Devil’s Bride Episode 6


Hazel’s p.o.v

I was blinded by the unexpected pay.

I needed money and without giving much thought to it, I accepted the job.

“You can start work right now miss. Hazel. Your job is to use your beauty.”

“WHAT !!” I asked as I begin to panick.

“Ah, ah, I mean use your beautiful brain to satisfy the clients.” Mrs Cynthia, my new employer corrected heeself.

“Let’s go. I will show you your place”

I followed her further into the corridor.

“Here. Third table from the end. You can start with mr.prosper for the time being. He will make you understand the work. We will train you for two days and then you can work on your own” Mrs. Cynthia explained while walking towards Mr. Prosper.

She handed me over to him and left with a wink directed towards Mr. Prosper.

He blinked before explaining to me about my work.

‘Hmmmm….mr.prosper seem was okay’ I thought on my way back home.

I was still using Alex’s car that has some scratches at the front.

Alex didn’t even make me feel guilty about it.

But I wanted to earn fast to repair the car.
“Alex I’m home” I said, entering the house.

“I got a job finally” I said with enthusiasm jumping a little and clapping my hands.

“Congratulations Hazel….. I knew you would get it sooner or later.”

“So what is the job and how much are they paying you?” Alex asked once I had freshen up.

“Its something related to clients customised orders since it is a service company. I dont know much in detail, they will tell me tomorrow.” I replied.

“And about the pay.. you won’t believe uncle they said 45,000 dollars” …

“Wait a minute Hazel, its not something illegal right? I mean no doubt you are qualified to earn that much but given your experience is nothing, nobody will offer such amount without even testing you” Alex said concerned.

“I thought about that Alex, but then I thought customisation is always expensive… So may be that is why I’m paid higher”. I said doubting my own words.

“Still if you feel off about it in coming days… don’t think twice to leave the job. No money is more important than you.” Alex said patting my back at the end and left to sleep in his room when I nodded at him with a smile.


“Hello hazel, you are looking beautiful today” Mr. Prosper passed a comment that I didn’t quite like.

Still I replied with an awkward smile

“Ahhh Thank you Mr.prosper”.

Mr. Prosper got a little close near my neck and made sniffing sound.

“And you smell really nice too.”

I moved back.

“Mr. Prosper what are you doing?”

“Oh please miss Hazel, drop the act, its only you and me here” Mr. Prosper said with suggestive eyes.

I moved further back but before I could get out of the room Mr. Prosper locked the door and pressed me against the wall.

His hands were firm on my shoulder.

His thumb brushing against my neck.

My voice sinked down to a whisper.

I was scared for my life.

My eyes were teary and my hands were losing power every passing minute.

I didn’t expect people to be this shameless and insolent.

“Aww look at you so innocent.. already filling me with desires” Mr. Prosper fake cooed and then smirked at me.

I was struggling against his grip.

“Please Let me Go Please. Please don’t do this”. I pleaded in a low voice but Mr. Prosper just smirked more and leaned forward.

The door opened and someone came in.

“What are you two doing here?” Someone asked.

Mr. Prosper looked at the person and he immediately get away from me when he realised who it is.

“… Hello how are you (fake laugh) you see we w……..”

“He was forcing himself on me” I whispered from sitting on the ground but the person heard me clearly.

I was freely crying now.

I thought I was saved.

“No no he is lying….” Mr. Prosper couldn’t complete his sentence when the man grabbed his collar.

“Do not ever lie again prosper.. this is the third time I’m hearing the same complaint. You said you won’t do it again if we don’t hand you to police.” The man looked at the office and continued.

“And what is this ? You opened a new business, getting funds from my company ! You will be handed over to police for the charges of fraud and attempted séxuál hárrásmént.”