Devil’s Bride Episode 61


Hazel’s p.o.v

After I got back home from work that day, since madrigal didn’t return back before and after I had eaten dinner, I had no chance to ask him about the box of white roses he sent me before retiring to my room for the night.

While lying in bed under the covers, my eyes wouldn’t leave the glass vase holding the white roses madrigal sent me and the ones I got from my department members which was now seated on my dresser. Since the white roses I got from madrigal outnumbered the ones I got from my department members, this was doing me no good as they continued to bring back memories of Andrew.

During the time we dated, there were days I would arrive at work in the morning to have a bouquet waiting for me at the receptionist’s desk and that naturally brought along with it other good memories we had together.

Seeing I wouldn’t be able to get any sleep until the following morning that way, I decided to take some sleeping pills.

At 10pm I was still tossing and turning in bed, unable to sleep. I was becoming reckless. It was after I returned back from the bathroom where I had gone to ease myself and decided to check if at all I hadn’t made the mistake of taking the wrong pills I noticed I had actually taken the wrong ones. I took the ones meant to keep one wide awake.

At 12am, I found myself at the front of madrigal’s door.

His room was dimly lit since he already switched off the lights when I got there. The only source of light was the one from his laptop and luckily for me, this could only mean he was still busy with some office work.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He immediately asked on opening the door.

“Are you not feeling well?”

I knew my face must look tired but I didn’t know I would look sick to him instead.

“Can I keep your company for a while?”

I could read the shock on his face at my question.

“I won’t make any noise. I will be quiet.” And then I made as if I was zipping my mouth.

I still couldn’t get any sleep but having someone next to me was much better.

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“Why did you decide to send me white roses, cupcakes and macarons today?” I asked the very moment he shut his laptop.

He switched on the head lamps in the room with a remote before turning in his seat to face me.

“Sending you roses, cupcakes and macarons is no big deal, Hazel.”

I narrowed my eyes at him.

“I just wanted you to have a good day at work.” He confessed.

“Why would you suddenly decide to send those because you wanted me to have a good day at work?” I laughed.

A humorless one.

“You want to know why?”

“Yeah, I want to know why.” I couldn’t believe my courage. Or maybe I don’t.

Just when he was going to open his mouth to talk, I suddenly sprang to my feet.

“Don’t bother giving me an answer. Since the effect of the pills I took is wearing off…” I quickly stopped talking.

I initially didn’t want him to know about the pills I took but I just gave myself out.

“You were unable to sleep because of some pills?” He caught on.

“I mistook them for another.”

“How is it now? Still not feeling sleepy?”

I nodded.

“Sit, I will keep you company then.”