Devil’s Bride Episode 59


Hazel’s p.o.v

As I rose from my seat, he left for his room as well.

“What about if your mummy calls to ask how you are doing?”

“When she calls, tell her I’m doing fine.”

“Are you sure you can sleep alone?”

“Yes.” She nodded.

“You know you might want to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.” I tried to change her mind.

“That’s right.”


“But I can do it on my own.”

When I saw that she was really bent on me going to sleep in madrigal’s room and not giving in to any of my excuses to stay with her, I had no choice but to drape the covers over her before leaving the room for madrigal’s other living room with another blanket.

I made my way to the living room quietly, making sure to not make any noise.

After making myself comfortable on the couch, I draped the blanket over my body but minutes pass with me still wide awake.

In order to get myself to sleep, I started counting ‘sheep’ in my head.

It was said to be really effective in luring people to sleep and it had always worked for me, that is if I don’t have much on my mind though.

I felt my head pressed unto something firm and warm the following morning.

Enjoying the warmth, I snuggled even closer unto whatever it was.

Suddenly curious as to what it was, my eyes slowly fluttered open.

My hazy eyes roamed my new surrounding and that was when I realized where I was that moment wasn’t where I was the night before, which was in the living room on the couch where I was going to spend the night.

When it finally dawned on me that I was in madrigal’s room, not wanting to wake him yet, I quietly sat up in bed.

He must have brought me to his room last night but I didn’t know how he had managed to, considering his injured arm. Despite that, I had been harassing him all night and I just wanted to groan.

I found myself beginning to check out his morning look that including his ruffled hair and slightly squeezed shirt. Even while sleeping, he looked handsome.

“What are you looking at?” His mouth opened and closed.

My cheeks heat up immediately.

“What are you talking about?” I quickly looked away.

His eyelids finally fluttered open.

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“Why didn’t you sleep in your room last night?” He asked.

“That, Ellie was against me sleeping in the room with her. She was concerned you would be lonely if I left you to sleep with her. She doesn’t know we’re not sharing the same room.” I explained.

“You could have just come here.” He said more to himself before getting out of bed.

“You look tired.” I pointed out.

“Whose fault?” He was making his way over to his dresser now.

“I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay.”

“Thanks for letting me spend the night here. I will leave now.”

When he didn’t say anything, I got out of bed as well to leave.

“Hazel.” He called just as I was about to open the door to get out. I stopped at the door and he walked over to where I was.

“This is for you.” He opened his palm to reveal a car key.

It didn’t look like the key for the car he had an accident with and I was still with the key for his other car I took to work the day before.