Devil’s Bride Episode 2


Hazel’s p.o.v

The man suddenly closed his eyes as if he want to suppress his anger.

I thought I could continue.

“I didn’t know it was someone’s dog.. I thought it was just a stray dog…” I said in a whisper cautiously looking at the man.

He moved forward slowly and I moved backward trying to stay away from him.

Fear was again evident in my eyes that only widened when my back touched the wall.

The man didn’t stop but keep moving forward to almost cage me between his chest and the wall.

He took my chin roughly to make me look in his eyes.

“Drop the act b!tch… No stray dog can enter here on the 3rd floor of the building. Tell me whom are you working for before I have to take it out of your mouth forcefully” the man said calmly but tightened his grip on my chin.

A sob escapes my mouth unintentionally.

I looked above with unshed tears in my eyes.

I tried to say something and that was when the man released his grip and backs away a little.

His face still not showing any other emotion.

Yes he is rude and arrogant.

“I’m not lying. I came here with my sister. We were to deliver appetizers here. I just happen to see the puppy and not realise he can be someone’s pet.” I said with a breaking voice trying really hard to keep myself together.

The man suddenly bang his hand on the wall near my face and left the room.

I fell down on my knees and began to cry silently.

I don’t know what I did so wrong to get such behaviour from someone he don’t even know.

My mobile phone rang and it showed a text message that Tamara was supposed to stay at the truck while I organise the things.

I wiped my tears and immediately made a run to go outside of this different world I didn’t belong to.

“Damn, why didn’t you pick up the call? You took so long. Where we….” Tamara couldn’t complete her sentence when I hugged her tightly.

I was sobbing against her chest without making any noise.

Her voice softened

“Ha…hazel… What happened baby? “. Tamara broke the hug and took my face in her hands.

My eyes are surely red and swollen by now.

My cheeks are tear stained.

Tamara rans hee thumb softly to wipe my dried tears.

“Tamara (sobs) sis let’s go from here (sobs) Please”.


I told everything to Tamara on our way back home.

Tamara hugged me again patting my back.

I am a bit calm now.

I felt safe in my sister’s arms.

Tamara p.o.v

I was sad though.

I have never let anything like that happen to Hazel.

When our parents had adopted hazel, she was just a 3 year old, I was 6 years old at that time.

Even in that age of childhood I had decided I won’t let anyone hurt this little kid ever !

Hazel was away from all the dirty tricks of this world.

She is a naive kid who thinks being kind is the best anyone can do.

She thinks the world is the same with a little exception of greed and selfishness.

But what she went through earlier was something she won’t even have imagined.

After all not everyone is rude for no reason. You can be nice and its not a difficult choice.

We reached home and enter our room to sleep right away. As we had decided that we won’t tell our parents about what happened.