Devil’s Bride Episode 76


Hazel p.o.v

“What is this place?” I asked with curiosity.

“You will see.” He held my hand as we walk away from his car.

It was already evening and the source of light now was the street lights as shops too already turned on their neon signs.

He was the one who suggested going out when he saw how bored I was after dinner.

It was the week following the one he proposed to me.

With my eyes still trying to figure out where we could be as we walk, what I saw ahead, a little distance away from where we were made my jaw drop with awe.

It was a magnificent fountain of about a hundred feet, which was shooting up and falling back accompanied with a glow reflective of different colors, the likes of red, orange, yellow, blue and others.

The columns in the ground from which they were shooting out from was made to be in a large curl pattern.

At first the shooting water would be at the same level, then they would get into sloppy lines then swirl, fall back and the whole routine would begin again.

“Hazel?” He laughed.

That was when I realized my mouth was still agape.

“Whoo! Sorry, I got carried away. OMG! I can watch this all night.” I shrieked.

We resumed walking with me almost running and I was the one leading the way now, dragging him along.

We walked over to the side of the fountain where there was an opening.

I didn’t stop at the mouth of the opening but proceeded to walk further in until we were in the middle of it.

What was even more alluring was the water sound that could be heard as they shoot up and fall back.

“The last time I saw one was about two years ago and it wasn’t even as beautiful as this one.”

“That long?”

“Yeah. I should feel this.”

At that, I stretched out my right hand towards the wall of shooting water close to us, dipping my hand in to reach the other side of it so that the water wheezed and sprayed towards our direction, sprinkling onto madrigal’s black knitted turtleneck and a little on my sweater top.

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” I apologized profusely making immediately to dry the water off his turtleneck with the sleeve of the orange knitted sweater top I had on.

“Don’t worry, it’s okay.”

“What do you mean by it’s okay?”

Just then my hand brushed past his nip*le.

My moving hand immediately froze at the spot as I raised my head slowly to look at him.

He had his lips slightly curled up in a smile.

Letting out a little nervous cough, I withdrew my hand before quickly directing my gaze back to the fountain.

Just then, he pulled me back to face him and without any warning, his lips had crashed unto mine.

This took me by surprise but then, I found myself kissing him back.

His lips were ever so soft.

He went further to push his tongue into my mouth and then had set it into exploring every corner.

He was a damn good kisser!

We broke the kiss only when we were both out of breath with both of us breathing hoarsely.

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“You good?” He asked.

“Yup.” I giggled.

“Come, let’s walk around.” He held my hand as we made our way out back through the opening.

Walking further, we could see other couples and friends too, sitting on the stairs near the fountain, some were hugging….