Devil’s Bride Episode 1


“Breaking News : madrigal christaino is coming to Texas, his hometown, after almost eleven years. He has completed his degrees from London and is now the CEO of his textile company ‘Madrigal Corporations’. It is said that a new fashion line will be launched in the evening at his farm house where all the big names are invited. Lets take a look.”

The reporters reporting get sidelined by the bodyguards when Madrigal arrives.

Capture sounds and flashes can be heard and seen at the scene.

And just like that Madrigal is in the boundaries of his farm house without sparing a glance towards the people waiting for him.

He is cold and arrogant.

Hazel p.o.v

I am bright child whose parents are not that wealthy.

They have a restaurant in texas.

I help them with the restaurant sometimes but my parents encourage me to just study so that I can get a better job in California.

I currently in the restaurant getting scolded by my elder sister for not taking any rest on my free day.

Our parents got a big order to deliver at a really big event tonight.

If it goes right they can pay atleast half of their debt on the restaurant.

And I didn’t want to sit idle today.

“Tamara, You need someone good at management today.. you know that right” I whined in front of my sister.

“And that someone is only me, Hazel.” I adjusted my non existent glasses on my eyes.

“Hazel, can you stop acting cute !! I’m trying hard not to look at your face” Tamara almost gave up in our argument.

After all I am right.

We do need someone good at management and where would you find someone like me.

“Okay so done.. Tamara, I’m coming with you.” With that said I jumped down from the table and starts leading the staff to pack things neatly and loaded them in the truck to transfer.

Time Skip

I and Tamara reaches the venue. The transactions were done by our parents so we don’t have to deal with the owners.

We just have to simply unload the appetizers and organise them neatly on the stalls and our work here is done.

But I had to see the little doggie running in the crowd of drunk people.

I had to follow it blindly to end up on the stage.

I had to be clumsy and push someone mistakenly to break their glass.

It all had to happen because this kind human had to save the doggie, who is already in some rich lady’s arms now.

I was sighing in relief to see the baby dog safe but then I was turned around harshly.

“Who the hell are you?” A guy asked me with gritted teeth.

Anger clearly showing on his face.

My eyes widened with sudden fear.

My wrist was tightly grabbed by this person who looks like he can kill me with his stare.

I was just trying to get his hand free when the man asked again.

“Stop playing innocent and tell me who sent you here !”

The man eyes looked around and saw reporters with their cameras.

He dragged me into a room and leaves his hand with a jerk, pulling me in front of him.

“I- I was – – I was just saving the dog” I didn’t know why I stuttering but I was damn scared.

Dont blame me.

people here in texas are friendly.

Not everyone but atleast those whom I deal with everyday.

The man suddenly closed his eyes as if he was trying to control his anger…..