Diary Of A Broke Playboy Episode 16


“What are you two doing?” he asked, he wasn’t smiling, Eva was already kneeling on the floor.
“Chasing lizards” Eva quickly answer while i crutched at the window stealthily trying to rescure my dick from the zip.
“What do you mean chasing lizards?”
“We were at the parlor when one lizard ran in here” Eva explained, he didn’t look convinced
“So why is your face like that?” He asked facing me
“Sir, i hit my head at the wall while trying to catch it”
I was relieved to see a smile on his face.
“So where’s the lizard?” he asked
“out the window ” Ava chipped in
“And you want to jump after it ehn?” he asked me, i smiled as precious walked in.
“Welcome dad”
“How are you?”
“I’m fine sir”
“Where were you when they were chasing lizards around” He asked her
“Erm, it actually came out from the kitchen ” Precious said to Eva’s and my amazement.
The man had only come home to pick some files before going out again. We were lucky he had no business going near the bed or we would have had to explain how the lizard got the bed wet. He left 30 minutes later. I and Eva eyed each other as we joined precious in the kitchen.
“Preshy, so the lizard came out from here?” i asked her
“Shut up ” she said and grabbed me while she kissed me. I wasn’t going to ask any questions, i knew she knew what the lizard saga was all about although i didn’t know how she knew and i didn’t care to find out. I lifted her onto the kitchen freezer and kissed her Savagely while Eva watched silently, being who she is, she couldn’t watch for long, she came and joined us and we had a prolific threesome. Precious was savage but not up to Eva. I sure shot out all the sperm in my body. I found out that My holy precious wasn’t so holy after all and the spaghetti burned.

I couldn’t eat when i got home that day, i was over satisfied by Eva, precious and a burnt spaghetti. Precious had insisted she was going to throw it away.

By 8pm, my door slowly opened. I decided that if it was Amara, i was going to send her out, i have had enough for the day. Heavy slaps landed on my back and i jumped up to see Chinaza staring at me.
“What is wrong with you and what are you doing here”
“Shut up and answer my questions ” she said and I just stared at her
” What are you doing with Precious?”
“What do you mean? She’s my girlfriend ” i answered
” Are you serious? ”
” Yes naa, what is your business with it or are you Jealous?” i asked laughing
“Of course i’m jealous, anybody can have you but not her”
“Hmm, unbelievable, aren’t you a drama queen, what does it matter whether its her or not after all i’m not complaining about that guy you are brandishing everywhere”
“Hmmm, i’m done with him” she said
“Really? ” i asked looking at her, i was glad she did, at least she now has a space for a new guy, i was intending to be that guy but i’m just not telling her yet.
” yea, he’s no fun joor”
“So what are you doing here now?” i asked
“Don’t flatter yourself, i missed you shaa and i’m back to claim you”.
She kissed me and did everything that finally led into a hot sex session for over 15 minutes.

“Neche, i want you back” she said after the sex
“Naza, my life is not just an open door you can walk out of and walk in anytime you want, you dumped me without even giving me a clue”
“But i did walk in this night and you fukked me like you missed me” she said and laughed.
“stupid girl” i hissed and smiled in the darkness. I was glad she came back..

So school had resume and we were all back. Chinaza was once more happy with me, not just for the sex but because i was trying hard to live up to her expectations. I could at least try and be a good boyfriend to her for some days, it wouldn’t kill me, would it? Of course not, after all i lived the first 15 years of my life without sex and i didn’t die.
She had gone back to my lodge with me before going back to school. She just wanted to secure her territory. I had introduced her to my lodge mates as my wife to be, an introduction that endeared me to her the more. I didn’t like that introduction because it was going to ruin my chances with the girls in my lodge especially the new ones but a man’s got to do what he’s got to do to keep his woman.
So a sister to one of our female lodge mates just got admitted and had come to live with her sister. Damn was she gorgeous, she was my spec, all pros and no cons.
I was a smart guy, everly, but I never knew Naza was smarter. Of all the girls in the lodge, she decided it was the new one that she wanted as her friend. As in, they got so tight that naza would have invited her for a 3some if she wasn’t a jealous girl. I was even getting scared she was turning into a lesbian when the whole idea of her sweetness to the girl hit me. She probably knew i may go after her in future and wanted to reduce the chances of the girl falling to my advance. I mean, besties don’t sell each other out right? Well i’m a risk taker and would definitely want to find that out.

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“Naza, are you away you are older than this girl you are going everywhere with?” i asked her one night as we lay on the bed.
“And so? ”
” Its just that i expected you to roll with bigger girls that are your mates and level, not a year one student naa”
“Chinecherem come, you talk too much after sex these days, that i’m friends with her, how is that your business? ” she said
” It is my business o, when my guys see you rolling with her, they will think both of you are age mates and then will come and be thinking that i’m dating an underage girl ”
” Hahahaha, but you dated my school daughter naa” she laughed. I was like which kind wahala be this.
“And so? You now want to come from ansu and have a school daughter in unizik?”
“So what do you want this night, should i leave you here and go and join her in her room?” she asked.
“No sorry, i won’t talk again ”
And that ended our argument, she was capable of the impossible. I didn’t want to miss my midnight and midmorning sex.

Naza stayed for a week plus before finally going back. I had seen her off along with her new friend to the park. She hugged her more than she hugged me, all this girly nonsense but she kissed me though.

“Naza won’t you hand me over to her so she can take care of me now that you are going” i asked her feigning seriousness and the girl laughed. Only her laughed.
“Hand you over for what, take care of gini? ” she asked
” You know naa, cooking and so on ” i said smiling.
” So when she was not here, you were starving abi?” she asked.
“Naza come on, be going, you will miss your bus”
And so she left. To be honest, i was going to miss her. She was top on my food chain.

“Shape let’s go home” i called to my companion.
“What did you call me? ” She asked me
” Shape, you see, back home, a lot of people call me Ocha as in fair guy because i’m fair so since i haven’t gotten your name, i had to refer to you with a feature in your body and i think shape is perfect ” i explained and she laughed.
” So can i hold you” i asked her as we moved.
“no” she was blunt and sharp with the answer.
“I’m sorry for asking, i don’t usually ask, i just go ahead and do it” i said and smiled
“Please don’t hold ” she said. I ignored her and tried grabbing her waist, she ran and i went after her, caught up with her and put my hand around her waist. She didn’t complain, she just smiled and put her own hands around mine and the Lord was good.

Keke napep’s were cheaper but we took a bike, one bike to be precise, i needed a kind of closure. I would have stayed in the middle and she at the back so she can give me a good dose of that boobs but it wasn’t a coded thing to do, so i had to stay at her back. Her booty just rubbed on me as the bike galloped and my prick was just rising anyhow like yeast. I don’t know if she felt it or not, but if she did, good for her because i assume she would be feeling it in full soon for the rest of her life in that lodge.

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