Devil’s Bride Episode 92


Hazel’s p.o.v

A little cry escaped my lips as my butt hit the hard floor and it was only then, he got off Damien.

“I’m so sorry, I…”

“Get your hand off me!” I yelled at him as he made to help me up.

I didn’t listen to his word of apologies before getting into my car to drive home where I spent up to half an hour crying in the bathroom.

He was in the room already, seated on the edge of the bed when I came out of the bathroom.

“Hazel,” He stood up and walked over to me.

I was going to walk past him but he blocked my way.

“I’m sorry. It wasn’t my intention to push you.”

“Did you think I was going out with your brother? We met at the hospital for Christ sake, I only offered him a ride.”

“You guys were kissing.”

“That was because he forced himself on me, what do you even think of me?”

“I didn’t know that. I’m so sorry.”

“How come you were even there?” I asked.

“You weren’t picking up my calls, you got me worried that made me come in the hope of finding you.”

“I didn’t know you called.”

“I’m sorry I made you cry.”

“It’s okay.” I mumbled.

“That doesn’t seem so sincere.”

“It’s okay, really.”

Searching my eyes, he leaned forward and engaged my lips in a gentle kiss.

That night, we made love again.

And we made up just like that.

Damien showed up again, this time with a threat of madrigal’s company never recovering if I chose not to leave him.

I also learnt about them not being stepbrothers.

Reporting to the police would only spark things up and Damien threatened me with my parents life concerning that.

It was sad to see madrigal struggling so much and to know I was the cause of it all, I was ready to do anything to make madrigal become comfortable again but my promise to never leave him was the only thing holding me back but I know very much that very soon there might be the need to break the promise.

Madrigal had done a lot for me and I was ready to give up our marriage to save him, that much sacrifice I was ready to give.

His father was already threatening to demote him and to put someone else in his position if he can’t make everything go back to normal in a week at the company.

If he had to lose his position as the CEO because of me, that I can never forgive myself for

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Annabel was finally discharged and a new date was picked for their wedding.

Aware that their wedding day might be targeted and also madrigal losing his position too, I decided to make any decision I wanted to make as soon as possible.

I was ready to file a divorce.

A divorce was all it would take for Annabel and everyone around me to be safe again and madrigal can once again live a comfortable life, that very painful decision I had to make.

Everything was already becoming unbearable for me until the night of madrigal’s father birthday which was held at a Hotel.