Diary Of A Broke Playboy Episode 21

Moment of recall.
Some girls can be wicked ah swear. So many things have made me come to this conclusion but i will only spill out one, i’m even ashamed of writing it but i will do that anyways.

This happened one time in my first year. James had come home with this kind of girl that made me drool for over a week. She was tall, chocolate skinned and curvylicious. They were all over each other and mehhn i was mean jealous. James had introduced her to me and taken her into his room and banged the door. He didn’t even invite me to help him sample the chic.
From that day, i made up my mind that i was going to get a new chic that looks exactly like James own. For that period, i almost lost interest in Naza, i was going through Facebook, around school and everywhere looking for James’ girl’s clone like it was Gulder Ultimate Search.

So one day like this, James had invited the girl over again and after everything they did in which i was kept out of, i’m not nursing any grudge o, shaa both of us saw her off. In the process of seeing her off, we walked a long distance to her lodge, she was romancing with James on the high way while i was playing temple run on my phone. We got to their gate and while they where kissing their parting kiss, my Eagle eyes spotted what i have been looking for. Walking down the road was this epitome of freshness. From the back, i loved everything i saw, tall like James’ broad, her blue Jean trouser and her white sleeveless top gave her that mighty figure. I left my companions and ran blindly after her.
“Hey” i said as i caught up with her.
“Hi” she said and faced me, the front was perfect, she was beautifully dark and had this gap teeth.

“Sorry to bother you, but i was there minding my business when i saw you strolling down and something inside of me told me I needed to know you ”
” hmmm” she said after a smile.

“Well am Chinecherem and you?” i said bringing out my hand for a shake.

“Chinwe” she replied taking my hand. Hers was soft and delicate.

“Okay, so you stay around here” i asked and she nodded.

So after a little chit-chat and all, i got her number and happily i went home with James.
We talked on phone, i guess i must have called her more than i called Naza and i enjoyed every bit of it. So the day came that she invited me over after much persuasion from me. I had gone with James, he branched at his babes and i went over to mine. The time was 6pm and i had expected to have a little fling with her. I got to her house and met her dressed in this kind of seductive dress that could make a priest forget his vow. We went inside and i sat on the only chair in the room while she sat on the bed. She was beautiful and i couldn’t wait to unwrap her but then, i had to take things easy, after all i had her for the whole night. For like 30 minutes, we were talking and laughing and she was baring everything to me. One thing after another, i moved from the seat to the bed, we snuggled closer and i grabbed her, i kissed her and licked her mouth like it was a mango fruit and squeezed her breast like i wanted to draw milk. We were high and already getting to the point where we were supposed to yank off our clothes, then we heard a loud knock on the door.

Adjusting ourselves, she went to the door and this guy came in. I don’t know how many people here that have watched game of thrones, if you have and you knew Khal Drogo, yes the hefty one, you wouldn’t be mistaken if you called the guy that came in on us his Junior brother. Tall, huge, macho, his chest alone was bigger that nicki minaj’s breast and biceps were 5 times my own. He was dark and had a mean face with a mean bear bear. My little mind was telling me that i was boiling in a soup pot. The guys small mouth didn’t even look like something that could forge out a smile.

“So who is this one” he asked observing me as i sat there fondling my phone and sweating. Chinwe looked at me like i just appeared there and spread her hands.

“I don’t know o, he just came in and said he wanted to tell me something”.

I almost nearly farted. I looked at her with my mouth open like the gate of hell.
“My friend who are you and what do you want with my girl “the guy asked spreading his hands which made his massive biceps shake like the ass of a woman twerking. I swallowed hard

“Brother, am a member of the Jehovah witness”.

The thing just dropped out of mouth before i could shut it.
“Jehovah witness?” he asked and i nodded.

“What is your name? ”

” Brother Isreal”.
“What did you bring for us? ”

” The word of God” i said and eyed Chinwe who just boned her face like she didn’t know why I was there. That girl will be a good contract killer, Walahi.

“Where is it?” he asked as he sat on the seat facing me.
“Well, a chapter of the Bible told us that, for God so loved the world that he gave us………. “. He raised his hand indicating me to stop.

” I don hear that one before, tell me another chapter ” he said and my sweat tripled.
” No that’s the one i want to talk about, it deals with salvation and my topic and inspiration is driven from that particular chapter “. I was even surprised at what was coming out of my mouth.

” Eeeh, ok naa continue ” he said, and for over 15 minutes, i was preaching the Bible that i don’t even have a personal copy, of course all my citations were without chapters or verses, how can someone like me from a family like mine know what a particular chapter of the Bible said. I cooked stories and preaching tire.

At a point, all of us relaxed o, the guy was just nodding, in my mind i was like, since i couldn’t bang this girl today, make i kuku convert them naa. Finally the baba later free me shaa, straight from the lodge, i walked direct home, i didn’t even bother to check up on James or his new babe. I just ran to my house and straight to sleep.

These pussi niggas peasants, yeah

All my niggas gon be present, yeah (here)

Bish I’m wrapped up like a present, yeah
I got credit fukk a debit (fuck it)

And, I’m the truth this not no flexing

I got, skinny jeans with a weapon

And, I’m the future and the present

Baby, pop that pussi like a Pepsi

Baby, water like a water fountain

My money colored like a clown
Show me them places like a noun

She can’t, can’t ride this dikk without a sound…

Young thug can rap for Iraq, that nigga is good. I was following his dope track “no way” that was blasting on my home theater, shaking my head like i was high on cheap weed. I was in this mood like this when shape walked into my room in all her glamour and curvytude, suited in a jean bumshot and singlet that was getting tired of holding up her heavy boobs. I switched from singing the song to humming it. She walked straight to the bed and sat beside me while i put my hand around her waist.
“Neche do you have airtime?” she asked and i nodded my head still nodding to the music too.

“Can i use your phone, i want to call someone” she asked and as if on cue, the hook to the song came up and i sang it out loud

No, no, no way, no-no way

No, no, no way, no-no way

No, no, no way, no-no way

“Please nah” she said rubbing my laps. I paused the music and faced her.
“For this thing you just did, i will allow you a 30 seconds call”

She smiled as i flipped my Nokia Torchlight at her and she started dialing a number.

“Who are you calling?” i asked her

“My baby boo”

“But i’m here naa, how can you be calling me when am here in your own present presence” i said and she rolled her eyes on me and started her call while i kept looking at her ass picturing my self on top of it, my dikk rose but my tight boxers held it tight. I was too busy meditating on the mysteries of her ass that i didn’t notice that the call had lasted more than 2 mins. Before my mind came back, she was already done with a big smile on her face. I put the music back on and red
“for your mind, you don outsmart me naa” i Said and she smiled pecking me
“Who be that your boyfriend sef?”

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“You won’t know him, he is new”
“Ar ar, when did you meet him?”

“This xmas, he gave me a lift in his venza and asked me out”

“so because he get car and we no get, na why you leave all the guys wey dy die for you in this lodge come follow am abi, even James wey dy use ur picture masturbate” i said and she hit me on the laps laughing.

“That one dy shaa, anywhere you never do me new year o”

“Baby what would you like me to give you?” she asked and i faced her with the naughtiest smile my face could gather..
“I want a 3some” i said caging the laughter that was trying to run out of my mouth.

“Hmmm, with whom and whom”
“You, your sister and I, i can handle the both of you”

“No, i want it to be Me and Naza” she said with a naughty grin
“No, i need an entirely different vjay”

“and what’s the difference between my own and Chinaza’s own, why do you keep cheating on her”

“Its just like the difference between jollof rice in Mr biggs and Jollof rice in Lady Stainless joint” i said smiling
“Whats the difference?”
“The style, the size of the rice and how oily it is, how it is packaged plus others” i said and she pulled my ear.
“So which is better Mr biggs or Lady stainless? ”

” I haven’t been to mr biggs so i will say Lady stainless is better ” i said and winked at her
” So between me and naza, who is mr biggs and who is lady stainless?”

“I don’t know ”
” You must know o, tell me osiso”

“How can i know when i have not tasted you? For now you are mr biggs”. She slapped my cheek playfully and got up from the bed and headed towards the door. I called her back.
“Shapy i’m serious”

“About what? ”
” The 3some ” i said and bit my lips while i sang a part of the “no way” song that came up, referring to shape.

“I told that bitsh suck my vienna out the can man
She started doing it without a command

I want you to fit this dikk inside your hips
And I wanna eat that pussi creamy like a dip”
“You can try it with Chinaza and Jennifer ” she said and laughed.

“Shape thank you, happy new year, begin dy go your room” i said and faced my tv. She stood there smiling and looking at me.

“I would have been your girl if we were both single ” she said looking at me.
” But now that we are both UNSINGLE?

“Nothing, your bae is my friend ”

” come closer” i told her and she came to the bed.

“Shape you know we feel something for each other right?” i said and carried her on my laps.

“Yea but its so inappropriate ”

” Yea, but then, it doesn’t stop us from having a fling once in a while”

“Hmmm, i’m a virgin shaa” she said

“V what? ”

” virgin, forget about all this things i carry, its natural”.

As she was saying that, i was busy feeling her body like they can tell me if she was saying the truth or not.

“Shape, that 3some, don’t worry about it again, i was only joking” i said and she laughed.

“Are you running because am a virgin?”

“Why will i run, just go to your new guy, let him break you and then come back ”

She slapped me and ran out of the room while i stared at her trying to figure out the virginity in her but to no avail.

Haaa, shape a virgin, noo, izz not possible but who can i ask. Anyways whether she is telling the truth or not, the only way to find out is ehnmm, you guys understand naa but then i’m not interested in that, the last virgin i broke is still stuck to me like my brokenness. Chinaza.

I can’t afford another one

No, no, no way, no-no way

No, no, no way, no-no way