Devil’s Bride Episode 74


Madrigal p.o.v

I also didn’t get the chance to see the body they found before he was buried maybe I could have noticed it wasn’t him.

“I found that as an opportunity to be free and away from my mother and the way she took control my life. I have been lying low ever since then and living my life the way I wanted but not until I found the reason to return back here.”

“And what is your reason?” I questioned.

“Not because of the company at least.” He shrugged, taking another sip of his drink.

“Not as if you have a right over the company in the first place or do you think I don’t know?”

“Know what?”

“That you are not his blood, that your mother had you for someone else.” I said.

“Whoo!” He clapped his hands together.

“How did you manage to find out? I thought only your dad knew about it. Anyway, we are not dealing with that today. That is not the reason why I came back, I’m here because of Hazel.”

“Hazel?” I asked.

“Yeah hazel.”

I laughed.

Really, I found his statement funny.

For real, he is back because of hazel?

Because of my wife?

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“You think she can’t be mine?”

“You think she can be yours?” I asked back.

“Do you also think I don’t know?”

“What do you know?” I asked.

“That what you guys had was a fake marriage and nothing else.”

“For your information our marriage was registered.”

“Not enough to change the fact that there is a contract involved too which states that the marriage is going to end in three months time, this September. If your father should know about the contract involved, he is going to demote you from your position as the CEO, all I need to do is, to tender the evidence, which I have. Making hazel mine won’t be hard too and you will be left with nothing.” He landed a fist on the counter and I scoffed.

“Okay, alright, I want to be fair, let’s do it this way instead. How about you end the contract with her, you will be able to save your position that way and I will be able to have hazel or you could remain adamant and lose both.”

I couldn’t stop thinking about all that he said and that was when I knew I had to do something.

The day Hazel told me she saw him at the bar she went to with her team, I wanted to do something but I was helpless since she chose to start avoiding me after the night we made out and I blamed myself for ruining everything until the day I was going on a business trip to China.

She seemed a little down when I told her I would be traveling and when she called my name when I was just about to step out of the house I thought she was going to ask me a question concerning Damien but when she reached me and had hugged me instead, I thought I was dreaming.

To my surprise, she accepted to go on a date with me and to my greatest surprise, accepted my proposal and after getting her to promise me she would never go back on her word at the restaurant and the contract being annulled, I knew I could be rest assured she would be mine for ever and Damien wouldn’t be able to have his way.