Devil’s Bride Episode 5


Madrigal p.o.v

I waited for a moment and then the next minute, I was throwing money in the lady’s face.

“Here you go… I hope your today’s goal is complete and you won’t be crashing your car in other people’s”.

I watched her as she closed her eyes to stop herself from crying now.

I know I am being really mean and rude.

But I don’t give a fvck

Just as expected, the girl started collecting all the notes from the road.

I snickered at her before opening the door.

Suddenly, the girl with all her strength turned me around and pushed me against the car.

“Don’t think so high of yourself. People are happy without your money.” And she forcefully puts the money back into my hand and went back to her car without looking back.

I was shocked for a second but my furious side took over and I started driving.

Who the hell do she thinks she is?

How can she reject my money?

Like, she had the guts to touch me and give me money I threw at her?

What the fvck!

When I reached home, my friend, Dawson, was in living room.

“Heyy madrigal , you are back so early dude”.

“Someone ruined my day Dawson, so I cancelled everything today.” I replied sitting on the sofa putting my arms over my eyes.

“You have never done something like this before buddy.. what happened?” Dawson asked me looking worried.

“Nothing important was scheduled today Dawson” I replied now looking at him.

“Don’t worry I’m fine.”

With that said I was in my room.

Dawson is right.

I have never let anything affect my outside of business.

This is something new to watch.

I’m sure he will still question me about this some other day.
And I won’t tell him anything.


Hazel’s p.o.v

“What happened hazel, Why is your face looking like this?” alex asked as soon as I entered the house.

“Alex I’m scared… Is this only him or all the people in Washington are like this… Like very rude” I said, popping down on the sofa.

“Who is ‘him’ hazel ? And No.. I’m not rude and I’m from Washington too” Alex said trying to get some reaction from the upset me.

“I don’t know his name but I don’t want to meet him ever again. He is damn rude… ” I whined at the end.

Alec chuckled a little and ruffles my hair.

“Eat something and sleep hazel… May be tomorrow will be a better day.”

Time Skip

I had gone for three interviews today.

First one, my qualification was a bit less.

Second, I lacked experience.

Third one was a bit okay, but it was during night shifts and alex didn’t think it will be a good job.

So I am on my way to the fourth company.

The interview was at a shady place.

I didn’t get the right vibes but still decided against it and entered the building.

The interviewer was speaking extremely sweet to be true.

I found it fishy.

“Miss Hazel, (in a sickening sweet voice) Your pay for a month would be 45,000 dollars. Will that be okay with you?”.