Devil’s Bride Episode 93


Hazel’s p.o.v

I retreated to a corner where I wouldn’t be noticed while the others were fully engaged in talking, dancing and drinking.

“Hazel,” A voice called bringing me out of the thoughts running in my head.

I raised my head to see Juliana making her way over to where I was.

None of them had talked to me for a while now and so it was a surprise to see her coming over to where I was.

“Hi.” I said awkwardly.

“I was…” She was saying when she happened to be called away by a lady in a very short black dress, a friend of hers from another department.

“I will be right back.” She said to me.

Thirty minutes passed but she didn’t return back.

Thirsty, I picked up my glass of wine to drink from it.

I was deep in thought again but all of a sudden, I started feeling groggy.

Finding it hard to keep my eyes open, and knowing I hadn’t touched any alcoholic drink since I got there, I could tell my drink had been spiked.

This must be what her hand brushing past my glass of wine be about.

Knowing very well that Juliana, who I was sure was behind it or the person who sent her must have a bad motive for spiking my drink, I tried to keep my eyes open while I frantically searched my bag for my phone but my bag on the other hand wouldn’t stop slipping from my hands as my vision was also beginning to get blurry. After some time which felt like eternity, after my clumsy search, I was able to get ahold of my phone.

Just as I dialed madrigal’s number, my phone slipped from my hand and darkness took me over.

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I was lying face up in a strange bed and in a room I had never being before when I woke up.

Only then did the memory of what happened before I blacked out came back to me.

I quickly rose from my sleeping position to check where I was. The place looked more like a hotel room. This brought a thousand questions running in my head about the person who brought me into the hotel room and what the person did with me. At that I checked under the covers I was covered in. My clothes were still on me which was the first thing that brought relief to me.

Again, in my head, there was the question on who brought me into the room.

I looked around to see a male jacket on the arm of the leather chair that was a little distance away from the bed.

That very moment, the door creaked open.

Petrified and dreading who the owner of the jacket could be, the door was finally pushed open as madrigal appeared at the door. I heaved a sigh of relief at that, he must have gotten my call but it wasn’t long to notice his cold demeanor.

He entered the room and ignoring me completely as if I wasn’t there, walked over to the chair on which the jacket was draped. I would say his action came as a surprise to me. He proceeded to pick up my bag and then the leather jacket before walking out of the room.

Eager to know the cause of his coldness towards me, I slipped my feet into my heels to go after him.

He was resting his back on the wall close to the door when I stepped out of the room.

He didn’t say anything to me still.

After locking the door, he started off again. I followed behind him, all the while thinking of the reason why he wasn’t saying anything to me.