Devil’s Bride Episode 7


Hazel’s p.o.v

“Take some water” The man said as he took me out of that place.

“I’m Dawson. I’m sorry you had to go through that. Mr. Propser was fired by my friend but he had some link in the company to open this fraud business.”

I looked up to him.

“Thank you Dawson, for saving me there. If you haven’t’ had came, I don’t know what would have happened. ” I looked down and continued,

“I should have been strong”.

“It’s alright ….. Being strong has nothing to do with sick mentality. A more stronger person can come and take you down. So its not at all your fault. Mr. Prosper should have been decent instead” dawson said patting my shoulder.

“Also…” His eyes met my eyes.

“All the employees here are given jobs in our company. You can join if you find me safe” Dawson said with a dimple smile.

I smiled a little and thanked dawson.

Dawson dropped me home in his car.

“You will get your car at the company tomorrow Hazel. You can manage right?”

“Yes Dawson.. thank you so much for today. I will be there on time”.

I went inside and alex assumed today was no better for me. But when I told him what happened his head blew up with anger.

At the same time his face softened looking at me.

How much is this world trying to break me out of my innocent fairytale?

We talked for a bit and alex hugged me before going to sleep.

I clicked the picture of my new employer’s contact card and sent it to my sister, Tamara.

“Sis, I’m finally going to work properly from tomorrow…. at Madrigal Corporations…. Wish me luck Sissie”.

Tamara didn’t reply, probably she was sleeping so I also laid down to sleep.

Next day will hopefully be good for me.

Tamara called me the following morning.

”Congratulations hazel, finally your training is over. But don’t you think you took long enough to talk to me?”.

>>>>”Tammmy, it’s just been three days.. and I got busy. Sorry” I said in a whining tone.

>>>”Okay, okay, fine… I’m so happy for you hazel.. you can now help the family. After helping mum and dad to cover this month’s debt, I will come to Washington to find some jobs. Bakers get paid more there” Tamara said.

>>>”Don’t feel bad sister. Tell mother and father not to worry anymore. And when you come here, I will help search some good bakeries for you.” I replied sincerely.

.>>”Okay, I have to go get ready.. I will talk to you later”.

>>>”Okay Bye and Fighting”.

We both hung up.


“Excuse me. I’m Hazel.. this is my permission letter.. whom do I need to meet?” I asked at the reception desk.

“Hello Miss Hazel.. Mr. Dawson informed about you and two more people. You are supposed to assist Boss’ Secretary/Manager…. You can go to the seventh floor, you will find Mr. Benson. He will give you further instructions”.

“Okay thank you.”

I took the elevator and reached the seventh floor.