Diary Of A Broke Playboy Episode 14

So Naza has officially found a new boyfriend.. Hehehehehe.
I’m not laughing shaa, they have tears of Joy, i wonder if they also have Laughter of pain. I have been so frustrated that i getting lean day by day, though i try not to show it, its very hard to miss. She seemed to be happy or she was pretending to be. Each night, after my usual section with Amara {i wonder why that girl never carry belle for me}, i would cry myself to sleep. I tried getting myself busy with some other girls to see if it would uplift my spirit but for where, it just downlifted my pocket.

“So, you finally found someone better” i had asked her as we talked on the phone one night like that.

“Not exactly better, but someone i think i like, someone that is willing to let go of other girls for my sake” she said, she sounded so sweet i wished she was saying that rubbish lying on my bed.

“And you suppose i can’t do that for you?”
“Its very obvious you can’t, Chinecherem you were even sleeping with your own relation, tufiakwa gi” she said with a bit of laughter in her voice while i shockingly wondered how she knew i was drilling Amara. I wasn’t going to admit easily.

“What do you mean sleeping with my relation? Where did you get that?”
“Chinecherem swear you weren’t sleeping with Amara”

“Where did you hear that silly nonsense” i was becoming defensive
“Well, she told me, apparently she loves you more than I do and i think you should continue, one day your cup will overflow, maybe you will impregnate your lecturer”
When Naza wants to frustrate you, she spares nothing. She tried her best in flaunting the new guy to my face. He was cute, i mean he had the money to maintain those features that made one look classy, not that he was cuter than I was but his pocket made it look so.

Naza had introduced him to me as her “Prince Charming” and introduced me as her “Street Guy”. The stupid niggar had smiled and extended his hand, i shook him and left without saying any other word. Naza called me later that day and her voice so much reeked of guilty conscience, i wasn’t smiling though. She talked all through and i just gave her cold replies.
“Street guy ke” this girl wicked gan not even ex.

I was pained for a very long time but i can’t complain, he drove a 2014 range and i drove my father’s 2012 range rover when he’s not around to use it which rarely happens. So she has the right to flaunt him in my face.

“Guy, how far naa, we no dy see you again” Emeka, Naza’s brother had asked the day we met.

“Your sis don pursue me naa, so who i go dy visit for your side again naa”

“Pursue you how kwa? ”
” she don get new bobo naa and the guy frosh so i don expire like this”

“Who be the bobo? That mumu guy wey dy deceive himself, say him get money but to buy Ordinary Small stout for me no gree am, see, forget all these things naza dy do, na you get am”

“How i go get pesin wey be anytime she wan talk to me, na that guy go be her main topic”

“Guy forget am, she just wan make you dy trip, you suppose come my house one day see as she dy talk about you”

We talked further about her shaa, Emeka reassured me about Naza’s love for me, he could be saying the truth but knowing Emeka and his intentions, he maybe trying to get my sympathy considering the fact that he was eyeing my sister. He is on a long thing.

So i’m officially single like 1. Although i have bang mates but we all need that special one. So i went fishing on facebook and i met this fine girl although it took a long time for me to decide if she was a polio patient because of the way she posed for pictures, well i concluded she was not because she was too fine to be one. So we met at a restaurant on a certain Sunday. She walked to where i stood outside the restaurant looking all posh, i was sure i had met my second missing rib. Chinaza was the first, for my own convenience, i decided God had removed two ribs from me, so it’s a little wonder i’m always searching for girls but with the way i’m running after them, i think its safe to say i don’t even have a rib.

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As usual, she was fair, please don’t criticise or call me a racist, you see, my mother is fair and i love her so much, so i think that’s why i love girls that are fair like she is. By the way, i’m dark but not so dark shaa.
She seemed to have recognized me on the spot, as she walked up to me, i was astonished, i believed God had forgiven me and had rewarded me for Chinaza’s betrayal. We had a wonderful time in there and to crown it all, she paid for our meals. You needed to see my reaction. I knew instantly that i had hit a goldmine. She had invited me to her house the following week and i was more than too happy to go.

They lived in an exotic story building. Judging by what i saw, her father was rich and the whole environment reeked of it. We had sat in their parlor as she showed me an album of their family pictures.

She wore a hot mini skirt and a white singlet with no bra on and this exposed her fair robust breast to an extent. She sat on my legs as we watched the pictures, the atmosphere was so romantic that my Prick couldn’t help but stand at an attention. I couldn’t wait to finish the damn album and fling her upstairs. Then we heard a car come in. I had expected her to freak out, i mean, her parents are back and she’s not supposed to be seen with a guy at her age. She just got up and strolled to the door, i watched her ass as she moved and i was tempted to run after her and grab her from the back.

She came in first chatting away with her father who was behind her. Then her father came in full military uniform.
The uniform was the least of my problems. I was supposed to Stand up and greet him naa, afterall i was in his house but for where, any wrong move i made would reveal my already oversized prick. I was sweating internally and externally as her father observed me over his glasses as one would observe a fault in his appliance. I crossed my left leg over my right leg and then the other way round again all in a frantic effort to hide my attention.

“Good afternoon sir” i managed to say while still seated with the album over my laps

“Good afternoon, how are you “.

“Fine sir”

Then Precious introduced me as her friend. The man was cool with it so i relaxed. We all sat in the parlor as Precious continued showing me the pictures, i made sure i say At least 2 feet from her and peeked at the pictures, to avoid stories that touch…

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