Devil’s Bride Episode 3


Hazel’s p.o.v

The next morning everything was back to normal before the cheque for our last order came.

It was only one to third the amount fixed.
My father called to ask what happened and he got to know that half of the things were spoiled and one of his daughter had created a ruckus at the party. They had deducted the pay to cover their losses. My father was shocked. He knows his daughters aren’t capable of doing such things.

We can’t even kill a fly.

That is how we have being raised.

“I’m sorry dad. it waa all my fault” I said looking down.

“It’s not even your fault little one” My dad said assuring me but his eyes were worry-laced.

He had big expectations from this order to pay half of his debt.

What he has got is literally so less that it can cover only the raw material’s cost + transportation charges.

Nothing extra.

No profits.

He sighed thinking atleast NO (new) LOSSES as well.

“My dear, when is the last date to pay this months debt?” My mother asked counting the money in her accounts.

“Mother, How come you forgot.. This months debt is thankfully paid. Next date is coming due in twentyone days”. Tamara replied looking at our financial calender she had saved on her phone.

“We need to do something or else we will lose a part of this restaurant….. Again” My mother said as she looked at her husband.


We had already lost two parts of our land and we are on the verge of losing one more.

“I need to find a Job. I need to find a Job” I walked back and forth chanting this like a prayer.

“If I don’t find a job, twenty days will pass like air”. I again cae to the only conclusion.

“I have to go to Washington. They pay better than here in Texas”.

But I know my parents won’t allow me Job Hunting in Washington.

So I lied to them.

For the very first time in my life.

But its for everyone’s betterment.

“Daddy….mummy….Tamara… I got a Job offer from a big company.” I stepped out of my room announcing my Fake Job Opportunity.

“This job is at a safe location and I am given the job of manager’s assistant”. I said smiling proudly.

I know I have to feel pride to show pride because my face is the reflection of my heart.

So I made up my mind that I am proud of being able to help my family by whatever means I have to take.

“What is that safe location Hazel?.”

“Washington.. my dream location, Tamara”.

“Ohh…I’m so happy for you baby sis.. Please be safe when I’m not there”. Tamara hugged me and my parent joined the hug.

I and tamara completed the packing before going to sleep.

Tomorrow is a day I look forward to. A day that is going to be a life changing one in my life.