Devil’s Bride Episode 78


Hazel’s p.o.v

“Can I press the ‘play’ button now?” He asked. It was the day after we went to see the beautiful fountain.

He had asked me the type of movie I loved during dinner and I had told him I loved horror movies.

I was only joking about it but he didn’t seem to sense the sarcasm, I didn’t know he would take it serious and here we are in the living room about to watch one. The actual truth is, I’m not a fan of horror movies.

“Yeah.” I held a popcorn to my mouth from a big pack of it that was placed in the space between us on the couch.

“Why are you shaking?”

“I’m not shaking or it could be because of the light clothes I have on.” I said.

“But it’s not cold in here. Do you want me to get you a blanket?”

“No need.” I totally suck at watching horror movies, even Annabel dreads watching one with me.

The way I scream and grip whatever or whoever is close to me during the scary scenes were nothing to bear with.

She would prefer to stay away from me but even with that, my screaming freaks her out more than the scary scene does.

She would resort to switching of the tv and I would be the one to plead with her to switch it back on.

The piercing and agonizing scream, the eerie and ominous sounds and deadly echoes sure always scare the hell out of me.

They always seem so real and would leave a lasting effect on me after watching it.

That was long ago anyway, I should be able to bear with watching one by now.

In case of some of the scenes getting too scary for me, I took precaution so madrigal doesn’t fall a victim of me holding so tight unto him.

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“Why are you sitting on the floor?”

“I love sitting on the floor whenever I’m watching a movie.” I lied.

“Never heard that one before. Maybe I should try it too.” He made to sit beside me on the floor.

“No, don’t.”


“Because you are a guy and I’m a lady.”

“What has that got to do with sitting on the floor?”

“It does matter a lot.” I placed a hand on his thigh to restrict him as he made to stand up again.

He narrowed his eyes at me for that.


“Okay, okay, no one has to sit on the floor.” I stood up and sat on the couch beside him.

“Hit the button.” I told him.

“Alright.” He drew me closer to himself so that now I was resting my head on his chest.

“What’s the title?”

“All of us are dead.” He answered.

The beginning of the movie wasn’t that scary and I did wish it would be that way till the end.

The content of the pack of popcorn and the can of pepsi reduced as the movie played on.

The pace at which I was picking up popcorns slowed down as I sensed the tension heightening.

I was going to let out a yelp at the scary scene that was going on that moment but cautioned myself remembering that madrigal was beside me.

He on the otherhand looked completely unfazed by the scene, I wished I could be like that too.

I diverted my eyes away from the TV screen for the scene to pass even though the screaming coming from it was unavoidable and when I thought it already passed and turned my eyes back towards it, I flinched at what I saw.

“Goodness? What’s wrong?” He asked with concern.

“Nothing, just…”

“Is it because of the movie? I thought you said you like horror movies?”

“I was only joking about it.”