Devil’s Bride Episode 4


Hazel’s p.o.v

This morning will really be memorable for me.

Tamara was about to catch on my lie when she asked for my company’s contact.

Her reasons was because she would like to contact me if need arises someday.

I had to promise that I will send a picture of contact card once I get one when I reached Washington.

It was a bit far fetched but tamara did believed me after all.

And now I am in Washington.

My dad had called one of his late childhood friend son in advance to get me.

I was to stay at his house for now.

His name is Alex and we were friends when we were in high school.

“Hazel… Hazel turn around I’m here” Alex yelled from a distance.

“Hello Alexander.. How have you been?” I gave him a bubbly hug.

He is like a social butterfly and get along almost immediately.

“I’m fine just like you.. let’s go home”.

I was so excited about touring the Washington city.

I am excited about getting a job here and helping my parents.

After some conversation, I told alex everything regarding my need for a Job.

Alex had even suggested a few companies where I can start summiting applications and CV’s.


The Next day, I went out to buy some clothes and other things needed for working in an office.

I borrowed alex’s car.

On my way back home, I crashed into a car.

An expensive car at that.

I exited my car to apologise to the other car driver.

Even though it was not my fault entirely, I still think it was polite to apologize.

“Are you fine miss…” He stops halfway.


The rude guy from the party the other day, stops yelling midway looking at the person in front of him.
“YOU !!” He lost his temper again looking at me.

I thought I won’t stay quiet this time.

Why should I ?

So I started calmly

“I’m sorry Mr. but it was not anyone’s fault. I came here thinking I would check on you so why are you angr…..”

“Shut Up You… Are you following me ??” The guy shouts at me ignoring what I just to said.

“From Texas to all the way here, what is your motive behind all of this? Huh? ” the guy looked down at me staring like he could kill.

All of this was not so new to me now, still I felt bad.

I kept looking at him silently with my puppy eyes.

But this only increased the man’s anger.

“Don’t look at me like that. I know people like you are after money. Acting all innocent to seduce rich guys.” The man said nearing me with venom in his voice.

I was shocked.

“Not everyone is like what you assume. ” I said with a pause.

“I don’t want your money” I said, my voice almost like a whisper.

“I just came here to apologise from my side and expected to get an apology from you too.” I looked into the man eyes now.

“You see, your big car crashed into my small one”.