Diary Of A Broke Playboy Episode 20


How i met Chinaza, it wasn’t chance or providence, it was Williams.
I had just marked my 15th birthday and i was in my ss1 class while Willy was in ss3. So we were strolling home from school on a hot sunny day. Me and williams, he was rapping to 50 cent’s in da club that was blasting from his first generation china phone and i was giving him the beat with the combination of my throat and lips. Going through our neighborhood like that, a little close to our house we saw a truck packed full with properties.

“its like we have new neighbors ” Willy asked nobody in particular
” I don’t know” i answered absent minded. I loved music and that track was killing me.

“They better have fine chics ” Willy continued.
” Damn this Chicala is fine” he said as we got closer to the house and i took a look, a girl of about his age stood by the truck, she was chocolate skinned and beautiful in her low cut hair.
“Come lets go and help them” Williams said.
“Why, lets go home, am hungry” i protested but Williams was not the type of guy that makes suggestions, he makes conclusions especially when it was about girls, so my opinion didn’t matter, he just moved inside and i followed him with the bile loading inside me.

“Good afternoon ma” willy greeted a woman we found inside.
“How are you? ”
” Fine ma, my name is Williams Chinedu and this is my Brother Chinecherem, we live around so we decided to come and help” he said and in my mind i was like, who is the we? But i just maintained with an artificial smile. The woman thanked us and soon, we were moving things from outside to inside. Trust willy, he engaged himself only with feminine properties, ones that looked like they belonged to the girl and soon, both of them were talking while i was trying hard not to explode with frustration. I was about to faint From anger when i heard the most beautiful voice i have ever heard.

“Mommy can i take the room upstairs?”
I turned to look at the source of this voice and i saw a young pretty, very pretty girl, light skinned with smooth and fresh body, breasts still upcoming but the figure had prospects of being very curvy in future. She looked at me and shyly ran to her mother. I squeezed my face and smiled inside my heart.
“No, Chinaza you can’t have a room to yourself, you are still small, you will share with Chinelo” her mother replied.
Chinaza, the name stuck to my head like my brain. The energy inside me revamped, i was even ready to move the truck itself inside.
So many eye contacts was established between me and her at regular intervals and in my heart i was like, this one likes me o.
And that was how we unpacked the whole truck. I wasn’t able to talk to Chinaza shaa, i was shy and she was shy. The woman thanked us and said we should come around next time, an invitation both of us hurriedly accepted.

We both went home that day rapping to puff Diddy, i need a girl to ride ride ride…

My journey with Chinaza has never been an easy one and it never was. Apart from being beautiful, she was cheeky to people she doesn’t know, especially guys. I was tongue tied at that age so getting a rapport with her was like shaking Wizkid on stage, very possible but difficult. Willy was already missing school lessons because of Nelo and he always dragged me along with him. However, Nelo always came with naza and that made things easier to some extent. Willy and nelo would walk in front with willy’s arm around nelo’s shoulder while me and Naza would walk with a a perfect 2.5 ft distance between us each time.
We talked about nothing in particular, just her class, her school, where they lived and stuffs like that, it was more of a Q&A section and even Naza said i asked a lot of questions but what does she expect when all she does is answer yes or no.
This thing i’m telling you guys moved on for long o. For like 2 months, i was expecting things to fall in place by itself but no show, willy would have helped out but he was too busy corrupting nelo and shaping her into the kind of bad girl he wanted her to be. And as the devil would have it, Chinaza moved into the hostel.
She wasn’t too excited as she told me about it. Me shaa, i wouldn’t say i was too excited, no, that would be mild, i was totally disappointed and mad.

“I will miss you” she said uneasily as we sat together outside their house that night. The way she said it, i never expected it and i really loved it.
“I will miss you too” i said.
“Will you be my girlfriend?” i blurted out so fast.
“Am I your boyfriend before?” she asked in a tone that Flattened my erected Peniii..
“No, i mean like you, love me and i will love you, something like that”. It wasn’t easy saying that and i didn’t find it funny even though she laughed.
“And you are just telling me now, why didn’t you tell me since?”
“I don’t know ”
” Okay, now that we are boyfriend and girlfriend, what next?” she asked again and I regretted asking her out but i was already half gone and there was no backing out.
“I don’t know, maybe we would write love letters and…….. ” i stammered
” And what?”
“And kiss ” i said that with my eyes closed in shame but it was dark so she didn’t see me. She laughed again and said hmmm ok.

We talked for sometime before she stood up to go. I too stood up and without a hint, she hugged me. I hugged back and smiled, my dreams were coming true. We pulled apart and i kissed her, my first kiss. I didn’t know how it tasted, all i know was that i loved kissing her but not the kissing itself, it wasn’t so refreshing or sweet.
“Whats your name again? ” she asked as she was leaving
” Chinecherem ” i answered in a mumu way.
” Chinecherem, I love you but you are not my boyfriend yet, i will tell you my mind later”
“When I come back for holidays” she said and bade me goodnight.

Chinaza, crazy from birth..

I think my tales are about to take a twist, i’m still considering dealing with that playboy factor, i may change to Diary of a broke loverboy, you know why? I will tell you why.
Chinaza’s Jazz has finally caught up with me. She has mesmerized me in a way i don’t know, even she didn’t know how it happened. Everything took place on that day she and her sister showed up, that day we almost forgot mums car at a hotel, yea that day. I didn’t know if it was the drinks or what but whatever she did, it worked. She worked me in a way no experienced mechanic can do to a car. I don’t know if i cumed out blood but i cumed until nothing was left to cum again and even then, i kept cuming.. Lol.

We took a cab home, after we discovered that none of us was in good shape to drive. We stopped at Naza’s house, nobody was there except for Naza and Nelo who just came home from the village for a friends birthday. I don’t know between me and Naza who carried each other into the house, all i knew was that Nelo carried Willie inside on her back. We called home, mom precisely, only her could tolerate us sleeping outside, Dad would drive to wherever we were to bring us home.

“Mommy something happen o” Willie said as he put the call on loud speaker.
“Nna what is it, how is my baby, is he Okay?” my mom asked, i was the baby.
“Mommy we are fine but we won’t be coming back today o”
“Why kwanu?”. My mums voice can make you laugh for Africa.
“Mommy, go slow o, there are over 1000 cars in line here, so we have to sleep over here”
“Ok, cover yourself o”
“Yes ma”
“Say your prayers o”
“Yes ma, mommy Goodnight”

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After the call, willie just carried Nelo on his shoulder into the girls room, while naza dragged me into their parents room.
“Lets play mommy and daddy ” she said and landed me a fatal kiss on my lips, we fondled and bit and licked and exchanged saliva, like a vampire, i caressed her neck with my teeth and licked her dry. I lifted her up and dropped her on the mini fridge at the foot of the bed. I tore off her dress while she pulled mine off, I didn’t know how manage but all knew was her bra was off in seconds, i lifted her breast and inserted the tip into my mouth, it went into her head and she grabbed me by the back of my head and bit at my hairs. I sucked on the breast for sometime before i went down to her navel, Circled my tongue on it and my next stop was at the oval office, surprisingly, i found no cover there, her pant was already off. I gently nudged the clit with my upper lip and she moaned, further i grabbed the clit in whole in between my upper and lower lip and pulled it softly, she shook and grabbed me by the head, pulled me up and engaged me in a hot, long kiss.
I worked my way down to her vulva again and flicked it with my tongue while the juice poured out. She jumped down from the fridge and turned her back on me facing the fridge.

“You know where my ass is?” she asked, turning to face me. I looked at her a little lost and nodded.
“cool, fukk it” she said giving me the doggy position.
“Sure? ” i asked her
” Yea”
I pulled out my condom from my wallet and put it on. Slowly, i put my dikk into the hole while she moaned from pleasure and pain. Few gentle thrusts before she screamed more and faster which I obliged her. I went hard and hard and harder while she moaned loud and loud and louder. Naza wasn’t the kind of girl to call you emotional names even if you were tearing at her g.spots, she just moaned and scratched at the surface of the fridge. We both shook along with the fridge, i could hear bottles clanging inside the refrigerator but we were too engaged to care.
I pulled my dikk from her asshole and located her vulva with it, then i went in there again, she raised her left leg and dropped it on top of the fridge and everything went fluid. The passion was crazy and mutual, i grabbed her by her two breasts for support while we banged each other. Time came and i came, pulling out of her, she pushed me on the bed and took the condom off my dikk, she put my dikk into her mouth and Licked every last piece of cum on it. She worked on it with her tongue while she bit the tip with her teeth which was a bit painful and much more sensational. I embraced the sensational part.

“Who taught you to give head like this?” i asked her
“I watch movies”
“With whom?”
“My mother” she said and climbed on me, planting her lips on mine to shut me up. She sat on my rock hard dikk and slid it into her hole, she did a perfect cowgirl on me while i held her by the waist, i was scared that people over at my house could hear the pounding sound we made. She bent low and kissed me while i held her by the back and from below her, i started thrusting upward, the look on her face gingered me further. Her mouth was wide open and her eyes shut, i pulled her further down and grabbed her breasts with my mouth while we banged. We both came all over the bed. By the time we were done, one could swim in the cum we downloaded on that bed. We flipped the sheets away and pulled down the curtains, using it for blanket, we cuddled under the curtains.

“You are the best” i said to her
“I know” she replied.
“I don’t need another ”
” Thank God you know”
“And you don’t need another guy”
“You don’t have to tell me”
“I saw a new style on that movie, can we do it? ” she asked
” Do you want to bleach my dikk?” i asked her and she nodded
“Crazy girl”.
More fuckery followed later in the night. We spent the next day cleaning up the mess we made. After stock taking, i discovered to my dismay that we had broken two bottles of red wine inside the fridge and four tumblers.

Whatever shaa, Chinaza won my heart over and over and over a million times that night. I don’t know if it was the terrific head she gave or the experience, which ever one, i’m reviewing my playboy policy..

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