Diary Of A Broke Playboy Episode 15


It soon became a game of show off between me and Chinaza. The way the stupid new dude was always flashing his car around each time he came to see Chinaza was getting on my nerves. Chinaza too didn’t misuse any opportunity she had to torment me. She would flash different views of the guys on her whatsapp dp. So i decided i was going to show her my new catch. Hehehehe, precious was cute and would make any girl jealous of herself.

I and precious had gotten to a point where we no longer felt uneasy around each other, we had even gotten close to having sex once but i gave the excuse that we should give ourselves more time to adjust but then my main reason was i didn’t want to be caught pants down by a military man banging his daughter, God knows i wasn’t ready for any military drills and with the way the man’s waist bulged, i suspect he carries pistols around.

So i decided i was going to invite Precious over to my house. I had managed to lie myself out of taking part in my father’s farming business with the excuse that i was going to be busy with school assignments. Who gives assignments at the end of a semester? Shaa my popsy believed me. All i had to do was observe everyone’s calendar and figure out the day everyone would be out of the house. As i Waited for that day, i resorted to spending my spare times at Precious house. She knew how to have fun and that kept me away from sleeping with her for the time being.

I was with her on a day like any other day, we were in her room watching porn on my phone when we heard their door open downstairs. She got up and ran down while i adjusted my trouser which had already shifted to one side and lay down on my stomach facing the wall. Seconds later i heard the door to the room open.

“Who was that?” i asked without turning back.
“hello” an entirely different female voice said. I got up only to see Eve staring back at me. Yea Eve, remember Eve my nutty naughty course mate Eve, yea, it was that Eve.

“Chiboy! ” she shouted
” Evangeline what are you doing here?”
“I should be asking you that, what are you doing in my cousin’s room” she asked and came to sit by me on the bed. There was this connection that existed in my neighborhood which i hated so much, where all the girls knew each other one way or the other, you can’t date one without the others knowing and you can’t cheat on the one you are dating with another one without others finding out and telling the one you are dating, that was the case here.

So Precious and Eva were cousins and so what? Its not like there was anything i could do about it, Eva wouldn’t mind seeing me with someone else as far as her interests are well protected, precious on the other hand may mind and her father may mind more than she does and i should really mind her father minding about it for my sake but then that is nothing compared to what you are about to find out.

So the day came and i was alone in the house. I called precious over. She got to the junction that led into our neighborhood and informed me. I knew before hand that Chinaza was at home and i intended frustrating her back. I went to bring in Precious with the greatest swag i could find in my wardrobe. I slowly passed Chinaza’s house to ensure that she saw me and to my luck, she was at the front. I breezed pass their house and straight to where precious was. I hugged her, put my hand around her hips and we started heading back for my house. Just as we were approaching naza’s house, she appeared from the gate. She started running towards us with her hands spread for a hug. I assumed she was up to something mischievous and i readied myself for whatever it was.

I steadied myself for the hug she was coming for, i had acted out the script in my mind, i was going to oblige her the hug and then introduce Precious to her as my sweetheart, i assumed this was going to hit her hard and i was glad with it.

Chinaza ran up to us, walked pass me and engaged Precious in a tight hug. I was too dazed to even know what else transpired there. They both walked hand in hand into Naza’s house as i stood and watched.

If Naza doesn’t kill me in this world, i will kill her. One of us must die.

Precious had invited me in but i was a guy and i had my pride. I wasn’t going to let that crazy Chinaza rub her arrogance on my face. I simply pointed out our house to her and told her to come over when she’s done and went on my way back. She later came, i mean, it would be crazy of her not to, right?
Well, Precious was Chinaza’s school daughter back in their Secondary school days and they still had that connection. I was so pissed off and felt humiliated that Chinaza seemed to be winning at every turn. We ended up underachieving what i had planned for that day because of my foul mood.

I soon found out that precious vetted all her decisions through Chinaza, you can imagine that. I’m yet to understand all these school mother, school daughter stuff. Well shaa, the introduction of my ex into our relationship wasn’t so refreshing. She gave Precious the idea that sleeping with a guy she just started dating wasn’t ideal, just when i was all set to get intimate with her. Yea, true that it took me 2 years to get Naza to date me and another 1 year to sleep with her but that doesn’t give her any right, does it?
So precious started avoiding any Avenue that might tempt her into sleeping with me and i wasn’t in a hurry to tempt her into doing something she wasn’t ready for, yea remember the father factor, Preshy looked like a cry cry baby to me and she being the only daughter of a millitary man, mehn i have never been in a more complex situation.

She decided her visits to my house would be once in a blue moon but i must always come and see her At least twice in a week and her cousin must be there to join in the gist. She wants me to visit her along with Eva there? Cool, she was going to get that visit.

“So how is it going with precious” Eva asked me the day i visited. We were in the parlor watching a movie and Precious had just gone into the kitchen to boil the spaghetti she bought.

“Well it’s going just as it should, imagine when you are dating a 6 year old child, that’s how its going ”

She laughed

” So you are not getting any action from her?”
“Eva don’t ask me” i said, i was being careful, knowing Eva for whom she is, she may opt for a threesome, which how ever wasn’t a bad idea tho.
“Are you sex starved? ” She said after laughing
” Yes, what are you going to do about it, are you going to help me convince her?”

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“Why will i convince her when i can actually help out myself” she said giving me her naughty look, she had a sexy eye.

“Eva, lets leave all that for school, this is her house”

“So what?” she said and came at me immediately, she climbed me, pushed my head backwards and started kissing me, i held her butt and squeezed hard at it, we kissed and kissed and i pulled her away..
“Eva she could catch us you know” i said looking at her

“Then lets go somewhere that she won’t see us ” she said and dragged me upstairs to a very big room.
” Who owns this room” i asked looking around

“Her parents ” she said kissing me and unzipping my trouser.

” What if they come home?”
“They won’t and this is the last place precious would come looking for us” she said and pushed me to the bed, she climbed me and dug her hand into my trouser and pulled out my tool caressing it, i felt the sensation take over me as i pulled her down on me and kissed her like i was in a rage. I flipped her around and got on top of her, i made to remove my trouser..
“Wait” she said softly
“Why? ”

” Don’t remove anything in case anything happens” i thought it was a good idea, i pulled her skirt up and spread her leg wide, she parted her pant to the side and i slid my prick into her hole, she moaned and grabbed me tearing at my shirt. With her legs wide in the air, we banged and fukked and screwed and came at the same time, we kissed each other to stop us from screaming. The bed was wet with our cum, i fell on her as we both struggled to catch our breath. We heard footsteps from outside the door. I jumped from her and ran towards the window, i quickly zip up my trouser and the devilish zipper cut the tip of my dikk, the door opened and Precious father came in.

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