Devil’s Bride Episode 91


Hazel’s p.o.v

It wasn’t long to find out who was behind it.

It was Damien, but, before the truth came out I had lunch with him a second time.

It wasn’t because I wanted to, but because he showed up at the company. Unfortunately, there was no way to avoid him. He decided to leave after much pleading but made me promise to meet with him after work that day if I don’t want him showing up at my workplace again the following day.

We met again that day after I got off work.

My plan was to not spend too much time out with him but our discussion stretched on and I found myself beginning to consider him as a friend again, little did I know what he was up to.

We met again after that.

I was out very late to visit Annabel at the hospital.

On my way out of the hospital, we happened to run into each other.

He told me he was there to see a friend of his too who was admitted to the hospital.

I offered him a ride but on our way from the hospital, my car broke down.

Luckily, it turned out to be just a minor problem which he was able to fix.

I was going to start the car when he told me to wait and when I did, he told me about how much he still loved me and how much he wished we could have something going on between us.

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“But I’m married to your brother.” I told him.

Even after saying that, he wouldn’t stop pleading with me to reconsider his request.

Putting an end to the discussion, I was going to start the car but without any warning, he peeled my hands off the steering and before I knew it, he started kissing me forcefully.

The more I tried pushing him away, the more his grip on me tightened as he continued to kiss me forcefully, against my will.

Just then, there was a sudden gush of air as the door on my side flew open and then, I was pulled out of the car away from him by someone.

It was madrigal and the look in his eyes was not good.

Striding over to Damien’s side and pulling him by the shirt out of the car, he punched him really hard thrice in the face and then in the stomach before punching again in the face and from the impact, it wasn’t a surprise to see blood oozing out of Damien’s nostrils.

I was beyond terrified.

This time, Damien was ready to fight back but madrigal proved to be more stronger than him so that in a flash, he was on top of him on the floor and was punching him all over. In the hope of making him stop, I ran over to where they were to pull madrigal off him but he, blinded by anger, forcefully shrugged my hand off.

This sent me off balance as I fell to the ground with a thud.