
“Come where?”
“My lodge nah, Neche you have to come o, its my birthday, your baby’s birthday” she stressed that baby and birthday and my brain translated it to “come and spend money”
“Your birthday and then? Is it Christ’s birthday abi Christmas that i will visit you?”
“Hmmm, Neche even on my birthday, you want to start quarrel?maybe you think I will fight with you and then you can dodge giving me my gifts, lie lie, I will fight with you today, tomorrow you will bring me my gift o”. I only smiled, she don catch me like that. Shaa I was planning to pay her a surprise visit but on a low key. I will just go there, chop food, chop her and go back to my house, I have done enough fasting and needed to flex my muscle.
“Bae chillax naa, we will see later but not today” I said
“Why naa, it’s not fair o, if its other girls now”
“Ehe, if it’s other girls?”
“I don’t know, Just don’t talk to me again if you don’t visit me today, imagine, you have not even been to my lodge for once, to see how I am coping, if I am fine or not”
“If you are not fine, come down to my place. In fact i don’t blame you, na me send you text message ” I said and gave her a 200km hiss.
“Neche am sorry, please come naa, I want to see you, eh biko”
“I’m not coming, I don’t have transport money, happy birthday and goodbye”.
The call ended like that, none of us usually took the fights to heart as it was a normal thing. I manage to pull myself up from the bed and brushed my teeth before I forgot. Dressed up my room and went outside.
“Good morning sweetheart”. That was chinenye greeting me, she was one of the curve queens in our lodge, her face normally looked better when she had make up on than when it was bare, but she fine to an extent shaa. So since her face was bare, I just fixed my gaze on her boobs.
“Baby wassup naa”
“I’m sharp”
“I can see that ” I said eyeing her all over and spiritually licking my lips.
“Its like your body is still asleep” I said shifting my gaze back to her boobs.
“Your breast, they are lying down on your singlet, wake them up”.
She hit me with the towel she was holding and burst into laughter. I shaa adjusted the singlet for her and ran into James room. I met the nigga lying on the floor fast asleep. I walked up to him and beat him up.
“Nna guy what naa, someone can not sleep for you again even on Saturday ” he protested rubbing his eyes.
” Mumu today is Friday, I just need one thing from you”
“What? ”
” That flower your babe gave you for your birthday”
“what for?”
“I want to give it to Naza for her birthday, I hope the scent is still there? ”
” Oh, today is her birthday”
“Yes, where is the flower abeg?”
“Erm check the wardrobe “.
I got the flower, a red one, the smell was still partially there but it wasn’t much.
” You body odour is already smelling all over it” I said looking down at him. He gave me one kind look that made me correct my statement. “Don’t worry, I can manage it”.
“One more thing” I said pocketing the flower.
“What is it? ”
” The birthday wishes card she also gave you”
“Noo, that one is specially made for me, She will ask for it one day and i can’t give it to you”
“James please naa, remember I once gave you Chinaza’s bumshort to give to your babe as a gift” I said hiding a smile, he eyed me and smiled.
“Oya carry microphone and tell everybody naa, get it from my locker”.
I was able to dig up the card, it had a beautiful design and the message was just perfect for my baby.
“How will you change the name on it?” James asked
“Don’t worry, Just watch me”.
After over 15 minutes of cutting and designing bits and pieces of paper, I was able to cover the names on the card and wrote mine on it.

My next stop was in shapes room. She was on a cotton short nicker and a top that looked like a bra and a singlet. It showed her stomach and her boobs too. I would have been distracted but I was there for serious business, besides anytime I set my eyes on shape, the first thing that comes into my mind is Virgin.
“The sexiest virgin ever lived” I hailed her as I got into her room.
“Hey, sweetheart”
“How was your night?”
“Cute, yours? ”
” Fine o, Just this cold and loneliness”. She smiled and eyed me naughtilly.
“Hope you have wished Naza a happy birthday?”
“It was the first thing I did today and that is also why I am here”
“Tell me about it”
“Well first one, can i have your powder?”.
“Ok”. Her powder smelled absolutely nice so all I did was take out the rose flower, sprinkle the powder on it while Shape watched like I was doing a merlin something. I managed to get the flower to smell like the powder, it was a lovely one and shape laughed at my ingenuity. What else can a broke lover boy like me do?.
“Now onto the next one” I said and shape looked at me in a really sweet way and my mind yelled, Virgin!
“Ermmm, shape, do you have a new pant or bra that you are not using?”. Hahaha, now, that was supposed to be a joke but i was serious in a way.
“Why?” she asked Giving me a puzzled look.
“I want to add it to a list of Naza’s birthday presents”
“But me and her don’t wear the same size naa, I’m bigger than her” she said and that was true, Naza was the hour glass type of girl but everything was moderate in a sexy kinda way, but shape, men she was just shape.
“Don’t worry, the tailor will slim fit it” I said and we both burst into laughter.
So with everything set, I was ready to drop in on Naza like a nuclear bomb, her presents were lined up on my bed according to heights. The card, the flower and a bottle of red wine, borrowed from a lodge mate. I had promised to return it to him once I get back, Naza hated red wine and I was sure she wouldn’t drink it but at least she would acknowledge that I bought WINE even though it wasn’t her type but then, I can always say I forgot that she hated it.

Shape was going to accompany me, I don’t know who was going to pay for the transportation but then, I know that the Lord will always be Good. 11am on the dot, I was preparing to take my bath when my door opened.
“Shape, its stilll early naa, I thought we agreed 1pm” I said facing the T.v.

“Hello” a totally different, Seductive and hypertension reducing voice called out. I jerked up and took a look in the direction of the door. I didn’t know whether to be angry or smile at her. She just stood there in all her beauty and curvature, her skintight mini gown x-raying her body, her face looking better than it was the last she had visited, her curves were sharper than a French curve abi bending corner. She was a heavy, the Mercy Johnson kind of heavy. The moment I set my eyes on Cynthia at my door, I knew Chinaza’s birthday was about to be relegated to the background.