Devil’s Bride Episode 75


Madrigal p.o.v

When she called my name when I was just about to step out of the house I thought she was going to ask me a question concerning Damien but when she reached me and had hugged me instead, I thought I was dreaming.

To my surprise, she accepted to go on a date with me and to my greatest surprise, accepted my proposal and after getting her to promise me she would never go back on her word at the restaurant and the contract being annulled, I knew I could be rest assured she would be mine for ever and Damien wouldn’t be able to have his way.

Hazel’s p.o.v

“Who am I seeing?” Annabel asked.

She was the one driving with me beside her in the front and Anita at the back seat.

I looked away from what Anita was showing me on her phone to look towards the direction of what she was looking at, ahead.

Some distance from where we were as the car neared the house, was madrigal, who was outside and had his back resting against the iron fence.

He looked up just in time as the car got closer to the house, squinting his eyes a little from the blinding headlights of the car flashing towards his direction.

“Could he possibly be waiting for you?” Annabel asked.

“He could just be out for fresh air.” I said.

“Is that the madrigal you told me about?” Anita asked.

“Yes, that’s him.” I nodded.

“Damn! He is so handsome, you are a lucky girl Hazel.”

“Righty.” Annabel put in as she pulled over once we neared the gate.

Madrigal got his back off the fence and started making his way over.

“I told you he was waiting for you.”

“And she is blushing.” Anita teased.

She was right.

“I’m not blushing. Will you guys like to say hi before leaving?” I opened the door to get out after gathering up my things.

“Sure. I was going to do that even if you didn’t ask.” Anita got out of the car and Annabel followed suit.

“Good evening madrigal.” They both greeted.

“I hope you ladies had fun?” He asked.

“Yeah, so much we didn’t realize the time was gone.”

“I’m glad you had fun.”

“Madrigal, this is Anita, my friend from Toronto and Anita, this is madrigal.”

“Hazel told me so much about you, it’s really nice meeting you.” Anita stretched her hand towards him for a shake.

“My pleasure.” He received the shake.

“So see you guys tomorrow?” I asked.

“Sure. Good night madrigal, goodnight cupcake.” They both hugged me before making their way back to the car and within a minute the car was out of sight.

“You got me worried, why didn’t you pick up my calls?”

“You called?” I took out my phone to check.

There were fifteen missed calls from him.

“How come I didn’t hear it ringi… Oh sorry, it was on silence.”

He pulled me into a hug before I could finish talking.

“Don’t get me this worried again next time.” He said.

I could feel my lips curl up a little in a smile but I didn’t want to believe it was just about missing me, he was acting a little bit too emotional.