Devil’s Bride Episode 90


Hazel’s p.o.v

“This is… I’m so happy for you Annabel. When did he propose?”


“Wow, just wow and when are you guys planning to have your wedding?”

“Next month!” She sang.

“Good Lord, I can’t describe how really happy I am right now.” I squealed.

“I’m so so happy too.”

“For the wedding planning, don’t worry about it, leave everything to me.” I beat my chest to show full assurance.

“Oh no!” She mocked.

“What? You think I’m not capable of planning a wedding, I have got skills babe.”

We talked further after that until it was getting really dark outside and we both felt the need to return back to our respective places.

And, I was already back at home when I got a call from Annabel boyfriend that got me running like crazy out of the house that Annabel got into a fatal accident on her way home from the cafe.

It took a month for Annabel to wake up from a coma and another month to get fully recovered from the injury sustained from the accident but during the period of her recovery, I kept receiving messages meant as a threat from an unknown contact and though I didn’t want to, the only person I could suspect to be behind it all was Sandra .

During Annabel’s recovery, a lot of things happened as I said earlier.

Sandra showed up in person to warn me on how bad things would continue to happen to me and the people around me in as much as I was still married to madrigal.

As expected, bad things continued to happen after her threat. At the company, things weren’t going on so well. Everyone in my department already turned their backs on me except for Catherine but not very long too, she tendered her resignation letter for no reason or whatsoever.

While not at work, it was the same thing.

There was a day I got nearly knocked over by a car.

I had stopped by at a supermarket to get some things after work that day and was making for my car when it happened.

My savior that day was Damien who appeared out of nowhere.

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After that day, he kept pestering me to have lunch with him.

I was the one who asked him out for lunch at first to thank him for saving my life but that changed everything.

Things weren’t going on well with madrigal either at his company and I had no one else in mind to be behind it but Sandra.

After a lot of thinking, I decided to meet up with Sandra to talk things out.

During our discussion, she had flared up when I said something to her and had blurted out the fact that I was lucky to still be alive if madrigal hadn’t taken my car to work then.

I knew right away she was talking about the car accident madrigal had then.

As it turned out, if I was right, I was the one who was supposed to have had the accident but since it was madrigal who took my car that day, it was he who had the accident.

I brought up the issue of how madrigal’s company was struggling but she denied knowing anything about it, I didn’t want to believe her though.

It wasn’t long to find out who was behind it.