Devil’s Bride Episode 77


Hazel’s p.o.v

Some were talking while some were kissing just like we were too minutes ago.

“Goodness! Look at those two, what a cute couple.”

We overheard a lady talking to the person beside her.


“Some couples can be so selfish, how can a handsome guy like him marry a goddess like her. Shouldn’t they both marry those who aren’t as beautiful as them so the world can be full of beautiful people.”

We overheard another lady.

After walking a little distance away from them, we both laughed.

Ahead, after walking for a while was a brightly lit glass shop, where behind it were big and small teddies of different sizes, shapes and colors on display.

“Do you want one?” He turned to look at me.

“No.” I said though the incredibility of my ‘no’ could be sensed from the way I couldn’t stop glancing at one of them, a big white and yellow teddy with ‘yours only’ engraved on its chest, to be precise.

I would like to look away but it was just so super cute.

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“Are you sure?”


“I can get you whichever one you want you know.” He pressed on.

“Really no.”

We walked further down the street which was buzzing with activities.

During our walk, he bought me ice cream which I licked as we made our way back to where his car was parked.

“Umm, you know what, I will be right back.” He said before closing the door on my side with me inside.

“Where are you going?” I opened the door back.

“Not far from here, I will be back in a jiffy.” He closed the door and then he was gone.

While he was gone, I was scrolling through a story page on facebook with my phone when I heard the rear door open.

I turned in my seat to see two hands pushing in a large fluffy white and yellow teddy with cute yellow eyes, the exact one I couldn’t tear my gaze from, from the shop down the street during our stroll.

“Huh?” I turned to face him after he joined me in the car.

“You got me that?”

“You wanted it.” He said.

“How did you know it was this particular one I wanted?”

“Is there anything I don’t know? You had your eyes on this very one.”

“I’m not really into teddies but I just love this one.”

“I know.” He assented.

“No you don’t.” I disagreed.

It was when we got down from his car on getting home with me struggling with balancing and trying to figure out the best position to carry my large and almost-about-my-height teddy without it blocking my vision, that I noticed the way he was walking.

He was kind of limping like he injured a leg.

“What’s wrong with your leg?”

“Just knocked it against something.”

“Was it when you went to get this?”


“So sorry. Can I see it?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

With us back in his room, he spent up to about ten minutes in the bathroom with the door locked.

As the bathroom door creaked open, I quickly closed my eyes pretending to be asleep.

I could hear the sound of his feet as he approached the bed. Just then, he came over to my side of the bed and sat on the edge, beside me.

There was no movement after that, then I felt his hand gently push away a ringlet from my face.

All the while, I tried hard to not open my eyes.

He withdrew his hand and there was no movement for a while again after that before he pressed his lips unto my forehead.

As he made to get back up after that, I heard him let out a low heavy grunt.

After turning off the light, he got into bed beside me.

As soon as there was no more movement coming from him, I opened my eyes.

To be sure he already slept off, I waved my hand before his eyes.

Once I was sure he was asleep, I rose up from my sleeping position and raised up the covers from his leg area.

With my phone screen light on, I could see his red and swollen feet.

It didn’t look like he knocked it against something, it looked like something heavy fell on his feet instead but wondered what it could be.

He stirred in his sleep and I quickly pulled the covers back over his leg, turning off my phone also before getting back to my sleeping position.