Devil’s Bride Episode 60


Hazel’s p.o.v

My eyes left his palm to look at him instead.

“Since I had an accident with the one you’ve been taking to work, I had to get you a new one.”

“A new car? Madrigal, I really appreciate this but I don’t think you should be wasting your money buying things for me.”

“I don’t consider buying things for you a waste.” He said. His words got me speechless.

“You got into a contract marriage with me without asking for anything, this is the only way to repay you.”


“I don’t consider it a waste. Just take it.” He urged.

I didn’t bat a lash or lift a finger.

“Take it.” He urged again.

I still wouldn’t take it and that was when he took my hand and dropped it in my palm.

“Thank you so much, not just for this but for everything.”

“No, thank you.” He said.


“Did my mummy call you last night?” Ellie asked after swallowing the food in her mouth.

We were both seated at the dining table eating breakfast while madrigal was still in his room getting ready for work.

“She actually called this morning and I told her you were doing fine. She said Josh is doing fine too and will be discharged today.”



I picked up my ringing phone just then.

It was a call from Annabel.

We talked for a while but I didn’t tell her about the car madrigal got me, since we would be meeting later in the evening.


“Good morning, Sarah.” I greeted the receptionist, a tall lady in her thirties, the moment I stepped in.

“Good morning hazel.” She greeted back.

“You might actually want to stop by at my desk.”

“Why, you have something for me?” I joked.


Before I reached her desk, she bent down a little and straightened back up to produce a large white box on her desk.

“I met this at my desk this morning and it has your name on it.”

When I checked for myself, it really was my name written on the side of the box.

I arrived at the customer service office while still trying to think of who the sender could be and at the same time, what was inside the box.

“Good morning everyone.” I greeted once I stepped in.

“Hi hazel.” They all greeted.

“You might want to check what you have on your desk.” Jameson said with a grin.

Right, today is August 1st.

Reaching my desk, there was a small colorful bouquet on my desk.

Each rose was tagged and then, right next to the bouquet, were six gift boxes piled up.

Still standing before my desk, I set down the white box in my hand and picked up the bouquet which I untied immediately.

There was a light pink rose and this was tagged by the stem just like the others; because I admire you.

A cream rose, tagged; because you are thoughtful.

A burgundy rose, tagged; because you are beautiful.

Two dark pink roses, one was tagged; because you are awesome and the other one was tagged; because I owe you a lot.

The last one was a lavender rose tagged; because I like you.

We department heads weren’t supposed to know which particular rose was from who, it was to be anonymous since It was just for us to know how they feel about us and the anonymity was to prevent criticism.

I turned to face them after checking the last one.

“Wow guys. I don’t even know what to say right now but I think I really want to give you guys a hug and a group hug had taken place.

“What do you have in the box?” Grace asked with curiosity after the group hug.

“I’m actually yet to check, this was left for me at the receptionist’ desk this morning.”

“How about you check it now?” Juliana suggested and they all had their eyes bright with anticipation.

Since I wanted to see what was inside so badly myself, I didn’t argue with her.

“Wow!” They all exclaimed the very moment I slid off the cover.

There were pretty cupcakes and macarons of different colors.

Noticing there was something else under, I lifted the transparent box containing the cupcakes and macarons to reveal over a hundred white roses.

“Whoa!” Everyone exclaimed.

At the sight of the white roses, I could feel butterflies in my stomach.

Just then, I noticed a note stuck between the roses at the middle and so finally finding something to give me a clue on who sent it, I picked up the note.

It was a very short note.

It said; From Madrigal.

“I knew it!” Jameson suddenly said.

“Aww… I envy you, Hazel.” Catherine teased.

“You should call Mark to send you a surprise package too.” Grace nudged her playfully.

I saw Catherine’s face fall at her words, others didn’t notice but I noticed.

That made me realize what her daughter told me was true.

And the reason why madrigal decided to send me white rose was a question I couldn’t stop asking myself throughout that day at work.